The 10 Best Museums in Montana

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Many towns in Montana have a very rich history that dates back centuries. From mining towns to regions originally occupied by Native North American Indians, otherwise called Native Americans, to animals that long-lived in its beautiful landscapes and are now extinct. Yes, I’m talking about dinosaurs. This history is preserved in the many museums found … Read more

Montana in December – Things To Do, Weather, Travel & Events

things to do in montana in december

Cold and snowy, December weather in Montana presents either a winter wonderland or a frozen hellscape, depending on your point of view. But even if you’re not used to the cold and snow, you may find yourself enjoying the sparkling, snow-covered surroundings and cozy activities that Montana offers in the winter. A well-prepared tourist can … Read more

Where To Find The Best Pizza In Bozeman?

With the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone National Park, excellent food, and thriving cultural and art scenes, Bozeman certainly deserves its title as “the most livable place.” This fast-growing city in southern Montana offers residents and tourists the best of outdoor adventures and city living. What’s not to like? If you live in Bozeman or find yourself … Read more

10 of The Best Things to Do in Montana – For All Traveler Types and Tastes

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10 Best Tours In Montana 1. Full-Day Whitewater Rafting Trip • Glacier National Park Beginning in West Glacier, this white-water rafting tour is led by an expert guide. In addition to masterfully leading you through class II-III rapids, your guide will teach you about the flora and fauna in the area, as well as provide … Read more