Yellowstone Hot Springs, Montana

What’s the go-to soaking spot in your Big Sky Country adventure? Several candidates stake a claim, but none might rival Yellowstone Hot Springs.

Located at the South End of Paradise Valley, Yellowstone Hot Springs is only eight miles from the North entrance of the Yellowstone Park. Yellowstone Hot Springs is all about a unique soaking experience and panoramic views. Scenic mountains, soothing mineral waters, the majestic Yellowstone River, and friendly staff await you.

Start by exploring the wildness of Gardiner town before relieving your muscles in the hot springs. The Northern Range has lots to offer to backpackers and family vacationers. Hit the River Picnic Area Trail, and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful views and dramatic geological formations.

Afterward, do your aching body some favor by taking a relaxing dip at Yellowstone Hot Springs.

Hot Springs

Yellowstone Hot Springs Facilities

Yellowstone Hot Springs is home to three flow-through pools, the main pool, hot plunge, and cold plunge.

The main basking spot is a 3,750-square-foot pool with an average temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Its depth is approximately 3 1/2 ft, and it comes with sitting ledges. The hot plunge carries steaming waters at 104 degrees, while the cold plunge’s temperature ranges from 60 to 65 ˚F.

Another feature in Yellowstone Hot Springs is the Kneipp Walk. This is a shallow pool that has interchangeable hot and cold water. It’s believed that the changing temperature helps improve blood circulation.

The hot spring’s waters flow from the LaDuke Hot Springs. Sanitation isn’t a challenge since this facility is a flow-through spring. Still, the plunges are scrubbed thrice in a week.

Lounge chairs are plenty on the surround, while a cabana provides the needed shade during sweltering days. The grounds are well manicured and catered for. Baby changing stations, restrooms, and showers are also available.

Yellowstone Hot Springs is a family-friendly place, and as such, clothing isn’t optional. Revealing swimwear and similar clothing aren’t prohibited but shouldn’t go overboard.

Pool toys and glass containers are banned from the pool area. However, you can bring along waist floats if you have children. Pets, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products aren’t allowed in this facility.

The pools get crowded in the evenings and on weekends when kids and family join in the fun. Avoid the crowds by visiting Yellowstone Hot Springs on weekdays during the morning hours.

Reservations aren’t necessary. You can walk in, soak, and unwind anytime the facility is operational. Fees cover the entire day, so feel free to explore Yellowstone Park and then return to the springs for some evening relaxation.

Food, Drinks, and Accommodation

Yellowstone Hot Springs does not have a restaurant. That said, you won’t starve. The Reception Area serves snacks, cold drinks, ice cream, hot drinks, and microwave food.

Rental campsites and cabins are available on the nearby Yellowstone Destinations.

yellowstone hot springs facilities
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Yellowstone Hot Springs Stats

  • Size: 3,750 square feet
  • Depth: 3 1/2 ft
  • Average Temperature: 102 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Season: Year-round (Wednesday-Sunday, 9 am – 9 pm)
  • Price: Adults (13+)-$15, Veterans-$12, Kids (4-12)-$8
  • Website:
  • Nearest town: Gardiner
  • Address: 24 E Gate Rd Gardiner, MT 59030

Getting There

Yellowstone Hot Springs sits on the bank of Yellowstone River, north of Gardiner, MT.

Departing from Gardiner, head 7 miles on 89S. From there, take a left turn to Cinnabar Basin Road. Continue driving, then turn right onto East Gate Road before the river. Follow East Gate Road till you see Yellowstone Hot Springs on your left.

The entire route from Gardiner to the hot springs is about 8 miles and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes by car.

Departing from Bozeman, take 90E for 23 miles. Take the Livingstone exit 333: 89 South, then make a left turn to 89S. Drive for 45 miles on 89S, then turn right to Cinnabar Basin Road. Later, make a right turn onto East Gate Road. Head straight until you see Yellowstone Hot Springs on your left.

The distance from Bozeman to Yellowstone Hot Springs is approximately 70 miles and shouldn’t take more than one and a half hours by car.

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