Beyond the Big Sky, Helena

Mark Barnett
Last Updated: February 15th, 2023

The Montana Learning Center is the venue for this annual star-gazing event in Helena. The center’s state-of-the-art astronomical facility allows participants to view the wonders of the universe in the night sky through Montana’s largest telescope.

Every summer the MLC puts on this public stargazing event at its campus along the banks of Canyon Ferry Lake, with the observatories being opened to the public at sunset for one evening a month between June and August.

Beyond the Big Sky in Helena is an event that lets you marvel at the stars all while providing education to those attending.

Guide to Beyond The Big Sky in Helena

universe in the night sky
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What Kind of Activities and Events is Featured?

The evening typically kicks off with a presentation from an astronomy professor before guests get the opportunity to look through one of the telescopes following the pointers given in the talk.

The 7:30pm Big Sky Observatory tour is a great experience and a senior guide presents the show while her colleagues tend to the impressive-looking telescopes.

The show is generally reported as informative and entertaining, with plenty of obvious enthusiasm for space, stars, and astronomy coming from the team throughout.

Guests can take part in a special sun viewing which provides the opportunity to directly observe the sun through the center’s special solar telescope. Sometimes it is possible to witness solar flares as well as the turbulent surface of the sun.

Other aspects of the viewing experience may include sightings of nebulae and galaxies outside of this one, the night sky is crystal clear for anyone joining in on the viewing..

Entry Fees and Tickets for the Event

activities and events are featured

Each event has limited attendance which makes advance ticket purchases necessary.  The links on the center’s website can be used to select and register for the attendance date required.

Tickets are typically in the region of $15 per person, per event, and are available for attendees aged 10 years old and above.

The Venue for the Event


The Montana Learning Center at Canyon Ferry Lake


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