Symphony Under the Stars, Helena

Mark Barnett
Last Updated: February 15th, 2023

Symphony under the Stars in Helena is a free outdoor concert featuring the sounds of the Helena Symphony. The orchestra comes together to put on an outstanding performance on the hill at Carroll College every year.

Crowds of 18,000 attendees are a regular sight at this event, and the last concert in 2022 saw the orchestra bring the sounds of Billy Joel and Elton John to the grounds of Carroll College.

Amazing sounds in the great outdoors paired with food, drink, and an impressive fireworks display is what makes Symphony Under the Stars an unforgettable experience.

Guide to Symphony Under the Stars

event first established

When was the Event First Established?

Symphony Under the Stars is a Helena tradition that began in 2004 featuring the Helena Symphony, which is the longest-running, year-round performing arts organization in Helena.

What Kind of Music is Featured?

music is featured

The music doesn’t kick off until sundown, although many attendees like to make a full day out of the event. This is usually evident by mid-morning when people are already bringing their blankets to stake their space for the evening.

This is by no means a formal event and the music covered is often classical renditions of modern hits. Indeed this highly-anticipated event is so popular for the fact that different musical themes are explored by the orchestra at each annual performance.

Whether it be movie themes or a walk through some other popular sounds like 2022’s focus on the work of Billy Joel and Elton John, there are always likely to be more than a few well-known favorites in the program.

The artistic director, conductor, and everyone else involved in the show works tirelessly to put on an enjoyable and engaging show to ensure each year’s performance brings a new and unforgettable experience.

The Venue for the Event

venue for the event

Helena’s esteemed Carroll College is the venue for this annual event.


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