Alameda Hot Springs, Montana

Alameda Hot Springs offers a vintage and relaxed experience at a 1930s spa motel in Hot Springs, Montana.

The motel offers a truly private experience, with all geothermal tubs being private and tranquil since they are all located within the suites. The suites themselves are spacious, with many offering kitchens and wide sofas to sit on.

You also won’t have to worry about breaking the budget, as rooms are more than affordable and comfortable. With warm temperatures and spacious suites, Alameda Hot Springs offers the perfect experience for travelers who want to relax in peace and solitude without breaking the bank.

Hot Springs Facilities

Alameda Hot Springs is a bit different from other hot springs in that you can’t just come in and take a dip in a public pool. You’ll have to reserve one of the rooms for an overnight stay if you wish to experience the geothermal pools here. The pools are also smaller and tub-sized rather than large ones you can swim around in.

However, this also allows for a more relaxed experience as you’ll truly get to focus on warming up in the springs, especially since all pools are private. It’s a truly quiet and personalized experience at this motel.

You can prepare a meal in the suite’s kitchen then take a dip in the tub right outside. For those who would still like to enjoy a full-sized pool, there are plenty of springs with public large pools nearby at affordable prices.

When it comes to what to bring, you’ll want to plan on bringing a bathing suit as the springs are not clothing optional. The facility also has a wonderful garden of green grass, apple, and plum trees that guests can enjoy, but we recommend still bringing your own food as the facility does not offer any full-sized meals.

Luckily with suites that have kitchens and a gas barbecue grill on-site, cooking is far from stressful here. Peak times are typically summer, so consider visiting in the spring or fall to avoid the crowds.

You can even visit in the winter if you’re willing to embrace the cold, and there’s skiing close by in Big Sky, Montana.

Hot Springs Facts

  • The springs have four outdoor hot tubs
  • The hot tubs are about 110-120°F and the temperatures can be adjusted
  • The cost to stay is around $70 to $90 depending on the suite you reserve
  • The nearest town is Kalispell, Montana


Getting There

It’s best to get to Alameda Hot Springs by car. The drive is sixty-four miles, making it about an hour and eight minutes from Kalispell, so it’s not too bad of a drive. From Kalispell, hop on US 93 South. After driving 34 miles, head onto Mount Highway 28 West.

Continue on for about 11 miles, until you reach Highway 77 where you’ll turn right. Drive on Broadway Avenue then turn right onto Spring Street. You should see the sign for the motel.

If you’re heading from Missoula instead, the drive is also not too difficult. It’s about 77 miles of drive and should take you an hour and eighteen minutes. You’ll want to get on I-90 heading west, then you’ll take exit 96 to merge onto MT-200 West towards Kalispell.

Then you’ll get on State Highway 382, turn right onto Mount Highway 28 E, turn left onto Highway 77, then finally continue onto Broadway Avenue where you’ll turn right onto Spring Street. You should then reach your destination.

There should be parking available and you’ll be able to check-in at the front desk. Overall, it’s not too bad of a journey and you’ll be able to quickly enjoy a night of relaxation at the motel here!

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