Museum of Mountain Flying, Montana

museum of mountain flying

Located within a large hangar near the Missoula International Airport, the Museum of Mountain Flying is dedicated to preserving the aviation history of the Rocky Mountain region. Featuring several aircraft …

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Blaine County Museum, Montana

blaine county museum

Located in Chinook along the Montana Hi-Line, the Blaine County Museum tells the history of the land and explores the development of the West from Prehistoric to pioneer. A part …

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Northwest Montana History Museum, Kalispell

northwest montana history museum

Operated by the Northwest Montana Historical Society, the Northwest Montana History Museum is one of the premier archives for the history surrounding the Flathead Valley community and region. Through acquiring …

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Daly Mansion, Montana

daly mansion, montana

Located in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley, the Daly Mansion is a historic house once owned by the Copper King of Montana, Marcus Daly. Operated by the Daly Mansion …

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Mineral Museum, Montana

mineral museum, montana

Located on the Butte Montana Technological University campus, the Mineral Museum welcomes visitors to explore some of the finest samples of rocks and minerals found in the state, around the …

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Waterworks Art Museum, Montana

waterworks art museum montana

Formerly known as the Custer County Art and Heritage Center, the Waterworks Art Museum is a non-profit organization and cultural leader in Southeastern Montana. The museum aims to provide public …

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Children’s Museum of Montana, Great Falls

Children's Museum of Montana

Featuring hands-on, interactive activities and exhibits, the Children’s Museum of Montana offer children a first-hand exploration of science, math, and Montana history and culture. With its innovative programs and exhibits, …

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Range Riders Museum, Montana

range riders museum

Founded in 1939, the Range Riders Museum is one of the state’s most recognized “Old West” museums. Featuring over 13 buildings and thousands of artifacts that range from the prehistoric …

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Mai Wah Museum, Montana

mai wah museum, montana

Located in Butte, Montana, the Mai Wah Museum is the premier archive in the state to preserve and document the history of Asian people in the Rocky Mountains. Home to …

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​​Holter Museum of Art, Montana

​​holter museum of art, montana

The Holter Museum of Art is the center of Helena’s artistic community. Valuing the creative diversity in perspective and the healing powers of the craft, the museum offers its guests …

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Big Hole River, Montana

big hole river, montana

The Big Hole River is a large river in Montana that starts at Skinner Lake near the Idaho border and ends near the Jefferson River. Spanning about 153 miles, Big …

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Old Trail Museum, Montana

old trail museum

As one of the 14 stops along the Montana Dinosaur Trail, Choteau’s Old Trail Museum offers guests one of the best glimpses into the state’s long and storied past. Located …

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Montana Historical Society Museum, Helena

montana historical society museum

Located by the State Capitol in Helena, the Montana Historical Society Museum is an essential travel experience when exploring the state’s culture and history. The museum records the story of …

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Jefferson County Museum, Montana

jefferson county museum, montana

The Jefferson County Museum is in Clancy, Central Montana, around ten miles south of the capital Helena. Clancy has been alive with an air of nature, community, and history since …

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Crazy Mountain Museum, Montana

crazy mountain museum, montana

The Crazy Mountain Museum can be found in Montana’s Big Timber in the south-central regions of Sweet Grass County. The museum’s self-appointed mission is to collect, preserve, and exhibit the …

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Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Montana

northern cheyenne indian reservation

The Northern Cheyenne Reservation is a federally-recognized reservation located in an area of south-eastern Montana touching on the Big Horn and Rosebud Counties. Lame Deer (named for an Indian Chief) …

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Fort Assinniboine, Montana

fort assinniboine, montana

Fort Assinniboine was the largest military post ever built in Montana’s frontier days and is located 6 miles south of Havre. This impressive historic outpost was constructed in 1879 and …

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Frontier Gateway Museum, Montana

Frontier Gateway Museum. Montana. USA on a map.

The Frontier Gateway Museum is located just to the east of Glendive in Montana. The town sits atop the late-Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation where significant paleontological discoveries have occurred over …

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Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, Montana


The Fort Belknap Indian Reservation is located in Montana’s north-central regions, near the town of Havre. The reservation was established in 1888, and covers a sprawling 652,000 acres, functioning as …

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Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana

fort peck indian reservation, montana

The Fort Peck Indian Reservation is located in the north-eastern stretch of the Missouri River Country on Montana’s famous ‘Hi-Line’ route. This is the second-largest Indian Reservation in Montana, stretching …

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Where To Stay In Livingston, Montana

where to stay in livingston, montana

Livingston is situated in the south-western part of Montana, within 60-odd miles of the state border with Wyoming. The community is close to the Yellowstone River, and first developed in …

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Stillwater River, Montana

stillwater river, montana

The Stillwater River is a 70-mile tributary of the Yellowstone River stemming from the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness in Montana. It flows from the mountains to Yellowstone in Columbus, providing picturesque scenery …

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The Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum, Montana

the glendive dinosaur and fossil museum

The Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum in Montana’s Dawson County features a somewhat unique combination of paleontological and theological exhibits. The facility is the second largest dinosaur museum in the …

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Coloma Ghost Town, Montana

coloma ghost town, montana

Also known as the mystery camp, Coloma ghost town is located in the Garnet Range area in Missoula County. Little is known about its settlement as most people deem its …

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Rimini Ghost Town, Montana

rimini ghost town, montana

Walk back in history by visiting Rimini Ghost Town. Located in Lewis and Clark County, Montana, Rimini is a reminder of the mining activities that bloomed back in the 1800s. …

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Marysville Ghost Town, Montana

marysville ghost town, montana

Want to experience Montana’s rich mining history? Why not visit Marysville ghost town. Tucked away at the foot of Mount Belmont, just 25 miles west of Helena, Marysville was once …

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Independence Ghost Town, Montana

independence ghost town, montana

Want to experience what mining life was like in the late 1800s? Exploring Independence ghost town will take you back in time. The town of Independence, located high in the …

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Bull River, Montana

bull river, montana

Bull River, Montana, is a tributary of the Clark Fork River. It begins from its headwaters in the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness Area and flows past the Bull Lake, meandering down …

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Blackfoot River, Montana

blackfoot river, montana

Blackfoot River is situated in western Montana and has become one of the state’s most famous rivers for recreation. Blackfoot’s headwaters are between Rogers Pass to the north and Stemple …

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Clearwater River, Montana

clearwater river, montana

Clearwater River is a narrow, jungly watercourse that is not easily accessible. Its main attributes are the sequence of lakes right from Summit Lake downwards up to Harper’s Lake. If …

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The Berkeley Pit, Montana

berkeley pit, montana

Berkeley Pit in Butte, Montana is a unique tourist site. This is not a water hole that visitors can swim in or go boating in, nor it is a typical …

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Bitterroot River, Montana

bitterroot river, montana

Bitterroot River is a 135-kilometer river that flows south to north, starting from the intersection of West and East Forks near Conner, Montana. It then meanders north through the picturesque …

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Smith River, Montana

smith river, montana

The Smith River begins in the Castle Mountains in southern Meagher County, Montana, then flows northwest between the Little Belt and Big Belt Mountains. It finally ends up as a …

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Carter County Museum, Montana

carter county museum, montana

In downtown Ekalaka sits Montana’s first county museum, the Carter County Museum (CCM). Dubbed the epicenter of dinosaur discoveries, this off-the-beaten-path museum holds artifacts and paleontological remains dating 75 million …

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Missoula Art Museum, Montana

missoula art museum

Missoula Art Museum is a museum hosting contemporary art in downtown Missoula. Accredited by the American Associations of Museums, Missoula Art Museum offers guests thought-provoking exhibits and educational opportunities for …

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Crow Reservation, Montana

crow reservation

As the largest of the seven Native American reservations in the state of Montana, the Crow Reservation in south-central Montana has approximately 11,000 registered members – around 7,000 of them …

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The Bear Paw Battlefield, Montana

the bear paw battlefield

If you are traveling through Montana and want to take some time to experience some of the significant historical sites within the state, you’ll want to stop at Bear Paw …

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History of The Montana State Prison

the history of montana state prison

Given Montana’s wild west history, it makes sense that the state would be home to a prison that is not only home to some of the most colorful characters in …

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Ravalli County Museum, Hamilton

ravalli county museum, montana

Tucked away in Hamilton, Montana, the Ravalli County Museum is home to many unique and rare historical collections from the Native American heritage of the nation, along with early settlers …

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Museum Of The Plains Indians, Browning

museum of the plains indians

Seeking to promote education and cultural awareness of the Indigenous First Nations of America in the Plains region, the Museum of the Plains Indians is home to artifacts, artwork, and …

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Miracle Of America Museum, Polson

miracle of america museum, mt

Dubbed “the Smithsonian of the West” by many, the Miracle of America Museum is an eclectic showcase of memorabilia, artifacts, vehicles, and so much more depicting American history as seen …

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Montana Auto Museum, Deer Lodge

montana auto museum

Housed in the Old Montana Prison complex, you’ll find the Montana Auto Museum, a uniquely fun and intriguing collection of antique and vintage vehicles. The museum was listed as one …

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Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, Montana

two medicine dinosaur center

Take your family on an experience of a lifetime at Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, Montana! Ran by paleontologists and dinosaur enthusiasts, Two Medicine Dinosaur Center offers multiple ways to encounter …

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Big Sky Waterpark, Montana

big sky waterpark, montana

Need a place to cool off during the warm summer months? Check out Big Sky Waterpark, Montana! Enjoy fun in the sun for the whole family at Montana’s biggest waterpark. …

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Yellowstone Gateway Museum, Montana

yellowstone gateway museum, montana

Intent on collecting, preserving, and interpreting the natural and cultural history of Park County in Montana and Yellowstone. The museum is home to artifacts and memorabilia pertaining to the history …

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