The 6 Best Bed and Breakfasts in Deer Lodge, Montana

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Last Updated: February 27th, 2023

Founded in 1862, Deer Lodge is one of the longest inhabited areas in Montana and is even older than the state itself, which wasn’t officially established until 1889.

Yet, despite its long-running habitation, Deer Lodge remains a hidden gem of South Western Montana and boasts a relatively small population that amounts to less than 3,000 year-round residents.

Unlike other regions founded during the Montana Gold Rush, the area surrounding Deer Lodge was settled thanks to their pristine fields, ideal for raising cattle. And Deer Lodge was uniquely located to serve as the center of the industry.

When Powell County was officially established in 1901, Deer Lodge was the obvious choice for the county seat, a title it has held for over a century.

Despite its minute size, Deer Lodge is a popular destination for tourists seeking the experience of Montana’s traditional ranching communities while visiting a region otherwise dominated by the mining industry.

And while popular mining cities are located nearby and boast a wide selection of local and chain hotels, Deer Lodge maintains its small-town identity and features an infrastructure much less developed for tourism than its larger neighbors, Helena and Butte.

Luckily, this has only further preserved the community’s traditional appeals. Although accommodation in the community is limited, Deer Lodge does offer a small selection of hotels for visitors, with its locally owned bed and breakfasts being the best way to experience the small town’s hospitality.

From a homely stay in a historic building to a luxurious B&B experience in the nearby Anaconda, these are the six best bed and breakfasts in Deer Lodge, MT.

The 6 Best Bed and Breakfasts in Deer Lodge

  1. The Vonnie Louise Inn
  2. Hickory House Inn
  3. Western Big Sky Inn
  4. Toad Hall Manor Bed and Breakfast
  5. The Copper King Mansion
  6. Americas Best Value Inn Butte – Rocker Inn
vonnie louise inn
Image: Vonnie Louise Inn

1. The Vonnie Louise Inn

Built in 1892, The Vonnie Louise Inn is a historic bed and breakfast in the heart of Deer Lodge that transports visitors back to the earliest years of Montana’s ranching communities.

Originally designed as the family home for the very prominent Zosel family, the house was sold in 1939 and was passed from owner to owner for nearly 60 years.

Then, in 1997, the house was repurchased by a descendant of the Zosel Family, who committed to restoring the building to its original floor plan for the following two decades.

And while the new owner’s goal was to restore the home with authenticity, it did not stop them from bringing the building into modernity by adding additional luxury amenities. All while preserving the historical integrity of the house itself.

Finally, in 2020 the building’s restoration was completed, and the King-Chavez Family purchased the building. The new owners converted the home into a historic bed and breakfast named after the daughter and wife of the man that had initially called the house home.

Today, the Vonnie Louise Inn welcomes guests to partake in the same familiar comforts enjoyed by the house’s original inhabitants— a quaint two-story building with four personalized rooms upstairs and communal family quarters downstairs.

Each of the Inn’s four guest rooms features mini-fridges, coffee stations, microwaves, ac control, and TVs. In the morning, all guests at the Inn are invited to enjoy a continental breakfast downstairs before venturing into the historic town.

With nightly rates starting at $110 per night, the Vonnie Louise Inn offers guests a selection of rooms with two double queen beds, a full bed, or a queen-sized bed. However, for $125 per night, the hotel offers its premium suite option for guests that require a more spacious stay.

With such high demand and limited availability, visitors should contact the Inn to book their accommodation in advance.

2. Hickory House Inn

hickory house inn

Located only 21 miles southwest of Deer Lodge in the nearby community of Anaconda, the Hickory House Inn is yet another charming bed and breakfast operating out of a historic turn of the 20th-century building.

Constructed in 1902, the Hickory House originally served as the rectory for Saint Paul’s Parish until the church was destroyed in 1982.

In 2005, the building was converted into the now famous Hickory House Inn and offers its quaint bed and breakfast experience in a selection of 5 unique and beautifully designed rooms.

The Hickory House’s nightly rates begin at $157 per night for its Janie J Suite and its Sister’s Gilmary Suite. Also available at the hotel are the Montana Suite, Garden Suite, and the Pintler Suite, all available with varying nightly rates.

While each of the hotel’s rooms offers its own unique charms, all guests at the Hickory House Inn share the same overall experience.

Every morning starts with a full breakfast served in the dining area at 8:30, which can be enjoyed with a coffee on the hotel’s patio, in the garden, or by a fire in one of the house’s sitting rooms.

No matter what season you are visiting, the Hickory House Inn provides family-friendly comfort and friendly hospitably guaranteed to make your stay in Powell County a trip to remember.

3. Western Big Sky Inn

western big sky inn

One of the few hotels located directly in Deer Lodge, the Western Big Sky Inn offers guests a charming bed and breakfast experience in a selection of 20 fully serviced and budget-friendly rooms.

Within walking distance of popular restaurants and services, including the Broken Arrow Steakhouse and Casino, the Western Big Sky Inn is conveniently situated for guests to access such popular attractions as Rock Creek Lake and the Grant-Kohrs Historic Site.

Guests begin each morning with a continental breakfast served in the lobby. The morning meal typically consists of eggs, waffles, danishes, muffins, granola bars, fruit and yogurt, and coffee.

The hotel offers five varieties of rooms, all serviced with basic comfort amenities that include complimentary high-speed internet, a fridge, microwave, cable tv, a coffee maker, and private balconies.

Nightly rates at the Western Big Sky Inn start as low as $50 per night for the hotel’s single queen room. For an additional $5 per night, guests can receive a slightly more spacious accommodation in the hotel’s Single King Room.

Visitors requiring two beds throughout their stay can book a Double Queen Room for $60 per night, while visitors traveling with their four-legged companion can book the Double Queen Pet-Friendly Room for $70 per night.

With limited accommodation options available in Deer Lodge, be sure to book your room at the Western Big Sky Inn in advance.

4. Toad Hall Manor Bed and Breakfast

toad hall manor

If a big city stay is more your speed, booking a room at the Toad Hall Manor Bed and Breakfast is an absolute must.

Located in Butte and only 40 miles from Deer Lodge, the Toad Hall Manor is conveniently located to provide guests access to all of the city’s top attractions and services while remaining only a short drive from the traditional ranching community.

Inspired by the classic children’s story, The Wind in the Willows, the Toad Hall Manor provides guests with an accommodation that genuinely seems as if it is straight from a storybook.

The hotel’s selection of four rooms is each uniquely designed and based on characters from the popular children’s tale. Guests can stay in either Sir Badger’s Suit, Captain Ratty’s Retreat, Papa Otter’s Palace, or Mr. Mole’s Hideaway. Each is as quaint and charming as the next.

In the morning, guests will meet in the communal dining room, where they will enjoy Butte’s best gourmet dining breakfast, accented with crystal and sterling china. Alternatively, guests can choose to have freshly made scones delivered directly to their room for a more private and intimate morning meal.

Additional amenities fully enjoyable by the Toad Hall Manor’s guests include access to an off-site fitness center, free parking, complimentary WIFI, concierge services, and a 24-hour front desk.

Nightly rates start at $135 per night for Mr. Miles Hideaway, located on the ground floor. Also located on the ground floor are Papa Otter’s Place and Captain Ratty’s Retreat, both offer slightly more spacious accommodation and feature rates starting at $155 per night.

Sir Badger’s Suite offers the most opulent stay at Toad Hall Manor, occupies the entire fifth floor, and is only accessible via a private elevator key. Referred to as the bridal suite, this luxury option is perfect for everyone, from families to new couples.

With limited room options and one of the highest demands in the region, it is essential to book your room at Toad Hall Manor in advance to ensure you get the accommodation of your choice.

5. The Copper King Mansion

copper king mansion

Also located in Butte and doubling as one of the city’s top tourist attractions, the Copper King Mansion is a timeless bed and breakfast that transports visitors into the life of the home’s original inhabitant— Senator W. A. Clark.

Of the Mansion’s 34 rooms, only four are available to rent as a part of the facility’s homey bed and breakfast experience. Although, guests will have free rein and are encouraged to explore the rest of the property throughout their stay.

Visitors begin their mornings in the main dining room, where they will be served their full-plated breakfast enjoying the property’s period furniture and lavish glass windows.

After their meal, guests can explore the grounds, venture into town, or head back to their room, where they will enjoy privacy in their uniquely styled accommodation.

The Mansion features a Master Bedroom Suite, a Family Suite, Huguette’s Room, and Andree’s Room, all offering varying degrees of luxury at different price points. Prices typically range between $175 to $350 per night.

6. Americas Best Value Inn Butte – Rocker Inn

americas best value

Another great bed and breakfast located near Deer Lodge in Butte is Americas Best Value Inn. Nestled between the I-15 and the I-90 Highways, the hotel offers convenient access to the superb attractions in both the mining city and small ranching town.

Along with a complimentary Grab N’Go breakfast, the hotel also offers free coffee, tea, and hot chocolate throughout the day in the lobby.

Also found within the facilities is an onsite ATM, bar lounge, picnic area, business center, and laundry service.

America’s Best Value Inn Butte offers superb accommodation in five unique room types, all serviced with base comfort amenities, including free high-speed internet, a sofa bed, a private bathroom, and a flat panel satellite TV with ESPN.

Rates at Americas Best Value Inn Butte start as low as $75 per night for a single queen non-smoking room, which sleeps up to two guests. Also available at the hotel are Queen Bed Junior Suites and Double Queen Rooms for maximum space throughout your stay.

The single queen and double queen options are also available with smoking permitted.

Travel Tips for Staying in Deer Lodge

  • Why Visit Deer Lodge: As a ranching community in a region otherwise dominated by the mining industry, Deer Lodge offers visitors to South Western Montana and window into the lifestyles of Montana’s small-town homesteading heritage.
  • When to Visit Deer Lodge: Peak season in Deer Lodge is during the summer when Montana’s optimal weather conditions put the community’s ranching industry in full bloom. June to August see most of Deer Lodge’s tourists, but May and September offer great alternatives for escaping the crowds.
  • Best areas to Stay in Deer Lodge: Deer Lodge’s accommodation options are limited as a small town. Visitors can choose to stay in the city or venture out into the countryside for an even more secluded stay. Alternatively, visitors can decide to stay in the nearby community of Anaconda, where hotel selection is slightly more varied,
  • Getting Around Deer Lodge: Deer Lodge is small enough that it is easily navigable on foot. However, the Powell County Transit offers public transportation to the town’s far-off corners and other attractions. Still, for absolute freedom to explore, visitors can rent a car from one of the many rental companies in the nearby city of Butte.
  • Top Attractions in Deer Lodge: Deer Lodge is home to such popular attractions as the Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site, The Montana Auto Museum, and the Old Montana Prison Complex. Built in the late 1800s, the prison complex is one of the oldest in the state.


While one of the oldest communities in Montana, Deer Lodge is considered a hidden gem of the state and is heavily under-traveled compared to other destinations. Still, with its traditional rural lifestyle and definitively small-town ambiance, the town is also one of the best places in Montana for exploring the region’s roaring ranching industry.

As a result, the accommodation selection in Deer Lodge is committed to providing the state’s traditional hospitalities but only features a limited hotel selection.

Nevertheless, the greatest way to explore the welcoming nature of the local community is by staying at one of the historic bed and breakfasts located either within Deer Lodge or one of the surrounding towns.

From staying in the Mansion of one of Montana’s wealthiest historical figures to an old church rectory converted into a house, these are the best bed and breakfasts in Deer Lodge, MT, for your stay in Powell County.

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