The Missoula Marathon

Mark Barnett
Last Updated: February 15th, 2023

June in Missoula brings the opportunity to take part in a top event for a worthy local cause. The Missoula Marathon is one of the region’s biggest events and anyone joining the fun can see the massive community support behind it.

The marathon has been named one of America’s best races by Runner’s World along with a few other notable publications. The event generates a hugely positive buzz in the local community, which includes charitable fund-raising.

Guide to The Missoula Marathon

missoula marathon
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When Was the Event First Established?

event first established
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The Missoula Marathon came together through the efforts of a group of local running enthusiasts known as Run Wild Missoula.

The group had the idea of showcasing the unique, natural beauty of the area to runners from far and wide through a marathon event, and the next event in 2023 will see the annual marathon in its 17th year of operation

Today with a membership of more than 1,600, the non-profit Run Wild Missoula puts on around 15 races every year as well as offering training sessions, group runs, and various social occasions to local enthusiasts.

What Kind of Courses Does the Event Feature?

course does the event feature
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The Missoula Marathon is known as being relatively flat throughout, despite the hill at about the halfway point. The course is point-to-point and USATF-certified.

The route starts out on scenic rural territory and ends up in historic downtown Missoula, and is well-marked by 8-foot tall mile markers.

Aside from the actual marathon, there are also other options such as the half-marathon, a kids’ run, and a 5k run.

Registration and Fees for the Event

You can register for the marathon HERE as well as for the other events.

The Venue for the Event

venue for the event
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The scenic roads and surrounding mountains of Missoula! Frenchtown is the location for the early-start marathon which sets out from the TrailWest Bank on Beckwith Street. You can view the entire course map HERE.


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