Lost Trail Hot Springs, Montana

Lost Trail Hot Springs is an oasis of relaxation located in the south end of Bitterroot Valley, Sula. For three decades, it has been a pitstop for vacationers, travelers, RVers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts seeking to conquer the Continental Divide at Gibbons Pass.

Initially known as Gallogly Hot Springs, Lost Trail Hot Springs served as a resting spot for Native Americans crossing the Continental Divide.

The demanding climb rose 2000 feet in three miles and took a toll on even the fittest of men. People chose to relax at the hot springs before embarking on the arduous trek.

The springs owe their existence to James Gallogly, a forest ranger who dedicated most of his time working on the facility. After his death, the springs re-opened under a new name and management.

Today, this year-round hot spring sits at the base of Lost Trail Pass in the scenic Bitterroot Mountains. It’s an ideal soaking destination for anyone exploring Treasure State’s skiing trails.

Lost Trail Hot Springs Facilities

Lost Trail Hot Springs houses an indoor hot tub, an outdoor plunge, ten cabins, an RV park, a dry sauna, a lodge, and a motel.

The 20’ x 70’ outdoor plunge is maintained at an average temperature of 93 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 95 degrees in the winter. Its depth is 9 ft, but changes to 10 ft as the plunge transforms into a wading pool. Natural, mineral waters bubble up the pool at 107 degrees.

A dome covers the pool during cold months to maintain the required temperatures. The outdoor pool’s mild temperatures suit children, the elderly, and anyone affected by high temperatures.

lost trail
Image: Andrew Hall

Lost Trail Hot Springs: Outdoor Pool

The indoor hot tub is kept at 103 and 105 degrees during summers and winters. Up to 8 people can sit in the hot tab at a go. More relaxing sessions can be found in the dry sauna.

Swimsuits and towels are available for rent, but you can bring yours. You can also bring pool toys, soda, and snacks to the pool. However, pets are banned from the pool area.

Lifeguards are unavailable at Lost Trails, meaning parents must carefully supervise their kids while soaking.

Lost Trail Springs has ten cabins, two being jacuzzi cabins. Some of the cabins allow pets, while others don’t.

Generally, each cabin contains:

Beds – King size, Queen size, or Double beds

  • Microwave
  • Small refrigerator
  • Bath – full bath or 3/4
  • Dining area
  • Screened porch

The number of occupants varies depending on the size of each cabin.

More lodging options are in the Meriwether Lewis and Sacajawea Lodges.

The Sacajawea Lodge features four condo units with a loft as an additional room. Up to 42 guests can sleep in this lodge.

Meriwether Lewis Lodges have motel-style rooms and can sleep 2 or 3. Each room features:

  • Queen size beds
  • A private bathroom
  • 2 flights of steps

You’ll find RV hookup spaces and a tent area in the RV park campground. Expect power services (30 amp or 20 amp), water services, and septic hookups.

Lost Trail’s tent camping area is approximately 250 yards from the main lodge. The area has an alcove with spring water.

The onsite restaurant at Lost Trail Hot Springs is currently closed. Seasonal closures happen during spring and fall.

The Traveling Wood Fired Pizza Wagon serves Neapolitan pizza during the warmer months. This traditional pizza is made from San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, and Neapolitan pizza dough.

lost trail hot springs, montana
Image: losttrailhotsprings

Lost Trail Hot Springs Stats

  • Size:  20′ x 70′
  • Depth: 9-10 ft
  • Average Temperature:
    • Summer – 93 degrees
    • winter – 95 degrees
  • Season: Year-round
  • Price: Adults – $9.25, Seniors (60 plus) – $7.25, Children (3-13) – $7.25, Toddlers (1-2) – $3.25
  • Website:
  • Nearest town: Sula

Getting There

Lost Trail Hot Springs sits south of Sula, at the south end of Bitterroot Valley.

From Sula

  • Starting at Sula, take US 93 and drive for approximately 6 miles. Take the right turn onto Lost Trail Hot Springs Road. The springs should be 1/4 miles away from this turn.
  • Sula is approximately 6.5 miles away from Lost Trail Hot Springs. It should take about 8 minutes to cover this distance by car.

From Missoula

  • From Missoula, take US 93 S and drive for 88 miles. Turn right on Lost Trail Hot Springs Road and go for 1/4 a mile to the Hot Springs.
  • The distance between Missoula and Lost Trail Hot Springs is approximately 88 miles. Driving from Missoula to Lost Trail should take about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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