List of Montana Counties by Population and Size (+Map)

Montana is undoubtedly one of the most underrated states in the country. From towering, snowcapped mountains to placid and glass-like lakes (and most importantly, wide open plains and prairies) – Montana has it all. 

Like all other states, Montana is divided up into counties, with 56 individual counties making up the entirety of the state. 

Each county is unique and varies in size and population, and you will find that locals are very proud of their area! 

This guide covers each county in Montana and provides you with all the information you need at a glance, including:

  • Country formed
  • Population
  • Area size

And more. Let’s get into it!

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Counties in Montana

Montana Counties Map
Montana Counties Map

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The Counties in Montana By When It Was Formed, Size and Population

Here is a breakdown of each county and all the essential information you need to know!

Data source:  2022 census conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau

CountyFormedAreaPopulation (2022)Population (2021)Change
Beaverhead18655,572 sq mi9,7199532+187
Big Horn19135,015 sq mi12,85112932-81
Blaine19124,239 sq mi6,9366982-46
Broadwater18971,239 sq mi7,7937323+470
Carbon18952,062 sq mi11,17910862+317
Carter19173,348 sq mi1,3821410-28
Cascade18872,711 sq mi84,86484498+366
Chouteau18653,997 sq mi5,8985916-18
Custer18653,793 sq mi12,03211971+61
Daniels19201,426 sq mi1,6281669-41
Dawson18702,383 sq mi8,8308866-36
Deer Lodge1865741 sq mi95109506+4
Fallon19131,623 sq mi3,0112984+27
Fergus18854,350 sq mi11,66311609+54
Flathead18935256 sq mi111,814108725+3,089
Gallatin18652632 sq mi124,857123051+1,806
Garfield19194,847 sq mi12,181210+8
Glacier19193,037 sq mi13,68113743-62
Golden Valley19201,176 sq mi`835818+17
Granite18931,733 sq mi3,5023355+147
Hill19122,916 sq mi16,06816175-107
Jefferson18651,659 sq m12,82612472+354
Judith Basin19201,871 sq mi2,1052052+53
Lake19231,654 sq mi32,85332075+778
Lewis and Clark18653,498 sq mi73,83273830.671+1.329
Liberty19201,447 sq mi1,9722010-38
Lincoln19093,675 sq m21,52520571+954
Madison18653,603 sq m9,2658944+321
McCone19192,683 sq mi1,7091711-2
Meagher18672,395 sq mi2,0131960+53
Mineral19141,223 sq mi5,0584868+190
Missoula18642618 sq mi121,041119806+1,235
Musselshell19111,871 sq mi5,1974912+285
Park18872,813 sq mi17,79017531+259
Petroleum19251,674 sq mi524522+2
Phillips19155,212 sq mi4,2404216+24
Pondera19191,640 sq m6,0786018+60
Powder River19193,298 sq mi1,7251707+18
Powell19012,333 sq mi7,0517012+39
Prarie19151,743 sq mi1,1071101+6
Ravalli18932,400 sq mi47,29846125+1,173
Richland19142,103 sq mi11,23711342-105
Roosevelt19192,369 sq mi10,57210808-236
Rosebud19015,027 sq mi8,0888077+11
Sanders19052,790 sq mi9,7199532+187
Sheridan19131,677 sq mi3,5643569-5
Silver Bow1881719 sq mi36,06835554+514
Stillwater19131,805 sq mi9,1779026+151
Sweet Grass18951,862 sq mi3,7153705+10
Teton18932,293 sq mi6,3686282+86
Toole19141,946 sq mi5,0825010+72
Treasure1919984 sq mi758769-11
Valley18935,062 sq mi7,5137556-43
Wheatland19171,428 sq mi2,0322045-13
Wibaux1914890 sq mi919935-16
Yellowstone18832633 sq mi169,852167397+2,455