The 7 Best Biking Tours in Montana

Vanessa Locampo
Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

Biking is one of Montana’s favorite pastimes. With such spectacular landscapes and untouched rural spaces, from the valleys to the alpine mountains, there’s no better place on earth to get in the bike saddle!

While plenty of riders enjoy exploring Montana’s best bike trails on their own, you can also sign yourself up for an inclusive biking tour. There is no shortage of options when finding the best biking tours in Montana!

These tours take participants to some of Montana’s most popular landmarks and through the wilderness, the state is known for. Most tours cover hundreds of miles and also incorporate other activities, like hiking and boat tours, plus they also include rest days to give you the rejuvenation you deserve!

There are tours for every skill level, lasting from one day to 15 days, happening all over Montana. Here are the best biking tours in Montana that you’ll definitely want to join!

Best Biking Tours in Montana

  1. Glacier National Park Bike Tour
  2. Montana’s Lewis & Clark Country Bike Tour
  3. Glacier National Park and Waterton National Park
  4. Ride Around the Pioneers in One Day
  5. Portland to Missoula Bike Tour
  6. North American Epic Fifth Section
  7. Elevation Elation

glacier national park bike tour

1. Glacier National Park Bike Tour

Seeing Glacier National Park is a must when visiting Montana. The only thing better than seeing the park is seeing it by bike! Trek Travel runs a tour that takes riders into the heart of the park and allows them to explore all of the coolest landmarks.

As part of this tour, you’ll ride the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road, which is renowned for its stunning views. You’ll also have the chance to hike the Highline or Hidden Lake Trail, take a boat ride and hike to Grinnell Lake, and have a picnic by the shore of Two Medicine Lake.

The tour includes a few days in the town of Whitefish, where you’ll have a chance to ride through the Flathead Valley and listen to a talk on the history and customs of the Blackfeet Nation, given by tribal elders.

2. Montana’s Lewis & Clark Country Bike Tour

montana lewis aand clark country bike tour

The Lewis and Clark Expedition marks a vital point in Montana’s history. If you’re a history enthusiast or simply want to learn more about the heritage of Montana, the Lewis & Clark Country Bike Tour could be for you.

Appropriate for intermediate riders, the tour lasts for six days and features between 50 and 70 miles of distance traveled per day. You will pass the Continental Divide, visit the headwaters of the Missouri River, and ride the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway. Along the way, you’ll stay in comfortable lodges and enjoy some included meals.

In addition to cycling on this tour, you’ll get the chance to get in hiking and visit historic ghost towns and hot springs.

3. Glacier National Park and Waterton National Park

One of the best things about visiting Glacier National Park is that it’s so close to Canada’s picturesque Waterton National Park, and this tour run by USA Bike Tours allows you to see both from the comfort of your bike saddle.

No matter your level of experience or ability, this tour can accommodate all riders as it showcases the wonders of some of the world’s most scenic national parks.

This tour follows a flexible travel style, where participants are free to ride as much or as little as they want during the tour, which lasts for six days. In addition to cycling, the tour offers rare opportunities to hike mountain summits.

There will also be the chance for fishing and kayaking, and of course, the tour will take riders along the famed Going-to-the-Sun Road. The tour starts and ends in Whitefish, and includes a luggage shuttle to transport your belongings so you’ll be carrying as little as possible while you ride.

4. Ride Around the Pioneers in One Day

ride around the pioneers in one day

Technically a charity ride rather than a tour, the Ride Around the Pioneers in One Day (RATPOD) takes place over the course of a single day and offers riders three route options. The standard route extends for 127 miles, however, you can also opt for the 62-mile partial gravel ride, as well as the virtual RATPOD Unlimited.

The ride is set against the Big Hole Valley in southwestern Montana and leaves from Dillon. Your views will include sparkling rivers that meander through the valley and three rugged mountain ranges where cars are seldom heard or seen.

Participants will depart from the University of Montana Western campus, which will also host some fun events after the ride is complete. Be sure to stick around for music and dinner afterward!

The ride is organized by Camp Mak-A-Dream and strives to empower cancer survivors and their families.

5. Portland to Missoula Bike Tour

portland to missoula bike tour

Departing from Portland, Oregon, this tour operated by Trek Travel offers the best views of the Pacific Northwest, the Rocky Mountains, and Big Sky Country.

Over nine days, this tour covers 650 miles. You’ll complete an average of 71 miles per day, with some days consisting of over 90 miles of distance, in addition to 4,100 feet of ascension.

The tour opens with a ride through the Columbia River Gorge and continues along the Lewis and Clark Highway. You’ll ride side by side with the tranquil Clearwater River before coming into the Rockies.

To guarantee great weather, the tour is scheduled for June.

6. North American Epic Fifth Section

Operated by USA Bike Tours, the North American Epic Fifth Section gives riders 15 days of blissful, rewarding riding through some of the most beautiful areas of the state.

Included in this itinerary, during which riders will complete a total of 864 miles, are the headwaters of the Missouri River and Yellowstone National Park.

The tour leaves from Helena and ends in the red rocks of Moab, Utah. It’s best suited to riders with a moderate level of experience, as the daily distance covered will be between 50 to 62 miles.

Along the way, tour participants will camp or be provided with full boarding, and there will be a luggage transfer service. Bicycles are not included in this tour.

From Helena, the tour will pass the Missouri River headwaters and continue up the Gallatin River Canyon before heading to West Yellowstone. Riders will have the choice of cycling into Yellowstone National Park or taking a guided tour, before continuing on to Idaho.

Given the duration and exertion required on this tour, the itinerary also gives participants a chance to relax with rest days scheduled in between riding days.

7. Elevation Elation

elevation elation

Hosted by BRNW (Bicycle Rides North West), this tour takes you along the iconic Beartooth Pass, which has been labeled “America’s most beautiful road” (for good reason!).

The name of the tour has been inspired by the unrivaled feelings that riders will experience as they take in views on their way up and down the renowned stretch of road.

Overall, this tour covers 378 miles over a week, with total elevation gains of 22,754 feet (hence the name!). It begins in Columbus before moving on to Red Lodge. Then the tour travels to Cooke City, the town with the highest elevation in Montana, per Billings Gazette.

Participants will have a chance to explore the local landmarks in the charming mountain destination before moving on to Cody, WY,  and then to Belfry before heading back to Columbus.

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