Big Medicine Hot Springs, Montana

Big Medicine Hot Springs is a quaint and small hot spring located in the geothermal city Hot Springs, Montana.  An unpretentious experience, Big Medicine Hot Springs offers simple facilities surrounded by excellent views of nature.

It’s the perfect place for those who want a step up from undeveloped hot springs that may require a bit of a hike but also want to avoid the noise and flashiness of bigger developed hot springs.

A more remote experience, you won’t have to worry about the springs overcrowding and you’ll always have a chance for quiet relaxation. At an affordable price, Big Medicine Hot Springs is a great choice for those who wish for a quieter and more simple experience.



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Big Medicine Hot Springs Facilities

With only one partially covered full-sized pool near nature, you can expect a more intimate and cozy experience at Big Medicine Hot Springs.

Because it’s a more rural area and less well known, you can expect the pool to be less crowded than most hot springs, however, do be aware that the area can be more crowded during the summer.

As a no-frills facility, there also aren’t any large locker rooms or indoor pools, but there is a small changing booth with a toilet on the facility. If you have children who can’t swim, you’re also in luck because there is a very small hot tub-sized pool near the main pool.

Big Medicine Hot Springs does not offer any food on-site so plan to pack your own food when visiting. There is a small picnic table nearby the pool, however, so you won’t have to worry about finding somewhere to sit down and eat.

Clothing is also not optional so plan on bringing your favorite bathing suit before you take a dip here. If you plan on staying in the area, there are affordable small cabins at the facility.

RV and tent camping is also available. Overall, you can expect a rustic yet relaxing experience at Big Medicine Hot Springs.

Hot Springs Facts

  • The springs have a small pool, about 6 foot by 15 foot wide
  • The pool is a shallower one, about 3 ft deep
  • There is also a small hot tub-sized pool about 2 ft deep.
  • The pool has an average temperature of around 100°F
  • The springs are open during the day and are accessible any time of the year
  • Admission is about $5 dollars and the springs use an honor system where you put cash into a payment box
  • The nearest town is Missoula

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Getting There

Big Medicine Hot Springs offers no hiking or bike trails, you simply drive to the springs. It is about 75 miles from Missoula.

It’s not too long of a trip, as it takes about an hour and twenty minutes to get there from Missoula. Because the springs are in a more remote area, it’s recommended to get any shopping done in Missoula first.

Luckily, as a larger city in Montana with plenty of options, it is easy to find grocery stores to shop at there. Don’t forget to bring extra clothes and potentially a tent if you plan on staying overnight. Once you’re stocked up on food and have packed your bathing suit you should be good to go!

From Missoula, Montana ​you’ll want to head up with your car onto MT-200 W to State Hwy 382 in Sanders County. Continue on State Hwy 382. Drive to E N Rd/North Rd and you should eventually see a sign for Big Medicine Hot Springs.

There should be signs directing you to both the springs and camping. Once you’ve parked and are settled in, simply drop off money in the money box and enjoy the peaceful hot springs where you’ll be surrounded by nature!

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