An example of a dude ranch.

What is a Dude Ranch?

In the backdrop of Big Sky Country, nestled between majestic mountain ranges and lush grasslands, there exists a cultural icon a bit unlike any other: the dude ranch. If you’re

montana waterfalls

The 11 Best Waterfalls in Montana

As Montana is often referred to as the ‘Mountain State’, it comes as no surprise that it is home to its fair share of natural and impressive waterfalls. Montana’s waterfalls

Best Cliff Jumping Spots in Montana

Top 8 Montana Cliff Jumping Spots

One of my fondest memories as a kid was hiking to many of these remote Montana cliff jumping spots on a hot summer day! With that said, it’s important to note

A Montana Road Map

Montana Road Map

Montana Road Map: A Few Choices Discovering Montana is your one-stop guide for navigating the unparalleled beauty of Montana! Often referred to as “Big Sky Country,” Montana’s stunning landscapes are

Discovering Montana Travel Guide

From world-class ski resorts to primitive natural hot springs, Montana caters to everyone. And since there are so many sunny days to see it all, we created this free online Montana travel guide to help you out.

Use our travel guide to plan activitieseventstownswhere to stayrestaurants, and Transport.

Our travel blog is updated regularly with helpful original blog posts, articles and guides covering all things MT. So…if you’re excited about an upcoming trip to the Treasure State, let our online guide be your itinerary assistant.

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Things To Do This Season

Look for fun things to do this month and upcoming ones. Plan ahead and make yourself an adventure to go on. Each month offers activities, especially terrific for its time of year.

Activities in Montana

From epic snow-covered mountain ski resorts to rolling hills, deep valleys, and open plains, Montana is a land full of opportunities for adventure. This is a look at our favorite activities available, such as skiing, hiking, visiting a haunted ghost town or soaking in natural hot springs.

Events in Montana

With annual events such as the Montana State Fair, The Big Sky Country Fair and Montana Folk Festival, it’s no wonder visitors come from all over the country to partake in the events and festivals. With a wide array of festivals, including Art, Beer, Film, Food, Heritage, Holiday, Music, Sport, and Wildlife.

Towns in Montana

With 76 Towns, 51 Cities. 2 Consolidated city-counties and 56 Counties, Montana has a lot to offer those living in or visiting the state. There are so many great and historic places to visit with friendly locals and beautiful spots to discover.

Where to Stay in Montana

Lodging is on top of everyone’s mind when visiting a new place. Here, we’ve curated Montana’s very best Hotels, B&Bs, RV Parks, Cabins, Vacation Rentals, and some truly unique accommodations.

Food & Drink in Montana

Food and drink go hand-in-hand with visiting a new place, and Montana is a true foodie’s heaven. With restaurants (did someone mention steak?!!), bars, and everything in between, there is no shortage of excellent eating opportunities, be it for a romantic meal or dining out with the family.

Transport in Montana

Getting around in Montana with its vast size can pose challenges. Still, with an ever-improving rail system, numerous airports, and renowned scenic drives, there are many ways to see the incredible landscape and witness the real Montana firsthand. We cover airports, buses, taxis & trains, car rentals, and private shuttles.

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The treasure state has so much beauty to discover. Here at Discovering Montana, we publish exciting articles on our travel blog throughout the week. With topics ranging from the best hot springs to visit, what festivals are on and where, how to find free camping, and so much more. With so much to see and do in Montana, you’ll never be short on adventure.

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