Discover the 6 Regions of Montana

Being the 4th largest state (by land area), Montana can be divided up into various official & unofficial regions. Here are Montana’s “6 Regions” that offer a diverse range of terrains, sights, activities, and attractions for tourists year after year.

6 Montana Tourism Regions

regions in montana

Central Montana

Central Montana is wedged between Yellowstone to the south and Glacier National Park to the west. It is often used as a stopping point for people traveling between them.

But the region is beautiful in its own right, with sweeping plains, winding rivers, and vast forests. This region feels completely authentic; you really see the true Montana in its most remote corners.

Glacier Country

If the Montana of your imagination consists of rugged mountains, iridescent lakes, and soul-stirring scenery, then Glacier Country is the place you have been dreaming of.

Montana’s most beautiful mountain ranges can be found in the region. The Rocky Mountains dominate the skyline, with spectacular subsets like the Bitterroot and Cabinet mountain ranges sweeping across huge swathes of land.

Missouri River Country

Attracting visitors with nothing more than its natural landscape, Montana’s Missouri River Country hosts distinct landforms and geological marvels.

History buffs will adore Northeast Montana’s rich history and cultural heritage, which is traced millions of years back to the age of the dinosaurs. Since then, the area has traditionally been home to Assiniboine and Sioux Native American peoples.

Southeast Montana

A major tourism region in Montana, Southeast Montana draws in travelers from all walks of life due to its diverse selection of experiences and attractions.

Famous for its slow and steady pace, the destination is ideal for visitors looking for a relaxing getaway surrounded by spectacular natural beauty.

Southeast Montana is a gem for lovers of the great outdoors, who show up in throngs to enjoy hiking, hunting, fishing, and more.

Southwest Montana

Home to a blend of historic townships and flourishing communities, the area attracts visitors from all over the globe seeking the very best of Big Sky.

Southwest Montana stretches across more than 3.2 million acres of national forests. Here you’ll find snow-capped mountains, idyllic rivers, and spacious grasslands, plus the many diverse species of wildlife that roam free on the untouched land.

Yellowstone Country

South Central Montana, otherwise known as Yellowstone Country, is home to unrivaled beauty. Among the snowy mountains and winding rivers is the jewel of the state: Yellowstone National Park.

Stretching across 3,500 square miles, the park is characterized by a dramatic landscape of canyons, hot springs, and geysers. Yellowstone is the location of Old Faithful, a famous cone geyser that consistently erupts every 40 minutes to two hours.