Mineral County, Montana

mineral county
Mineral County, Montana

Mineral County was founded in 1914, in the western state of Montana. Known for its diverse terrain and wilderness that spreads to Canada, Montana is the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors in the US.

In keeping with the historic landscape of the state, Mineral County houses Superior, a city that overlooks the Clark’s Fork River, and operates as the County Seat.

Superior has never been a large place and had a population of 1,242 out of the 3,037 total of Mineral County, in the 1960s, which added to the feel of a quiet, charming little town. Now, the population of Mineral County has risen to 4,544.

Just like most of Montana, Mineral County is rich in the history of gold and silver mining. Mining has been an important part of Mineral County’s past and is even prevalent to the present day, contributing to the heritage and economy of this quaint little County.

The development of silver and gold mining prompted agriculture in Mineral County. Cattle and sheep were brought over from Taxes, Oregon, and California. This led to mining, agriculture, timber harvesting, and farming becoming the backbone of the Mineral County’s economy.

The use of natural resources is also an important aspect of the economy, culture, and customs, which have remained prevalent even through constant modernization.

The early citizens of Mineral County worked hard to sustain their livelihood, something that the locals are still known for to this day. However, in recent years, the residents have also seen a boost in tourism to Mineral County as people from all over Montana come to enjoy the recreational use of the land.

The County is known for incredible outdoor activities such as horseback riding, snowmobiles, skiing, hiking, fishing, prospecting, hunting, and camping. The open spaces of Mineral County are a perfect haven for tourists in search of nature and wide-open spaces.

Mineral County Montana is nestled between Bitterroot Mountains and Clark Fork River. There are 1200+ square miles of forest and river valley landscape, which offer plenty of room for the above-mentioned activities. Once they get there, tourists can enjoy hundreds of miles of trails, or the iconic Hiawatha bike trail, which also has cool tunnels that can be explored.

Additionally, there are also opportunities for wildlife viewing, as 85% of the county is national and state forest land.

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Main Attractions

Mineral County is known for its outdoor activities that attract hundreds of tourists throughout the year. Because of its friendly weather conditions, travelers and residents can go hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, camping, and numerous other activities that this county provides. Some of the primary attractions for Mineral County are listed below, so you can get a chance to enjoy as many of them as possible.

St. Regis River Trail

One of the best things you can do is go mountain biking on the St. Regis River Trail. With technical climbs on the trail, it is best if experienced riders attempt this.

Once the trail is taken, it goes through beautiful canyon walls and stunning rock gardens. If you want a secluded path, this trail offers shady and cool paths for you to venture through.

Lolo National Forest

lolo national forest

Lolo National Forest was created on September 20th, 1906. It has a landscape of 1,211,680 acres, with parts of Missoula National Forest added on December 31st, 1931. This was followed by Selway National Forest in 1934, and a portion of the Cabinet National Forest in 1954.

Some of the most famous things you can enjoy in Lolo National Forest are the trails, which lead you through beautifully scenic routes. Whether you want to hike or take a mountain bike through them, you are bound to have an unforgettable experience in this historic landscape.

Superior Ranger District

Just West of Lolo National Forest, you can have an incredible adventure in the Ranger District in Superior City. You will be welcomed at the Visitor’s Center and have a chance to walk through the famous Hiawatha trail route. If you want, you can bike along it to enjoy wonderfully picturesque vistas.

Savenac Tree Nursery

If you are a nature lover, then you must take a trip to the Savenac Tree Nursery, which is located near Haugan in Mineral County. This is the best place for those who want an outdoorsy experience for their vacation in Montana.

One of the most common and family-friendly activities is the opportunity to bike to various parts of the area. You can enjoy recreational biking and head to the lovely campground, which provides excellent accommodation for large groups. This is ideal for families traveling together for their Montana vacation.