Bozeman Hot Springs, Montana

Since the mid-19th century people have been appreciating the rejuvenating qualities of the natural Bozeman Hot Springs.

The area was first made use of in a commercial way for health and recreation in the mid-1870s when Francis Albert Lund marketed the springs as a cure for particular ailments. It then became a small pool enjoyed initially by invitation after local businessman Jeremiah Mathews bought the springs in 1879.

Mathews built a 5-room bathhouse next to the springs with a plunge bath of almost 20 feet in length. The location changed hands many times over the years and began to evolve into a renowned recreation center at the hands of the second owner. The hot springs have remained an attraction and offer a unique experience for locals and visitors.

The Bozeman Hot Springs is close to the Gallatin International Airport transport-wise, and location-wise the springs are eight miles to the west of Bozeman. They are also in the vicinity of both Yellowstone National Park and Big Sky Resort.

Bozeman Hot Springs is a worthy stop-off destination for families, groups, or anyone looking for some rejuvenation from a relaxing soak or in the therapeutic water.

Certainly, this is the best apres-ski-soak you are likely to find in the entire region, and bathing attire is a requirement.

The consistently clean pools are drained and cleaned every night on top of the fact that there is also a natural flow system that alleviates the need for any heavy or harsh chemical use.

Bozeman Hot Springs Facilities

The hot springs facility features 12 different pools including four outdoor ones.

They all have different variations and consistencies of minerals like sodium, silica, bicarbonate, carbonate, chloride, and sulfate, and all the pools are fed from a natural hot spring combined with cold water to varying degrees.

This means that the temperatures vary and are grouped so the hottest baths are close together for convenience.

The pools are for public access so there are no reservations, and towels are also provided for visitors. The hours of the facility vary but it is open between 5.50 am and 11.00 pm Monday to Thursday, with shorter hours on weekends. You can check out current schedules and timetables here.

You can also find both wet and dry saunas, and a fully-equipped fitness facility at the hot springs.  This is a no-alcohol facility meaning none is sold on the premises nor permitted to be consumed.

You are allowed to bring food into the facility though if you wish, and there is a juice bar.

If you are lucky and time it right, you might catch some live music on the outside stage for a spot of extra entertainment while you enjoy a soak.

You’ll even find some tanning rooms at the center, as well as full daycare facilities with a large 30-foot by 60-foot indoor swimming pool kept near a temperature of 90 degrees.

There is also a campground conveniently located right next to the hot springs if you fancy staying over in the great outdoors.

The campground has basic amenities including showers and bathrooms as well as laundry. The camp has free Wi-Fi and is suitable for families and kids.

Reservations are available at the campground according to availability.

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Bozeman Hot Spring Stats:

Getting There

If you are heading in the direction of Big Sky or West Yellowstone, or even coming from the direction of either of those places–the US 191 will get you to the Bozeman Hot Springs.

The facility is actually located along HWY 191, just south of Four Corners. This is also the route to Big Sky Resort, although Bozeman is the nearest town or city.

Bozeman Hot Springs is located on Gallatin Road in Bozeman address-wise, but the facility is around 20 minutes from Bozeman.

It’s actually no real distance on the U.S, 191 and if you take Durston Road for Huffine Lane and follow it to Lower Rainbow Road in Four Corners, you’ll eventually come to the location of the hot springs on your right.

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