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Montana Events & Festivals

Montana is home to a number of exciting events and festivals. If you’re visiting, you’ll have no trouble finding something fun to do no matter what the month. Whether you’re a music or film fan, love your beer & wine, are a bit of a foodie, or just love everything history and heritage, you’ll find it here.

Annual Events in Montana

This is our guide to all of the great events that are on each month of the year, so no matter what the season you’ll have a great choice of events & festivals to take part in.

Guide to Upcoming Annual Events in Montana

When people think of Montana, they envision Yellowstone or Glacier National Park, and snow-capped peaks. However, these things are only a tiny fraction of what Montana has to offer…

From natural hot springs and powerful waterfalls to epic horseback tours and white water rafting, every one of the seasons is a fantastic time to visit the treasure state.

Towns such as Bozeman & Missoula are growing in terms of population & popularity and are excellent starting points for familiarising yourself with Montana’s climate and way of life. Montana is an adventurer’s playground, so venture out and have fun. A land of striking contrasts awaits.

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Top Events by Town

Featured Festivals

Art Festivals in Montana

Montana isn’t exactly all rodeos and ranches as some may believe. This simple fact is demonstrated by the sheer number of arts and crafts festivals and events up and down the country.

That said, in typical Montana style, one of the state’s most historically-renowned artists—C.M. Russell—is still known today as a ‘cowboy artist’!

Beer, Wine & Spirits Festivals in Montana

Beer and whisky have long been staples in the Montana region. There are also some exciting, modern, up-and-coming craft breweries and distilleries who are adding to the mix every year.

The ever-burgeoning wine industry is also gaining some heat, a fact evident from the bolder and more defined flavors showing up in expanding horizons of wine-themed events and festivals every year.

It goes without saying then that whether beer, wine, or even a spot of the old moonshine is your thing—you won’t have to look too far to find a few like-minded festivals and events in the Montana summertime.

Film Festivals in Montana

Films take on a special meaning in Montana—especially when there’s a spot of scenery or wildlife involved. And when you consider the surrounding landscapes of many of the towns and cities in Montana it’s not exactly hard to see why the idea of getting behind a camera is so appealing.

Many famous regions in the state have been featured in major Hollywood epics on numerous occasions—but there’s more to it than that. There’s plenty of home-grown talent for starters, and a few genuinely refreshing avenues to pursue film-wise via the festivals and events in Montana.

Food Festivals in Montana

Let’s face it—we are talking about Montana festivals and events here. So, if it’s not Cowboys or Native Indians, locally-brewed beer or whisky, outdoor music, or some form of Arts & Crafts, sooner or later the ‘missing link’ will have to arise…food!

The two words ‘food’ and ‘Montana’ in the same sentence may even be enough to start the activation of those taste buds.

It could be barbecued ribs that come to mind, burgers & salads, Native Indian dishes, or home-baked, country-style western goodies—not to mention the odd foot-long hot dog or two. Then there’s the choice of huckleberries, cherries, and strawberries to consider.

You’ll find it all at the many food-themed festivals occurring throughout the warmer months in Montana.

Heritage Festivals in Montana

From shades of the Old West to Native Peoples’ Pow Wows and other prominent festivals, there is much to choose from when it comes to heritage festivals in Montana. Here are just a few examples of what to expect.

Holiday Festivals in Montana

There’ll be plenty of family-friendly events with a festive atmosphere towards the last couple of months of the year. This includes a few old-fashioned types of celebration related to all things ice and snow.

Winter brings delights such as a torch light ski parade, a Penguin Plunge in Whitefish Lake, ski races, a hockey tournament, ice sculpting, and much more. If you are more the indoor type during this season there are plenty of musicals, symphony orchestras and other Christmas-themed events in the Western Montana regions. 

Music Festivals in Montana

Come summer, it’s no surprise that music takes over the festival scene in much of the state as everyone heads outdoors to enjoy the warmer months.

Whether you like open fields and rock and folk music over a couple of days, or bigger concerts with louder guitars and possibly more variety, there’s plenty going down on the musical side of things once festival season is in full swing

Sports Festivals in Montana

Whether it’s skiing, mountain running, fishing, rafting, or biking, there’s no shortage of sports festivals across the state. Whether it’s scenic and challenging routes or events and festivals to suit all-comers there’s plenty going on throughout the year outdoor activity-wise in Montana. 

Wildlife Festivals in Montana

If it’s not food, recreation, culture, or music festivals, another thing Montana is renowned for is  wildlife.

That means there have to be a few festivals dedicated to this ongoing fascination of the state and its visitors. In particular, there are a few dedicated to the habits and habitat of various birds in and around the Montana region.

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