The 17 Best Hot Springs in Montana

Will Beck
Last Updated: May 31st, 2023

Montana is a place blessed with many hot springs. They are an amazing sight to see, and a single experience can give you a glimpse of eternal paradise. A trip to Big Sky Country is incomplete until you take a dip in one of the beautiful hot springs in Montana.

Naturally emerging from the surface of the Earth, hot springs make for one of the most distinctive and rejuvenating travel experiences. When the groundwater is geothermally heated, it comes out from the earth’s surface in the form of hot springs. Besides being a natural detox, hot springs have several healing benefits.

Because there are so many hot springs, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to visit them all while in Montana. However, to make it easier for you, we have listed some of the best Montana Hot Springs that are open for leisure travel. Let’s take a look.

Quick Look

  1. Chico Hot Springs
  2. Bozeman Hot Springs
  3. Yellowstone Hot Springs
  4. Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs
  5. Norris Hot Springs
  6. Broadwater Hot Springs
  7. Symes Hot Springs
  8. Lolo Hot Springs
  9. Renova Hot Springs
  10. Elkhorn Hot Springs
  11. Quinn’s Hot Springs
  12. Lost Trail Hot Spring
  13. Fairmont Hot Spring
  14. Big Medicine Hot Spring
  15. Alameda Hot Spring
  16. Boulder Hot Spring
  17. White Sulphur Hot Springs

15 Best Hot Springs in Montana

1. Chico Hot Springs

chico hot springs

If you want to soak in the beauty of Montana and its picturesque landscapes, head to Chico Hot Springs. A commercial facility that dates back to 1900, Chico Hot Springs is situated in Paradise Valley in Pray, Montana.
It is the perfect spot for a family winter getaway and provides a variety of lodging, dining, and recreational facilities.


  • A historical dining experience along with a poolside view for all visitors.
  • A tasting room and wine cellar for having a private dinner.
  • Activities like fly fishing, river rafting, horse riding, air painting classes, and much more.
  • Multiple lodging options such as Victorian Cabins, Fisherman’s Lodge, etc.

2. Bozeman Hot Springs

bozeman hot springs

Another famous Montana hot spring, Bozeman Hot Springs is situated 8 miles to the west of Bozeman. It offers the perfect amalgamation of indoor and outdoor amenities and is the ideal halt to refresh you during your travels in Montana.

This is a commercial set hot spring that features 12 pools with varying degrees of hotness that can suit every visitor’s needs.


  • A sauna is for people who want to relax indoors.
  • Live music every weekend.
  • Private swimming lessons and daycare facilities.
  • A fitness center that offers group training sessions and personal coaches at friendly prices.

3. Yellowstone Hot Spring

yellowstone hot spring

Yellowstone National Park is the first national park in the world. The park is an abode of extraordinary hydrothermal formations. Hot springs are just one of them. The Yellowstone hot spring is an iconic Montana feature. It is colorful and radiates bright-colored hues from the center.

There are plenty of lodging facilities available around the national park where families can comfortably reside overnight on their way to visit the hot spring. Yellowstone hot spring has been rumored to exhibit healing properties that can promote mental and physical well-being.

One of the best features of this natural hot spring is that there are plenty of recreational activities that the visitors can partake in. From exploring the diverse wildlife to enjoying the magnificent Yellow Spring River to basking under the glory of the beautiful blue sky, the choices are endless.

4. Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs

sleeping buffalo hot springs

Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs is popular owing to the fact that it is the only hot spring that is situated in the northern tier of Montana. For people who want to bathe in the outdoors, enclosed by beautiful surroundings and a picturesque backdrop, Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs is their best bet.

Initially known as the American Legion Health Resort, the Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs was established in the 1920s.


  • A hot spring that gushes from a well that is approximately 3,200 ft. deep and produces up to 900 gallons of water per minute.
  • A luxurious and comfortable stay at the affordable resort cabins and suites.
  • RV parking area.
  • Indoor saunas.

5. Norris Hot Springs

norris hot springs

Norris Hot Springs is a part of the “Water of the Gods” group that promises to offer an enriching, worthwhile, and exclusive experience to its visitors who come from every nook and cranny of the world. The hot water that gushes from the earth’s surface is a sheer blessing to all the bathers.

Nothing matches the experience of taking a comforting dip in the pool surrounding the spring and having a glass of fresh beer.


  • A diverse array of wildlife. If you are lucky enough, you can spot a deer or two.
  • Acoustic music and amazing food.
  • Camping facilities around the hot spring along with parking benefits.

6. Broadwater Hot Springs


Broadwater Hot Springs is the only hot spring situated in the capital city of Montana — Helena. It was built by Colonel Charles Broadwater in 1889 and was considered a go-to spot for elite visitors who traveled across the world and had a halt at Helena.

The Spring’s Natatorium pool is the largest in the world, measuring at about 30,000 square feet. If you are a history buff, the Spring’s rich chronicles of the past will keep you entertained for days.


  • A spring pool and a recreational pool with suitable temperatures for the visitors.
  • An in-house Taproom Grill featuring a variety of dishes.
  • Access to a fitness center.

7. Symes Hot Springs

symes hot springs

If you are looking forward to harnessing all the benefits of a hot spring, Symes Hot Spring is a must-visit. The healing water of the spring has been a favorite among travelers since 1928. It showcases a perfect blend of archaic, Spanish architecture coupled with state-of-the-art facilities.


  • Cold outdoor pools that are open for use all year round.
  • Up to 32 rooms and 9 well-furnished cabins are available on the site.
  • Live music weekends while you stay at the exclusive jacuzzi suites available at the resort.

8. Lolo Hot Springs

lolo hot springs

The Lolo Hot Springs is situated 40 miles south of Missoula. It sits enclosed by the pristine Lolo National Forest and provides a serene view of the city’s mesmerizing topography.

Sitting atop the Montana Mountain, visitors can enjoy a panoramic, birds-eye view of the city while enjoying the smell of the clean air.


  • Several cabins for comfortable lodging.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included with the booking.
  • Live music that is hosted on the weekends.
  • Activities like horse riding, hiking, and more – a go-to spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

9. Renova Hot Spring

renova hot spring

Situated along the shores of the Jefferson River, Renova Hot Springs provides the dreamy view of Montana’s mountains and hills that makes your trip worth every penny. However, being an underdeveloped spring, it is not for the weak of heart. You have to drive over miles of unconstructed, dirty roads, and hike along difficult trails until you finally reach the spot.


  • Pet-friendly, however, the pets have to be on a leash.
  • Free of cost.

10. Elkhorn Hot Spring

elkhorn hot spring

Situated in Southwest Montana, the Elkhorn Hot Spring was established in 1918. The water from the spring was pumped into two large pools surrounding the area. The chemical-free, untreated waters of the spring make for the perfect distant escape when you want to soothe and freshen yourself.


  • Multiple cabins and lodges for a comfortable stay.
  • A single cabin accommodating up to 10 people.
  • Access to 24*7 electricity and a wood-burning stove for the old, vintage charm.

11. Quinn’s Hot Springs

quinn’s hot springs

Named after an Irish immigrant Martin Quinn, the foundation of Quinn’s Hot Springs was laid by Quinn. It is settled on a canyon, situated on Clark Fork River in Paradise, Montana.


  • Access to a tavern, multiple restaurants, and a gift shop.
  • Along with more than 80 rentals, indoor pools and massages are also available at the site.
  • The luxury river-view rooms are a perfect blend of comfort and stunning views.

12. Lost Trail Hot Spring

lost trail hot spring
Image: Andrew Hall

Earlier known as Gallogly Hot Springs, the Lost Trail Hot Springs has been the go-to halt for travelers passing the Gibbons Pass since 1941.  The Spring is nested in a national forest, along the Lost Trail Hot Springs Rd, Sula.


  • The lodges have a rustic appeal to them. From large family gatherings to a friend’s reunion, the place can accommodate it all.
  • Free parking space for RVs.
  • Private washrooms with electric heat systems.

13. Fairmont Hot Spring

fairmont hot spring

Fairmont Hot Spring is situated at the perfect mid-point, between Yellowstone National Park, and Glacier National Park. The location doesn’t get any better than this. It is a complete resort destination in Montana that has been a favorite among families and travelers.


  • If you are an outdoor enthusiast, there are a couple of activities to partake in around the establishment.
  • Visit the Whispering Willows Spa at the resort to have a rejuvenating massage.
  • A variety of dining options with multiple cuisines are available right at one spot.

14. Big Medicine Hot Spring

big medicine

Big Medicine Hot Spring is a seemingly less-known, but a very peaceful hot spring. The spring has an old-school charm to it. Although there are no hikes and trails to be found around, it is great for a quick soak.


  • Affordable.
  • Accessible by a car or any compact vehicle.
  • A partially covered, outdoor cement pool is built outside the Spring.

15. Alameda Hot Spring

alameda hot spring

Built in the 1930s, Almeda Hot Springs is the perfect spot to sit down, relax, and unwind. Although no public outdoor pools are offered by the property, you will come across a couple of them nearby which are ideal for a calming dip under the sun.


  • All the suites are accompanied by private hot mineral baths, bedrooms, a personal kitchen, a living room, and a sun porch.
  • Incredibly affordable.

16. Boulder Hot Springs

Boulder Hot Springs is 300 acre hotel and retreat center located south of Helena, Montana. It bills itself as a place of retreat, sanctuary, peace and healing. Key aspects of this mission include:

  • A healthy smoke-free, alcohol-free, and drug-free environment.
  • Being a green hotel means that they make every attempt to conserve and recycle by living with the planet instead of destroying it or using it up.

If you’re looking to enjoy a cigar or cocktail with friends or family, this is not the place for you.

Boulder has a long outdoor mineral pool (shown above) as well as two indoor plunge pools. The women’s indoor plunge has a hot pool maintained between 103-106°F and a cool pool which is usually under 70°F. The co-ed indoor plunge has a hot pool maintained at 103-106°F and no cold pool.

The Inn offers both B&B style rooms and more traditional hotel-like rooms.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and unplugged vacation, you should definitely consider a visit to Boulder Hot Springs.

17. White Sulphur Hot Spring

This hot spring is located in White Sulphur Springs, MT and is accessible via the quaint Spa Hot Springs Motel & Tenderfoot Cabins.  The hot springs are offered to you via two outdoor and one indoor pool.

White Sulphur Springs is a small town in central Montana that is approximately 30 miles west of Helena.  If you find yourself in Helena in search of a hot springs a bit more off the beaten path than Broadwater or Boulder, book a stay at Spa Hot Springs for an authentic small town Montana stay.

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Final Thoughts

Montana is a land of beautiful hot springs, as many as 61, that you are least likely to find anywhere else. These spellbinding and calming natural wonders deserve at least one visit in a lifetime.

Nothing should be keeping you away from having one of the best travel experiences of your life in Montana. Book your tickets and pack your bags for Montana today.

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