A Guide to the Sun River, Montana

sun river

The Sun River flows from the Flathead National Forest at the South and North Forks confluence. The river flows southeast away from the mountains and empties into the Missouri River …

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A Guide to the Yaak River, Montana

yaak river

The Yaak River is a moderately large tributary of the Kootenai River. It originates near the Yahk Mountain in Southeast British Columbia and flows south towards Montana in Lincoln County. …

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Wise River, Montana

wise river montana

The Wise River originates in the Pioneer Mountains and flows north northwest to join the Big Hole River. The river resembles a mountain creek and is said to be one …

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The Flathead River, Montana – A Guide

 flathead river

The Flathead River in Montana has large and swift drainage that runs from and through a few major northwest regions of the state. The river starts out past Glacier National …

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Vermilion River, Montana

vermilion river, montana

Vermillion River, or Vermillion Creek, is a large stream in the Clark Fork River system. While the stream only resides in Montana, the Clark Fork River flows through Idaho and …

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Jefferson River, Montana

jefferson river

Jefferson River is an affluent of the Missouri River that flows primarily through Montana. Starting near Twin Bridges and ending at Three Forks, the river goes about eighty miles and …

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Marias River, Montana

marias river

Perhaps one of the most interesting points in the Lewis and Clark Expedition history is their arrival at the junction of the Missouri and Maria’s Rivers. Marias River is a …

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Big Hole River, Montana

big hole river, montana

The Big Hole River is a large river in Montana that starts at Skinner Lake near the Idaho border and ends near the Jefferson River. Spanning about 153 miles, Big …

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Stillwater River, Montana

stillwater river, montana

The Stillwater River is a 70-mile tributary of the Yellowstone River stemming from the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness in Montana. It flows from the mountains to Yellowstone in Columbus, providing picturesque scenery …

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Bull River, Montana

bull river, montana

Bull River, Montana, is a tributary of the Clark Fork River. It begins from its headwaters in the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness Area and flows past the Bull Lake, meandering down …

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Blackfoot River, Montana

blackfoot river, montana

Blackfoot River is situated in western Montana and has become one of the state’s most famous rivers for recreation. Blackfoot’s headwaters are between Rogers Pass to the north and Stemple …

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Clearwater River, Montana

clearwater river, montana

Clearwater River is a narrow, jungly watercourse that is not easily accessible. Its main attributes are the sequence of lakes right from Summit Lake downwards up to Harper’s Lake. If …

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Bitterroot River, Montana

bitterroot river, montana

Bitterroot River is a 135-kilometer river that flows south to north, starting from the intersection of West and East Forks near Conner, Montana. It then meanders north through the picturesque …

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Smith River, Montana

smith river, montana

The Smith River begins in the Castle Mountains in southern Meagher County, Montana, then flows northwest between the Little Belt and Big Belt Mountains. It finally ends up as a …

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Boulder River, Montana

boulder river, montana

A tributary of the Yellowstone River, the Boulder River extends for 60 miles through the picturesque countryside of south central Montana. Rising from the Absaroka Range in the Custer Gallatin …

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Madison River, Montana

madison river

As a tributary of the larger Missouri River, the Madison River rises in the northwestern corner of famous Yellowstone National Park at the confluence of the Firehole and Gibbon Rivers …

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The Beaverhead River, Montana

the beaverhead river a guide

The Beaverhead River in Montana starts out at Clark Canyon Dam, near Dillon, Montana, and flows for 80 miles to its eventual confluence. From the dam to Three Forks, where …

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Lochsa River, Montana

lochsa river, montana

The Lochsa River (pronounced ‘Lock-Saw’) starts out its journey up in the Bitterroot Mountains in Idaho, near the Powell Ranger Station and deep in the wilderness of the Clearwater National …

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The Gallatin River – A Complete Guide

The Gallatin River emerges at Gallatin Lake up in Yellowstone Park’s Gallatin Range, and from this point to its confluence with the Missouri River at Three Forks it flows more …

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The Yellowstone River: A Complete Guide

the yellowstone river a guide

The Yellowstone River in Montana begins its journey through the state in the Absaroka Mountain Range where it enters Yellowstone National Park and starts to wind its way through the …

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