The 10 Best Fishing Tours in Montana

Jason Gass
Last Updated: February 27th, 2023

The movie, “A River Runs Through It”, made Montana one of the most popular places in the United States to fish. The beautiful views and some of the best trout habitats anywhere in the world make fishing in Montana a bucket list experience for many people.

When traveling to new places to fish it’s a great idea to hire a fishing guide or tour. Especially in Montana where there are plenty of great places to fish, a fishing tour with an experienced guide can make your Montana fishing experience amazing.

In this article, we’ll provide you with information on the 10 best fishing tours in Montana. Our list has guides from across the state, so you’ll be sure to find a great fishing tour no matter where your Montana travels take you.

10 Best Fishing Tours in Montana

  1. The Tackle Shop-Fly Shop and Outfitter
  2. Montana Fishing Outfitters
  3. Fishtales Outfitting
  4. Montana Aangling Ccompany
  5. Howe’s Fishing – A’Able/Mo Fisch Charters
  6. Reel Deal Anglers
  7. State of Mind Fishing Charters
  8. Fish The Fly Guide Service & Travel
  9. Yellowstone River Outfitters
  10. Wild Trout Outfitters

Best Fishing Tours in Montana

1. The Tackle Shop-Fly Shop and Outfitter

the tackle shop
Image: thetackleshop

Named the Orvis fly fishing outfitter in 2017, The Tackle Shop is one of the best fishing outfitters in Montana. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just learning, this fishing outfitter has a range of guided tours and vacation packages for everyone.

Located in Ennis, MT The Tackle Shop is the oldest fly shop and fishing guide in southwest Montana. This shop has been serving the area since 1937, and its guides have many years of combined experience.

All of their packages include gear and a day of wade, float, or walk-in fly fishing outings. Their basic packages provide a guide and gear. Packages can be one day or multiple days depending on your preference.

While their fly shop is great, it’s the fly fishing vacation packages that shouldn’t be passed by. While many outfitters will arrange guided tours and a couple of days on the water, The Tackle Shop had created its own, all-inclusive fishing vacation packages.

Each package offers a couple of days of fishing, lodging, and even gift cards to the local steakhouse.

2. Montana Fishing Outfitters

montana fishing outfitters
Image: montanafishingoutfitters

If learning to fly fish is on your bucket list, there’s no better place than Montana to learn this great skill. Montana Fishing Outfitters is a great place to learn to fly fish and then head out on a guided tour to some of the state’s blue-ribbon fishing waters.

One of the unique offerings at Montana Fishing Outfitters is Fishing School. This fun multi-day learning experience offers classes for beginners to expert anglers wanting to learn and improve their fly fishing skills. These packages include instruction, fishing outings to practice your skills, and lodging at one of two luxurious resorts.

If you just want to get out and fish, Montana Fishing Outfitters has great packages that range from half-day outings to multi-day trips.

All of their guided trips include gear, snacks, or lunch, and an experienced guide that will show you the best places in Big Sky Country to catch a fish.

3. Fishtales Outfitting

Image: mtfishtales

Fishtales Outfitting is located in Sheridan, MT, and offers a wide variety of guided fishing tours. This fishing outfitter travels all across the state of Montana offering their clients a unique and customized fly fishing experience.

Fishtales Outfitting offers guided fishing tours that range from a fun half-day to multi-day packages. Their half-day and one-day fishing packages provide anglers with an experienced guide, terminal tackle (flies, leaders, tippets), and lunch, snacks, and drinks.

These basic packages are perfect for clients that want to enjoy fishing but don’t want to spend their whole Montana experience fishing.

If you are interested in spending more than just a day flies fishing, Fishtales Outfitting has nice multi-day packages. Multi-day packages include all of the features of the one-day packages, but also include lodging at one of the great hotels in Sheridan.

Fishtales Outfitting is best for experienced anglers, as they do not offer lessons for beginners. If you are a beginner, and interested in booking with Fishtales Outfitting, we would recommend a multi-day package so you can spend one-day learning and the rest of the days using your new skills.

4. Montana Angling Company

montana angling
Image: montanaanglingco

One of the larger fishing outfitters in Montana is the Montana Angling Company. While many of the fishing outfitters in Montana specialize in fly fishing, this company offers guided tours for both fly fishing and bait casting.

Montana Angling Company offers a wide variety of guided fishing tours. Their offerings are some of the most extensive of fishing outfitters in Montana.

Trips range from half-day outings to multi-day excursions on the water, where you leave the comforts of your hotel and experience fishing in more remote locations on Montana’s best fishing waters.

Packages range from simple to all-inclusive. The great part about working with Montana Angling Company is that their size allows them to provide fishing trips throughout Montana.

They have established relationships with some of the premier fishing lodges and ranches in Montana to provide their customers with luxury accommodations along with outstanding fishing experiences.

5. Howe’s Fishing – A’Able/Mo Fisch Charters

howes fishing
Image: howesfishing

Howe’s Fishing Outfitters specializes in lake and boat fishing in some of Montana’s larger lakes and rivers. They are located in Bigfork, MT in the heart of the Glacier National Park area.

Howe’s Fishing charters 10 boats for fishing tours on Flathead Lake in western Montana. This lake is world-renowned for its variety of game fish, including Montana’s sought-after trout.

Howe’s Fishing offers half and full-day packages for boat fishing only. The bulk of their offerings is located on Flathead Lake in northwestern Montana. However, they do have limited fishing tours on Lake Fort Peck, on the Missouri River east of the Rocky Mountains.

All of their packages include their experienced guides, all necessary fishing gear, and snacks or lunch and drinks.

6. Reel Deal Anglers

reel deal anglers
Image: reeldealanglers

Though this fishing outfitter is located in Wyoming, they specialize in fly fishing experiences in Montana as well.

Located in northern Wyoming in the Yellowstone National Park area, Reel Deal Anglers offer a variety of fishing tours in southern Montana and northern Wyoming.

Tour packages offered by Reel Deal Anglers range from half-day outings to complete fishing vacation packages. Vacation packages offer clients the opportunity to stay in some of the best hotels in southern Montana or overnight or multi-day camping excursions.

7. State of Mind Fishing Charters

state of mind fishing

State of Mind Fishing Charters is a smaller tour company that operates on Flathead Lake. This tour company runs three fishing boats that accommodate up to 5 people for a great day of fishing.

State of Mind is based in Kalispell, MT just a short distance from Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake. This charter company is a local, family-owned business. The Millar family has lived in the Kalispell area for many years and knows Flathead Lake exceptionally well.

Their fishing season runs as long as there is open water on Flathead Lake for their boats. They offer half-day and full-day fishing tours. State of Mind makes sure that each of the customers gets the most for their money. Half-day trips are a full five hours, while full-day trips are ten hours of fishing fun.

8. Fish The Fly Guide Service & Travel

fish the fly
Image: fishthefly

Fish the Fly Guide Service should be your go-to spot for guided fishing tours in Yellowstone National Park. Fish the Fly Guide Service is a National Park recognized fishing outfitter and is allowed to provide its services within the boundary of Yellowstone National Park.

If you’re visiting southern Montana and heading to Yellowstone National Park, fishing opportunities in the park are some of the best in this region. Fish the Fly is experienced in finding the best places to fish within Yellowstone National Park. They’ll get you to spots with fewer people and better chances for success.

Fishing tours with Fish the Fly Guide Service include all of the gear you need, plus lunch and transportation. All fishing tours provided by Fish the Fly are full-day tours. Fish the Fly is located in Wyoming and can provide Wyoming fishing licenses.

For their excursions to portions of Yellowstone National Park in Montana, you’ll need to purchase your Montana fishing license ahead of time.

9. Yellowstone River Outfitters

yellowstone river outfitters
Image: yellowstoneriveroutfitters

Yellowstone River Outfitters specializes in fishing tours along the Yellowstone River in Montana and northern Wyoming. They operate in two locations: Gardiner, MT, and Lewiston, MT.

Yellowstone River Outfitters offers half and full-day fishing outings only. Their fishing packages include all necessary gear (including rod and waders), an experienced fishing guide, lunch or snacks, and access to some of the best fishing in Montana and northern Wyoming.

Yellowstone River Outfitters is another National Park Service recognized business, which allows them to operate their business within the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park.

This guide company also works with private landowners to give their clients access to private lakes that aren’t fished as often as publicly accessed waters.

10. Wild Trout Outfitters

wild trout outfitters
Image: wildtroutoutfitters

Wild Trout Outfitters is located in Big Sky, MT just south of Bozeman. They are headquartered on the banks of the Gallatin River, one of the best fishing rivers in Montana.

Wild Trout Outfitters offers a wide variety of fishing tours. From the normal half or full-day fly fishing trip to multi-day excursions, lake fishing, and even family fishing trips, this is a great outfitter for every level of angler.

Wild Trout Outfitters also offers a unique 2-hour fishing trip, perfect for locals or experienced anglers that want to enjoy fishing but can’t commit a half-day for a fishing excursion.

Wild Trout Outfitters is perfectly located to provide fly fishing instruction on-site at their headquarters. Their fly fishing clinics provide learners of all levels to gain helpful fishing skills and learn the basics of fly fishing for a more successful fishing experience.

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