Treasure County, Montana

treasure county
Treasure County Barn

Snuggled amongst beautiful rolling hills and the Yellowstone River, as the name suggests, Treasure County is one of the country’s hidden “treasures”. With only 762 people, it’s a small and homely place. It was even deemed the second-least populous county in Montana and is the seventh-least in the country.

Having joined the Montana Legislature in 1919, the county’s total area encompasses 984 square miles, with only 6.6 square miles being water. Hysham is its county seat and most populous town.

Despite being a rural area, it’s well-known for its lively arts community and skilled architecture. With Hyslam’s Yucca Theatre being the county’s most fashionable attraction, many people from all over the country come to admire its one-of-a-kind architecture and design.

On the same note, the town of Hysham is full of beauty and adventure. Nestled between aesthetic hills in the south and rivers in the north, it is agricultural land of luscious green fields and pasture land. It is full of numerous pastime recreational activities, including wildlife viewing, agate hunting, fishing and boat access, and more.

Likewise, recreational hunting is often encouraged because of the county’s abundance of antelope, deer, geese, turkeys, grouse, ducks, and sage hen.

To add to it all, Treasure County is a place rich in history and culture. It started as a fur trading post built near Bighorn River in 1807 by Manuel Lisa. But, then by 1875, it became a trading post and stockade for defense against the Sioux Indians.

Regardless, today the county is a quaint and friendly town, valued for its diversity and culture.

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Main Attractions in Treasure County

Yucca Theater

Located in the heart of the county (Hysham), the theater was built in 1931 by David Manning. It was designed as a Mission-style movie theater, and it had held many prominent theatrical productions until 1936. By 1957, the theater had closed to become part of the adjoining Manning home.

However, since then, it has bloomed into the rich cultural center it once was, with frequent theatrical performances as a community theater. But, people don’t value it for just that. Instead, tourists often travel far to admire its architectural beauty and magnificence.

Having been made in the early 20th century, the theater is two stories with a mission-style aesthetic. It is layered with stucco-clad bricks, with two buttressed towers flanking at its entrance.

In asymmetrical aesthetic, the main entrance and an octagonal ticket booth are in the middle of the towers.  And, with everything painted in white, it stands out with a contemporary charm.

To add to all it, this landmark has also been listed in the National Register of Historic Places, valued eternally for beauty and significance.

Yellowstone River

yellowstone river

Serving as a tributary of the Missouri River, Yellowstone River is almost 700 miles long. It’s renowned for its variety of agates, its most widespread naïve fish being the Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout.

However, other species include the Arctic Grayling, Mountain Whitefish, Mottled Sculpin, Westslope Cutthroat Trout, Minnows, and more. In total, you can find eleven native and five non-native species, providing various recreational fishing opportunities.

Likewise, if fishing isn’t your strong suit, there are numerous kinds of similar outdoor activities you could join. In particular, hunting is popular among many locals and visitors.

With Treasure County’s abundance of pheasants, deer, antelopes, turkeys, geese, ducks, and sage hens, you can experience the majestic wilderness in its raw beauty.

Hysham’s Hidden Treasures

hyshams hidden treasures

Considering it all, the actual “treasure” of Treasure County is its quaint and comforting nature. From the minute you arrive at Hysham from the I-94 Highway, you’d see numerous sculptures welcoming you.

These sculptures were made by local sculptor Bob Schulze. You can find a lion in City Park or a grizzly bear at the Friendly Corner across the bank. Even the local school’s Pirate Mascot can be found right in front of Hysham Public School.

But, Schulze’s most notable pieces are at the town’s main street, right outside Yucca Theater’s lawn. Over here, you can find life-sized sculptures of William Clark, Sacajawea, Pomp, the Hunter, and a white buffalo. His newer additions can also be found here,  including a saber-tooth tiger and a wooly mammoth.

Other than that, Hysham is a closely-knitted town, treasured for its comforting and loving community. During summer stays, you can enjoy Hysham’s community swimming pool and picnic facilities.

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