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Last Updated: February 28th, 2023

Considering that Montana has one of the most spread-out population densities in the U.S., it may come as a surprise to find that Casinos are a big thing in this state. In fact, you’ll find somewhere in the region of 300 casinos in the Big Sky state, although many of these are part of a larger hotel complex.

Big Sky Country has more than enough avenues of gaming to keep its relatively small population occupied. Don’t forget that this is the former Wild West where saloons and gambling were once a huge part of the culture of the small towns that popped up and developed during the gold rush years. That might be why Montana is famous for gambling – and there is no restriction except for the online rule.

One of the reasons cited for the ongoing amendments is the protection of Montana citizens from unfair business people, and gambling enthusiasts have continued to press the legislature in order to expand the number of permissible lotteries. This has led to land-based casinos being permitted to offer gaming options like slot machines, bingo, poker, and blackjack with no further restriction.

Due to the sheer number of establishments across the state, we can only present a very small proportion here in order to give some insights. And many of the casinos in this post actually have outlets and branches in more than one town and city. Nevertheless, let’s have a deeper delve into some of the best casinos in Montana.

Ten Casinos in Montana

  1. Glacier Peaks Casino
  2. Gray Wolf Peak Casino
  3. Montana Nugget Casino
  4. Silver Wolf Casino
  5. Gold Dust Casino
  6. Fort Belknap Casino
  7. Jackpot Casino
  8. All Aboard Casino
  9. Montana Lil’s Casino.
  10. KwaTakNuk Resort Casino

 1. Glacier Peaks Casino, Browning

glacier peaks casino

Glacier Peaks Casino offers various entertainment options to suit different gaming budgets. There is something to suit the slot machine aficionado, along with regular video game machines, and three different variations of black feet bingo.

There is a poker room here, and the casino also offers other avenues of entertainment like winter karaoke contests, as well as live music and dining.

2. Gray Wolf Peak Casino, Missoula

gray wolf peak casino

This Native Indian Casino covers 10,000 square feet and comprises a variety of slot machines and video games. Slot lovers can try their luck on over 300 machines from 8am every day. The establishment is open until midnight on weekdays and 2am on weekends, and the gamblers also have access to a restaurant, a food and drinks bar, as well as a lounge and gift shop.

3. Montana Nugget Casino, Helena

montana nugget casino

Montana Nugget Casino is actually one of the oldest established casinos in Montana and has branches in Helena, Billings, and Kalispell.

That said, it does have surprisingly few gaming options, with many patrons coming to this place to experience its well-worn authenticity. Breakfast and other dining options are available including daily lunch and dinner options as well as a children’s menu. The Montana Nugget is a disabled-friendly Casino and provides access to free internet and an ATM.

4. Silver Wolf Casino, Wolf Point

silver wolf casino
Image: Royalbroil

The Silver Wolf is one of the Native Indian Casinos as you may gather from the name. It doesn’t have a massive range of sets either, but you can indulge yourself with various slot machines, bingo, pull-tabs, and video options for keno and poker.

There is a café at the Silver Wolf Casino that serves up decent meals, and while it is not a glitzy establishment by any means, this Montana Casino is ideal for anyone who appreciates something along the lines of a much less crowded gambling den.

5. Gold Dust Casino, Kalispell

gold dust casino

Gold Dust Casino has branches in Kalispell, Great Falls, Billings and Bainville, and is the type of Montana Casino where you’ll find a variety of gaming options as well as a hotel section with various accessible amenities.

Here you’ll find exciting slot machines like Scarab Grand, Route 66, Rue Royal, and Dazzling Thunder along with table games by way of virtual roulette shooting craps.

6. Fort Belknap Casino, Harlem

fort belknap casino

Fort Belknap Casino is another one of the Native Indian establishments on the Fort Belknap Reservation and is something of a simple gambling spot situated in the heart of Montana.

This is a straightforward casino where you can find gaming entertainment, food and drink, and basic casino provisions. Hence there are no lodging options although there are plenty of nearby hotels.

7. Jackpot Casino, Bozeman

jackpot casino

The Jackpot Casino Bozeman is just one of many establishments in Bozeman. This particular establishment has more than 20 slot, video poker, and multi-game machines, along with 10 table-based games. Anything from reel slots to the latest video slot releases, this is an up-to-date Montana Casino in terms of the available avenues of leisure that it offers.

8. All Aboard Casino, Billings

all aboard casino

All Aboard Casino is yet another of the many gaming establishments located in Billings, although this one is something of a hidden gem. Although this is only a small casino in Montana, it does come with a great atmosphere.

You’ll find plenty of slot machines, and a broad range of multi-game video slot stations, all powered by top gaming brands. There is also a bar and grill in the casino for when you need a re-fuel after all that excitement.

9. Montana Lil’s Casino, Billings

montana lil’s casino

This Montana Casino is located in Billings, although Lil’s is something of an established institution in the state, with branches in Anaconda, Belgrade, Butte, Dillon, Helena, and many more regions.

In these casinos, you’ll find multi-game machines such as video poker and keno, as well as a variety of line games. There is a progressive jackpot to be won, and the casino operates a Player’s Reward Club. If you sign up for this you get $5 to set the ball rolling, as well as complimentary drinks and snacks.

10. Best Western KwaTakNuk Resort Casino, Flathead Lake, Polson

best western kwataknuk resort casino

This has got to be one of the most scenic casinos on the list as it is set right on the edge of Montana’s incredibly picturesque Flathead Lake.

This casino is part of a fantastic hotel complex, and you’ll find various slot machines and a lounge in there. The casino is not more than a leisurely 10-minute walk from Sacajawea Park and is also just 2 miles from Polson Bay Golf Course. So if you wanted to explore a few other leisure avenues aside from the casino, you might consider a room at the hotel, some of which have balconies with views of the lake.

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