Broadwater County, Montana

broadwater county
Horse grazing elk horn mountains background, Broadwater County, Montana

Named after Charles Arthur Broadwater, a noted Montana railroad, real estate, and banking magnate, Broadwater County, Montana is the largest county in the state. The county has a population of more than 5,000 people and has an area of approximately 1,950 square miles. It is also home to many opportunities for various careers.

An exciting tidbit about Broadwater County is that while tracing the Missouri River, the Lewis and Clark Expedition traveled through what is now Broadwater. The Big Belt Mountains were housing gold, which created the boom of mining towns and the inclusion of a stop on the Northern Pacific Railway.

Broadwater County‚Äôs economy is primarily based on agriculture and livestock production, as well as tourism and recreation that are available in the region. However, there are a number of other industries that have made a significant contribution to the county’s economy as well.

Currently, Broadwater County employs about 1,200 people from over 100 different companies which have been responsible for generating revenue amounting up to $56 million each year. In addition to this there are about 200 agricultural businesses that employ around 15% of the total workforce in the area.

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Canyon Ferry Lake

canyon ferry lake

Canyon Ferry Lake is one of the most popular recreational destinations in the state. The lake has a surface area of 18.7 square miles and is one of the largest lakes in Montana.

The lake was formed in the early 1800s when the Lewis and Clark expedition dammed up the water coming down from Canyon Ferry Creek with rocks, making it into a reservoir that provided water for steamboats on their journeys through the Missouri River valley.

Named for a nearby crossing on the Sun River, Canyon Ferry Lake offers several amenities including fishing, boating, swimming, and hiking trails. It also offers camping sites and was once home to an amusement park.

Broadwater County Museum

The Broadwater County Museum preserves and displays artifacts from the county’s past. They are committed to educating people about the history of Broadwater County by preserving, displaying, and interpreting the objects that tell of its past.

The museum was started in 1983 when more than 1,000 items were donated by the family of Arthur C. Miller who had served as county sheriff for 36 years. It was officially opened on August 6, 1984, with an exhibit on ranching history called “Boots & Saddles.”

One of the cherished artifacts on display is an authentically painted buffalo robe. The museum had a replication created of the robe and will have both the original and replica on display for guests to enjoy.

Old Baldy Golf Course

Old Baldy Golf course is a public course located in Helena, Montana. Which runs on a first-come-first-served honor system. In the early 1930s, a group of eager businessmen from Helena asked for permission from the federal government to turn a portion of land near Helena into a golf course.

The land had been owned by the Department of Agriculture and was used as farmland. The group of businessmen promised to do their best to maintain the natural beauty of the land and to keep it open for public use.

It’s not clear when or why that name came about but there is speculation that it started with golfers who wanted a nickname for their favorite course at home. In this case, it could mean “Old Baldy” because Helena sits on top of a hill whereas other courses in Montana are below surrounding ground level.

Stonehouse Distillery

stonehouse distillery
Image: Stonehouse Distillery

Located in Winston, Montana at the base of the Elkhorn Mountain, Stonehouse Distillery is the first micro-distillery in Montana. They are located in the heart of Bozeman, Montana. This distillery is family-owned and operated with a lot of love put into every batch. They have many different recipes for their spirits, but they are most well known for their Winston Wheat Whiskey and Corn Whiskey.