Lincoln County, Montana

lincoln county
Lincoln County, Montana

One of the eight mountain states in the Western United States, Montana is a homesteader destination and perfect for folks looking for some peace and quiet. Besides its rugged terrain and lofty peaks, Montana is also known for huckleberries, which are used in almost everything ranging from alcohol and jams, to licorice.

Nestled in the northwest corner of Montana, Lincoln County is a haven for tourists. With its rocky landscapes, fun-filled winter activities, and family-friendly fairs and events, Lincoln County is a perfect starting point for your holiday trip to Montana.

Snowsport enthusiasts from all over the state gather here for skiing on well-groomed snowmobile trails and enjoy other winter activities such as the Sky Sled Dog Race.

Lincoln County was once part of Flathead County, but in 1909, Eureka and Libby residents petitioned the state legislature to deem it a separate county. Now it rests in the valley carved out by the Kootenai River.

Lincoln County also has a long list of exciting adventures for those who enjoy the outdoors, such as the tours of the Kootenai Falls and Swinging Bridge. The bridge was destroyed by forest fires in 1948 and reinforced when it was constructed once more.

Also, the Blackfoot Pathways have been the latest addition to Lincoln County’s tourist attraction since 2014. Running deep through the Wild International Sculpture Park, these trails celebrate Blackfoot Valley’s rich culture and industrial history with the help of life-sized sculpture installations and masterpieces.

According to a 2019 consensus, the population of Lincoln County, Montana is 19,537 and the highest median income is $35,605. Though healthcare, manufacturing, and construction play important roles in the economy, it is mostly supported through agriculture, mining, and hunting.

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Turner Mountain Ski Area 

turner mountain ski area

The Turner Mountain Ski Resort is located north of Libby. This mountain peak is best known for its fall-line powder skiing. Located between the Kootenai Valley, Cabinet Mountains, and the Purcell Mountains, the resort was built in 1930 as part of the Kootenai Ski Club.

In 1950, the state developed Turner Mountain, which opened in 1961 during the New Year’s weekend. As time passed, it received the funding required from the City of Libby Economic Development Fund for a lodge and became one of the best tourist attractions in the county.

Furthermore, a new chair lift was constructed to help tourists have a secure ascent for their adventures while the lodge offers food services, rental shops, and first aid facilities to make sure all visitors are safe. Whether you are taking a solo ski trip or one with the family, you will find many opportunities to ski, snowboard, sled, and all sorts of fun activities to enjoy in the snow.

Ross Creek Cedars

ross creek cedars

If you want a trip to connect with nature, then a walk through the Ross Creek Cedars is the best option. Massive trees on either side of the trek are a humbling experience for many. The trail is easy, with numerous rest stops along the way. The trees here date back to a thousand years and give trekkers a haunting, otherworldly experience as they navigate the nice loop trail. It follows along the banks of Ross Creek.

The waters of the creek come from the rocky, alpine peaks and basins of Ross Creek Valley. The trail also allows you to hike, ride through it on a bike, go horseback riding, and mountain biking. All you need is the proper gear and nothing will stop you from enjoying an unforgettable trip to these beautiful cedar trails.