The 6 Best Restaurants in Deer Lodge, Montana

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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Almost all tour itineraries biasedly, and rightly so, focus on the historical sites and the much-talked-about Montana Prison. They forget to mention the best restaurants in Deer Lodge, whose glamor is characterized by the gentle clinks of glasses and the low hum conversations.

These picnic sites and ranches do not have restaurants. But more importantly, it is customary for almost all hostels and lodges to include all meals in their rack rates. Similarly, most tourist attractions in Deer Lodge operate on a dinner, bed, and breakfast or full-board basis, reducing the need for clients to sample different meal options.

The Best Restaurants in Deer Lodge, Montana, are focused on highlighting local ingredients, from the mouthwatering burgers of 406 Bistro to the delicious pasties at Louie’s.

If all you are looking for is a restaurant with appetite-whetting scents, this article lists the best choices in Deer Lodge.

Travel Tips for Eating in Deer Lodge Montana

  • Most of the restaurants in Deer Lodge are moderately noisy and might not be convenient for those luncheon meetings.
  • If all you have is cash, you might reconsider getting a credit card because that is the main mode of payment in most restaurants.
  • Most of the restaurants in Deer Lodge don’t do deliveries. You physically have to walk into the premises and order the food you want. They provide dine-in services.
  • The spaces within these restaurants are large enough to host equally large groups of people. They are also convenient for children.
  • No restaurant in Deer Lodge lacks exit and entry paths for wheelchairs. You can also park your bike in designated places.
  • After a long day of trout fishing, one of the best ways to relax is through a pool table game. Almost all the restaurants have designated areas for pool tables where their visitors can relax while they wait for their orders.

6 Best Restaurants in Deer Lodge

Enjoying some grub by the campfire or crunchy pasties on a wagon ride is an exciting experience for any traveler. However, you’ll find great food in the restaurants and good old-fashioned western hospitality in Deer Lodge.

  1. Louie’s Montana Pastys
  2. Yak Yak’s
  3. 406 Bistro
  4. Sesame Wok
  5. Broken Arrow Steak House
  6. Chinese Garden Restaurant

1. Louie’s Montana Pastys • 323 Main Street

louie’s montana pastys

The history of Montana can never be complete without the mention of pasties. Depending on your unique taste and the category you want, these pasties are the hidden treasures of Deer Lodge.

If you are in Deer Lodge, the biggest mistake is to fail to visit Louie’s Montana Pastys. This restaurant is a must-stop place for anyone who fancies crunchy pasties served with poppy seed rolls.

And if you are new to Deer Lodge, maybe the apple fritters and the pasties would work the magic of extending your stay. The gravy is canned, and the cinnamon rolls are delightful.

The pastries are large enough, taste delicious, and are reasonably priced. You don’t need reservations to enjoy pastries here.

2. Yak Yak’s • 200 Main St

yak yak’s

After a day-long trek in the parks, you might rightfully wonder where to eat in Deer Lodge. Yak Yak’s might not be as popular as the Noma in Copenhagen, but it’s among the best restaurants in Deer Lodge.

Besides providing a fantastic dinner, you also feel more at home. The staff at Yak Yak’s is kind, and the services are outstanding.

Before you go hiking or tour the Montana Museum, you can consider this great place for Breakfast sandwiches, Burritos, and coffee drinks of all kinds!

Return during lunchtime and enjoy taco salad, latte, and a brownie for dessert. It may not be everyone’s choice for lunch, but you can’t fail to notice the high levels of professionalism and exceptional dishes.

It could be a convenient place to talk over weekend plans and upcoming job projects that require teamwork—a fantastic atmosphere with equally amazing grilled sandwiches.

You can count on this fancy restaurant to serve you fresh, hot, and delicious food. No reservations.

3. 406 Bistro • 200 Main St

406 bistro

406 Bistro is one of the locally owned and operated restaurants in Deer Lodge. A delightful restaurant with fresh food, savory soup, and lots of baked goodies to look forward to.

Wake up to a yummy breakfast that makes you forget the foggy weather.

As you make your way past the gates of Old Montana Prison Complex, don’t think of anywhere else apart from 406 Bistro. The dishes here are delicious, the soups tastefully thick, and the sandwiches mouthwatering.

You can tame the chilly weather with a cup of brewed steamy coffee. The establishment is tastefully designed, and the decor is custom-made to revolve around a night-time street scene.

Don’t panic if you are in a large group of people; the seating arrangements are convenient for everyone.

Diablo Burger is never out of stock. You can walk here and enjoy Breakfast Burritos with finely made ice tea. We can’t comment on the service. It’s the best; yummy and cordial.

They do delivery and takeaway.

4. Sesame Wok • 1007 Village Ln

The menu here mainly comprises Singapore rice noodles with chicken and chicken curry. The rice noodle dish is savory, the spices natural, and the atmosphere generously welcoming.

If you plan to have a great lunch with a surprisingly broad choice of vegetarian dishes, make your way to Sesame Wok.

Then there is General Taos for the Chinese, spiced and seasoned just like you would want it. It’s a popular meal at Sesame Wok and is always available.

The atmosphere is exceptionally welcoming with nice comfortable booths. Service is above board, and the prices are affordable. No reservations.

5. Broken Arrow Steak House • 317 N Main St

broken arrow steak house

If you are in Deer Lodge and struggling to find a place to enjoy yummy tenderloin, don’t sweat anymore.

The beef at Broken Arrow Steak House is excellent, the salad dressed and typically served at room temperature or chilled, and the juicy steak nestled in a creamy balsamic dressing.

You can bet on a fantastic atmosphere, with upbeat and friendly staff. The prices might be relatively high, but the services and food served are with the dollars spent.

No reservations are needed. Just get to the place and make your order.

6. Chinese Garden Restaurant • 141 Village Ln B

This restaurant is a popular traveling Chinese eating spot with rustic Chinese fare, a lovely ambiance, and a gentle staff that feels like family.

The menu mainly features beef and Meatball Curry. The meat comes with delicious healthy vegetables, and the Balls are filled with flat noodles. There is a velvety, warm, and luxurious sauce to accompany the sweet and thin curry.

Different choices on the menu to pick from- Szechuan beef and sweet and sour pork or a slice of pork with a few pieces of thick sauce drizzled over it.

Whichever choice you make, be sure to have a delightfully tasty combo for lunch. After feasting on delicious, organic lunch, you can browse the shelves and enjoy an icy-cold can of coke.

The restaurant doesn’t do deliveries. You can walk in and eat from the comfort of their cozy seats or carry your lunch and have it on the lush grass in the park.

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