The Best Horseback Riding in Montana

horseback riding in montana

Montana is well-known as one of the historic regions of the Old West, and one of the most commonly-associated images with that period is of course the horse. And for many visitors to the vast, rugged, and amazingly scenic natural landscapes of Montana, this is one of the preferred ways …

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A Guide To Visiting Glacier National Park In Winter

glacier national park in the winter

Glacier National Park is nature at its most spectacular at any time of year, from its glacier-clad mountain peaks to its pristine lakes, wild nature from grizzly bears and bighorn sheep to majestic elks, and the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road traversing the park.  But for those truly seeking a respite from …

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Where To Stay In Bigfork, Montana

where to stay in bigfork

Nestled in the northeastern corner of the largest freshwater lake this side of the Mississippi – Flathead Lake – the tranquil Bigfork Bay is the setting for one of the most charming villages in Northwest America. Staying in Bigfork is a true escape from the stress of modern life. Where …

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The Best Yellowstone National Park Tours

yellowstone national park tours

Yellowstone National Park is an amazing expanse of outdoor natural beauty. It is most commonly associated with Montana, although it does touch Wyoming and Idaho at various points. Nature lovers and outdoor types from the world over make the journey to Yellowstone to experience its rugged vastness and impressive scenery …

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Airports Near Bigfork, Montana

airports near big fork

Located near the icy wilderness and untouched beauty of the north, Big Fork is the preferred choice of many tourists looking for a relaxing break. Along the sparkling blue bay of the Swan River and Flathead Lake, this majestic and homey town caters to some of the best art galleries …

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Airports Near Glacier National Park, Montana

airports near glacier national park

The Glacier National Park is situated where the Canadian border meets the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana. Even in the light of the global pandemic and disrupted travel, this serves as a tourist attraction for visitors across the United States and around the world. Montana’s landscapes are so big, open, …

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The Best Zoos And Wildlife Parks In Montana

best zoos and wildlife parks

The very thought of Montana conjures images of wide-open, natural, and rugged terrain, and of course – wildlife. The Big Sky state has more than its fair share of wildlife like bears, bison, elk, wolves, and birds, to name but a few. In fact, it’s undoubtedly true that the wildlife …

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The Best Montana ATV Trails

best montana atv trails

10 Best ATV Trails in Montana Ashley Lake Trail • This is a 7-mile long trail located just above Ashley Lake and is very popular throughout the summertime. It is usually closed when big game hunting season arrives. Blue Mountain Road Trail • This trail includes almost 4 miles of …

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Skiing in Glacier National Park

skiing in glacier national park

Montana’s Glacier National Park certainly delivers on outdoor excitement of various descriptions. But when wintertime arrives, locals and visitors alike switch from hiking boots and mountain bikes to skis and snowboards. The Glacier Park region is ideal for anyone wanting to ski or board their way down some amazing mountain …

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The Best Zip-Lining in Montana

zip-lining in montana

Montana is a true haven for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts, from hikers and explorers to mountain bikers and skiers. It’s also a great place for adrenaline junkies looking to take on the great outdoors at greater speeds or heights. Zip-lining in Montana is an exhilarating outlet for family fun …

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