Fairmont Hot Springs, Montana

Like many other hot springs in the region, the Fairmont Hot Springs have been considered medicinal waters by First Nation tribes in the area for centuries. The waters have been believed to help arthritis, rheumatism, and many other ailments.

 The springs were originally commercialized by George and Eli Gregson, with a two-story hotel equipped for 50 to 60 guests at a time. They built a covered flume to carry the naturally heated water into the bathhouses they built and added a main building and barroom for guests’ enjoyment.

While a fire disrupted the business in 1914, the resort continued running for several years until the 1970s when it was closed due to disrepair.

Shortly thereafter, new construction began, allowing the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort to open in 1972. The resort has remained open since and continues to welcome guests year-round today.

Fairmont Hot Spring Facilities

fairmont hot spring facilities
Image: Janusz Sliwinski

With over 153 spacious suites and rooms at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, the facilities bustle with energy year-round.

Lodging options accommodate anywhere from 2 to 10 people for comfortable rest and relaxation and all guests have complimentary access to the hot springs pools indoors and outdoors.

Fairmont offers a unique opportunity for guests as well, with a water slide running into the outdoor pool. The pools are open from 7 am to 10 pm daily, with access to the waterslide available during these hours, year-round.

The resort is also home to three restaurants. At the Water’s Edge Dining Room, guests may enjoy a selection of fine dining choices including fresh seafood, Montana beef selections, poultry dishes, vegetarian and gluten-free offerings, along with an excellent wine menu.

Springwater Café provides guests of all types with tasty, casual meal selections like paninis, salads, sandwiches, and a kids’ menu. The grown-ups in the room can slip over to Whiskey Joe’s Lounge for adult libations, snacks, apps, and flavorful meal choices.

While at the resort, guests may enjoy an assortment of activities as well, including Keno and Video Poker, golfing on the 9-hole or 18-hole course, tennis courts, playgrounds, frisbee golf, basketball courts, and lawn games.

Nearby, you’ll find fishing, hiking, ziplining, mountain biking, skiing, ATV adventures, shopping, dining, and plenty of live local events.

For those looking for extended relaxation, the Fairmont Spa offers a number of soothing treatments including body massage, heated river rock massage, reflexology, facial massage, raindrop technique, luxury body treatments, and prenatal/postpartum massage.

Fairmont Hot Spring Stats

fairmont hot springs stats
Image: fairmontmontana

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is an exciting vacation destination for folks looking for fun, relaxation, and a bit of golf. The resort has many amenities and activities for guests of all ages, making it the perfect year-round vacation spot.

  • Indoor pool dimensions: 128′ x 45′ 8
  • Indoor pool temperature: 88° – 94°
  • Indoor hot pool dimensions: 45.7′ x 16′
  • Indoor hot pool temperature: 100° – 104°
  • Outdoor pool dimensions: 164′ 6″ x 59′ 5″
  • Outdoor pool temperature: 88° – 94°
  • Outdoor hot pool temperature: 100° – 104°
  • Season: Open Year Round
  • Green fees: $31-$36 for 9 holes, $46-$53 for 18 holes
  • Hot springs waterslide access may be purchased per ride ($2), half-session ($9.50), or full session ($11.50)
  • Price for hot springs: Included in hotel fee, not currently open to non-overnight guests
  • Website:
  • Nearest Town: Butte, MT

Getting There

Butte is the closest city to Fairmont Hot Springs in Montana. However, there are several other locations within a reasonable drive from which to visit.

Coming from Butte, about 20 minutes, take I-90 W for about 10 miles until you reach Exit 211. Take Exit 211 toward Fairmont Hot Springs/Gregson. Follow for approximately 3 miles before turning left onto Fairmont Road.

From Bozeman, which is about 2 hours away, take I-90 W. Follow I-90 for approximately 95 miles until you reach Exit 211. Take Exit 211 in the direction of Fairmont Hot Springs/Gregson. Drive for about 3 miles before turning left onto Fairmont Road.

Coming from Missoula, also about 2 hours from Fairmont Hot Springs, take I-90 E for 104 miles. When you reach Exit 211, take it toward Fairmont Hot Springs/Gregson. Follow the road for 3 miles, then turn left onto Fairmont Road.

There may be intermittent closures of the hot springs due to ice build-up, frozen door handles, extreme wind, dangerous weather conditions, or low visibility.


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