Teton County, Montana

teton county
Farm scene, Teton County, Montana

Born in 1893 and found in the Rocky Mountains, Teton County, Montana can be easily missed if you don’t know what you are looking for. This sparsely populated county is sprinkled with wildly tight knit communities and farmland creating an almost utopia-like reality for those who live there and visit.

This quintessential heartland has basically no violent crime, all the fresh air one can dream of and wide-open space to enjoy and savor year-round.

Named after the Teton Valley, it is one of the 27 counties that make up northwestern Montana, which is part of the Great Northern region. One can spend the day visiting dinosaurs to opting to play one of the best public golf courses available while in Teton County.

With only 2.8 people per square mile, a visitor may spend the day exploring the open roads and scenic spots and embracing the slower pace for a while avoiding the chaos of traffic James and the buzz of a crowd.

Soil and livestock drive this county. Family-run farms are often busy with harvesting and cattle and you are likely to see cowboys tending to their herds. When people think about the great American heartland, this is what they have in mind.

Visit the Teton County Government website.

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The Montana Dinosaur Center

the montana dinosaur center

Have you ever wanted to go on a dinosaur digging expedition? The Montana Dinosaur Center regularly books expeditions on their active fossil site. Dig days can span from a ½ day to three days and there is no age minimum (or maximum) for guests. It’s a truly unique way to spend a day, or three.

Bynum Reservoir

If you are looking to spend a day fishing, Bynum Reservoir is a popular spot to do just that. Camping is permitted, with a 14-day limit. Boat launch and toilets are also available to guests.

Freezeout Lake

freezeout lake

If you enjoy hunting, hiking, wildlife or nature photography, Freezeout Lake is a great way to spend some time. Open all year, the lake is a great place to examine wildlife up close, especially snow geese and tundra swans.

The lake becomes a staging area where as many as 300,000 snow geese and 10,000 tundra swans take a break from flying south, a beautiful and scenic event, especially for photography enthusiasts.

Choteau Country Club

This family-driven country club boasts a 9 hole public course with scenic views, a driving range, a full-service bar, and facilities for gatherings. They pride themselves on friendly service and very reasonable green fees.

​​Three Forks Flathead Wild and Scenic River

With clear streams and lush wilderness, this scenic river is not only beautiful but home to grizzly bears and the trout they love. The river spans 12,734 miles nationwide of which 209 are part of the Flathead River system. The most popular activity is to take a relaxing float on the river or a thrilling whitewater adventure.