Elkhorn Hot Springs, Montana

Originally owned by the forest service during an attempt to create a national park in the area, the Elkhorn Hot Springs began development in 1905.

The resort opened with a horse stable and several cabins (the original cabins are still available for rent!) and eventually expanded with the addition of the lodge in the 1920s and more cabins.

The pools for enjoying the hot springs at this intimate resort were built in 1918 and remain today. They can be accessed by both visitors to the park for the day and guests staying overnight at the resort.

Nearby attractions that guests often enjoy include the Maverick Mountain Ski area, over 200 miles of snowmobiling, horseback riding and hiking trails, nearby fishing, and cross country skiing areas.

Elkhorn Hot Spring Facilities and Amenities

elkhorn hot spring facilities
Image: Jack Crossen

Patrons of Elkhorn Hot Springs would likely describe the cozy, natural vibe at the resort as “rustic” and perhaps even wild. The hot springs provide a clothing-required offering of two outdoor pools and an indoor wet sauna.

Self-described by the owners as a “primitive” site, the natural backdrop, rejuvenating waters, pet-friendly lodgings, and homemade country-style dining at the Elkhorn Hot Springs Resort are a welcome venue for guests.

The natural, rustic atmosphere pulls you away from the modern world and provides a relaxing, comfortable place for relaxation, restoration, and peace.

Enjoy breakfast (included for guests), lunch, or dinner at the resort with menu choices such as pizza, biscuits and gravy, hamburgers, soups, and more – plus a full bar for cocktails, beer, and other libations, with live music on the regular.

Guests may stay in the lodge in either single or double bedrooms or in various primitive, rustic, or modern cabins. The modern cabins provide the full amenities with indoor plumbing, while the primitive and rustic cabins share a bathhouse as you’d find at campgrounds.

The cabins also have electricity and wood-burning stoves (complete with woodpile).

There is Wi-Fi but no cell service on-site, making the resort the perfect get-away for those so often on-the-clock, even while away.

The hot springs themselves may be enjoyed via three pools. The larger outdoor pool reaches 100°, while the smaller pool reaches 105° Fahrenheit. Indoors, you’ll find the wet sauna heated by the natural hot springs, with temperatures reaching 106° Fahrenheit for a steamy, relaxing afternoon.

If you prefer winter sports such as snowmobiling and cross-country skiing, your best times to visit Elkhorn Hot Springs Resort are between January and March.

However, most locals recommend hitting up the springs between July and August for the best weather possible for summer activities.

Elkhorn Hot Spring Stats

elkhorn hot spring stats
Image: elkhornhotsprings

Elkhorn Hot Springs offers a variety of activities and amenities, from beautiful cabins or rooms in the lodge to a hot soak in the hot springs (indoors or outdoors), hiking trail access, and easy access to multiple nearby activities such as snowmobiling, fishing, and skiing.

  • Outdoor hot spring pools temperatures: 85 to 102 F
  • Indoor wet sauna temperatures: 104 to 106 F
  • Season: Year-Round
  • Hot spring tickets: $10 for adults, $7 for kids
  • Group discounts available
  • Towels: $1 (Free for guests)
  • Price per night: Price per night: $35 for single rooms in a lodge to $150 for two people in a modern cabin
  • Website:
  • Nearest town: Polaris, MT
  • Nearest larger town: Dillon, MT

Getting There

There are several ways to get to Elkhorn Hot Springs Resort via car.

Coming from Dillon, one of the largest towns within easy driving distance (about 40 miles away), take I-15 BL S/S Atlantic St toward Idaho Falls.

Follow for 2.4 miles until you come to Exit 59 for MT-278 toward Jackson/Wisdom. Take Exit 59 W and follow for 25 miles until you come to the Pioneer Mountains Scenic By-Way. Take a right onto the by-way, follow for 12.8 miles, and turn left at the Elkhorn Hot Springs Resort.

From Butte, Montana, approximately 105 miles away, take I-15 S for 61 miles until you reach Exit 59 for MT-278 toward Jackson/Wisdom. Follow for 25 miles until you come to the Pioneer Mountains Scenic By-Way and turn right onto the by-way. Follow the by-way for 12.8 miles, then turn left at the resort.

You may easily reach Elkhorn Hot Springs from Yellowstone via 287 and I-15, Idaho Falls via I-15, or Bozeman via I-90. All are within 3.5 hours or less of the hot springs, making the resort an excellent option for a well-rounded visit to the area.

The resort is accessible year-round but call ahead to the resort in times of heavy snowfall to check that the roads are clear.

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