Whitefish Mountain Resort

Since 1947, people from all over the United States have visited Whitefish Mountain Resort to enjoy the exclusive snow sports and winter recreation activities. Overlooking the railroad town of Whitefish, the resort has received numerous accolades for its relaxing atmosphere and first-in-class skiing facilities.

A fun fact is that it has ranked consistently high in SKI magazine’s annual survey and is praised by visitors for its good-natured staff, an absence of lift lines, and deep snow (its central peak gets 300+ inches of average snowfall).

You need not go further than Mountain Village for additional enjoyment, located just under 20 miles from Glacier Park International Airport. Here, you can find opportunities for fine dining, a vibrant shopping scene, and other family-oriented activities.

whitefish mountain resort

Whitefish Mountain Resort Stats

  • Highest Elevation: 6817 ft
  • Number of lifts: 14
    • 3 High-speed quad chairlifts
    • 2 quad chair lifts
    • 6 triple chairlifts
    • 2 T-bar lifts
    • 1 carpet conveyor lifts
  • Seasons: winter and summer
  • Number of trails: 105
    • Beginners: 12%
    • Intermediate: 38%
    • Experts: 50%

Ticket and Passes


Are you a huge fan of snow sports like skiing and snowboarding? If yes, to access the skiing and snowboarding facilities at Whitefish Mountain Resort, you will need to buy a lift ticket.

The lift ticket price depends on the rider’s age and the number of days the rider uses the lift. Moreover, the cost of the lift ticket can also vary depending on the location of the drop-off and at what time of the day the lift is used.

Before buying the lift tickets, one should keep the following things in mind:

  • Tickets are available for purchase online until 48 hours before the booking. Prices are bound to change.
  • Tickets for children of the age of six and under are free.
  • A one-day grace period is given to all multi-day ticket holders on the first day of their booking. Night skiing is not included.
  • Multi-day tickets do not include the swing shift.

You can also get up to a 25% discount if you purchase the multi-day ticket in advance. Not only that but you can also avail of a discount on your season pass with the addition of multiple perks.

However, before applying for the discount on your season pass, you must fill out a waiver which can be done online or offline. If you want to learn more about the lift tickets and season passes, you can visit the Whitefish Mountain Resort’s official website to learn more.

Accommodation Options

There are various accommodation facilities available at Whitefish Mountain Resort to make your stay a memorable time. From condominiums to vacation houses, the resort offers the ideal accommodations for you and your loved ones.

Before booking any rooms at Whitefish Mountain Resort, one needs to have complete information about the types of accommodation and the prices attached to them. Planning properly for your winter escape at Whitefish Mountain Resort will help you experience your holidays to their finest.

wooden housing in the snow

If you plan to come to Whitefish Mountain Resort with your family, the vacation house is the ideal lodging. The vacation house has a ski-in/ ski-out feature, which means that the house can be accessed by skiing in and you can leave by skiing out. However, the vacation houses lean towards the expensive side of the price spectrum.

Townhome and condominiums are the best options if you plan to come to Whitehouse Mountain Resort with a small group of people. These housing accommodations offer a variety of rooms, ranging from one to four. The variation in the number of rooms allows the accommodation to go around the price range of $230-$430.


Hotel-style rooms at Whitefish Mountain Resort are perfect for you if you are traveling alone or want to travel on a budget. The price for a single hotel room falls at $230 or under.

The availability of these rooms varies from season to season; therefore, make sure that you book the rooms before you arrive at the resort.

Ski Trail Routes

Offering an impressive 105 trails at different skill levels, you can check out the map of the resort on their official site. This includes the Front Side, North Side, Hellroaring Basin, and Uphill. The map contains a legend showing the difficult levels of each route.

For more specifics, you can e-mail the resort at or call at 877-SKI-FISH or 406-862-2900

Summer Hiking Trail Routes


Whitefish Mountain Resort has ten trail routes for visitors to explore and connect with nature. Each route is given a rating:

Easy: 15 to 45 minutes
Moderate: 45 min to 2 hours
Difficult: More than 2 hours

The ratings help the hikers estimate the time it will take to finish a respective track and decide whether to hike the route or not. Here is a quick rundown of what each trail offers, you can also check out maps of the various trails here.

Arnica Ridge

This 0.6-mile hiking trail to the Jumping Rainbow Pond is very family-friendly in terms of the trail’s terrain. The ease of traveling on this trail and its short distance gives it an “easy” rating.

Hikers can also join in early-season berry picking while taking this route. If a track on this list is suitable for everyone, it’s the Arnica Ridge trail.


Speedwagon is a 1.6-mile track located between Base Lodge and West Village. This track also connects to the Van Hagar biking trail. It’s the perfect “easy”-rated trail you can use for traveling between the locations during your stay at the resort.

Crosstown Traffic/Slow Ride

The crosstown traffic and slow ride trails run parallel across the lower mountain above the Base Lodge area. Each of these trails has an “easy” rating, making it easier for beginners to use this track.

The 1.1-mile hiking trail allows the hikers to feel what it is like to hike across a mountain. This experience enables the hikers to gain the confidence to try out more difficult hiking trails.


This 2.7-mile trail with a “moderate” rating ends at the same location as the Arnica Ridge trail: the Jumping Rainbow Pond. The trail loops around Stoltze’s Knob and connects to Bod Cedar, another track discussed later in this article. The journey is the best fit if you want to track on a trail similar to Arnica Ridge but longer.


Styx is the perfect single track for you if you plan to either hike alone or on a bike across the same landscape shared by “Journey.” The 4-mile trail with a “moderate” rating allows you to enjoy your hike the way you want to.

Bob Cedar

This 2-mile trail with a “moderate” rating is known for its breathtaking views. Lush green trees and the crystal clear creek can make anyone fall head over heels with this region.

East Rim

As the name suggests, this 1-mile trail with a “moderate” rating is located around East Rim Ridge. This track is relatively shorter than the other ones mentioned in the list, but the view is something you should definitely go and check out.

The Glacier National Park and the Flathead Valley offer great sightseeing opportunities that you can view on this trail. If you love nature, then this place is worth the visit.

Flower Point

Flower Point hiking trail is a 2.8-mile track with a “moderate” rating. This route is different from the others because of the flora surrounding the track. The trail will take you through the meadows and the dense forest.

In the end, it will reward you with a beautiful view of Glacier National Park.

Danny on Trail

The most popular trail route at Whitefish Mountain Resort is ‘Danny on Trail’. This 3.8-mile route with a “difficult” rating stretches across the Flathead National Park. This track is ideal for individuals who love to explore and are looking for an adventure of a lifetime.

Danny on Flower Point Loop

This 5.6-mile track with a “difficult” rating is an extension of the flower point trail previously mentioned.



The resort is jam-packed with skiing and snowboarding tournaments from December to April. Most of these tournaments have low fees and cater to beginners. If you want to give winter sports a shot or enjoy watching live sports, then you can’t miss the events we talk about next.

Tommy Moe Kids League

The Tommy Moe Kids League is an all-beginner alpine race competition for kids aged 5-12. It’s divided into four events, each event testing a different format. Each league event will take place on Sunday, stretching the whole duration of the league to four weeks.

Wednesday Skimo League

Four weeks of excitement-packed ski mountaineering races return on January 5! The league is set up in a low-stakes, toned-down racing environment and is all about having fun. The racing format will allow racers to skin up a marked course and ski down.

Biggie Banks

It is the resort’s beginner-level banked slalom race series. It’s specifically engineered to cater to a diverse set of ages and racing abilities. Biggie Banks is scheduled three times this year between January and March, with each race lasting from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. Each event is promised to leave all racers wanting more!

Whitefish Whiteout

Whitefish Whiteout will take participants on an exciting route up and down permitted mountain areas in a thrilling ski mountaineering race. Racers will be required to traverse multiple terrains and descend to various checkpoints and transitions. The race includes four courses with varying lengths and difficulties to test racers of all skillsets.

Nate Chute Boardercross

Back for its twenty-third annual run, Nate Chute is the second oldest running snowboard banked slalom in the United States and the third-longest in North America. It’s a two-day event starting from March 20.

Day 1: Banked Slalom

This event is for picking the best time wins and seed racers for the grand event on Day 2. Each rider will take two timed runs in the hand-built jumps and rollers in the woods of lower Whitetail and Silvertip.

Day 2: Border Cross

One hundred and twenty-five riders will face each other for first place and tons of cool trophies at Goat Haunt’s iconic course.

Dummy Derby and Brewfest:

Wrapping up the events with a bit of fun, the annual Dummy Derby returns on April 2 and involves a demolition derby with skis through non-hazardous fireworks. It’s been tested rigorously for safety and is a spectacle to behold for all involved. The winner will walk away with a $400 cash prize to top it all.

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