The 4 Best Coffee Shops in Deer Lodge, Montana

Will Beck
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Surrounded by the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest and miles of untamed wild country, Deer Lodge is an ideal location for outdoor recreational activities.

From fly fishing to white water rafting to horseback riding to hiking, the sky’s the limit in this southwest Montana agricultural center.

While not originally a territory for Native Americans, plenty of folks passed through the range as an alternate buffalo and horse racing route. However, the 1860s saw Deer Lodge picking up some real momentum due to the fur trade and gold mining craze.

Officially incorporated in 1888, Deer Lodge expanded to include a now-famed prison turned museum, as well as the Grant-Kohrs Ranch.

Despite originating as a fur and mining town, agriculture is the heartbeat of Deer Lodge and the Grant-Kohls Ranch, making it one of the best spots in town for a 360 view of cattle life and the original residence of one of Montana’s Cattle Kings.

Home to a weekly farmers market and the Territorial Days Color Run, locals pride themselves on gathering as a community and supporting their neighbors – and this includes their small businesses.

Deer Lodge may not have a huge number of coffee shops, it’s true, but these four options are local-approved and sure to help you get your buzz on.

The 4 Best Coffee Shops in Deer Lodge, Montana

  1. 406 Coffee Cabin
  2. Kaffeination Station
  3. Boomerang Bakery
  4. Yak Yak’s

1. 406 Coffee Cabin • 903 Main St


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A small town like Deer Lodge calls for an equally charming and quaint coffee drive-thru and shop, doesn’ it?

406 Coffee Cabin clearly fits that bill, providing a caffeine buzz in a centralized Main Street location. Move over, Starbucks drive-thru! Honestly, what don’t they offer!? Lattes, frappes, drip coffee, Red Bull smoothies, Italian sodas (yum!), and more…

If you’re more into a cuppa tea, 406 Coffee Cabin offers a truly extensive tea selection, from Peppermint Rooibos to floral Earl Grey to antioxidant-rich Green Tea. Chai more your thing? 406 offers five (yes, five!) chai selections – spicy to sweet. No coffee snobs around here! Sip away!

If you have a dietary restriction, 406 Coffee Cabin will happily adjust your order, pleasing vegans and cows everywhere.

We recommend zipping through the drive-thru, and then walking over to Cottonwood City Park to catch some rays and enjoy what beautiful Deer Lodge has to offer.

Whether you’re passing through on a road trip to Black Sandy State Park or a tried and true local, customers love this coffee cabin’s attention to detail, friendly service, and openness to create new ideas and menu items. See you in line!

You’ll Love It Here If: the kids can’t make a dang decision; you’re craving a well-designed and extensive drink menu; you’re more of a tea drinker than a coffee lover; you’re on the go but don’t want to sacrifice quality and substance.

2. Kaffeination Station • 901 Main St

Okay, this may blow your mind, so feel free to take a seat.


Kaffeination Station is located right next to 406 Coffee Cabin and acts as a completely separate restaurant – with the same bean juice to rev you into high gear. Ah, the convenience! Their coffee is – of course – outstanding, but with a name like Kaffeination Station, could you really expect less?

But it’s their highly-rated breakfast burritos that really have people fervently raving. Trust us – try one of their breakfast burritos with an Iced Mocha, and your taste buds will be singing and zinging to the heavens.

Or, how about their biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon to go with your Lavender Latte? The opportunities are endless here! Be sure to ask about their specialty and seasonal drinks!

We recommend sitting down for a hearty breakfast, and then walking over to the Old Montana Prison & Auto Museum Complex for some local history. Bonus points if you visit the Mount Powell Tap Room after your history sesh!

You’ll Love It Here If: you want to be where the locals are (always a good sign!); you’re looking for good food to go with even better coffee; breakfast burritos and iced coffee are kinda your thing.

3. Boomerang Bakery • 321 Main St

boomerang bakery

While Boomerang Bakery is known around town for its fresh and delicious doughnuts, they’ve always got fresh coffee on hand to supplement your sugar addiction. (Loud and proud!)

A family-owned business since 1985, if you walk by Boomerang Bakery during business hours, you’re sure to smell freshly baked doughnuts and coffee wafting through the air.

There’s a reason it’s called Boomerang Bakery – residents keep on coming back for more. We recommend their glazed doughnuts, and their apple fritters – okay, we recommend one of everything.

But be mindful of the hours, as they’re only open Tuesday through Friday. Bon appetit!

You’ll Love It Here If: doughnuts and coffee make your heart burst with joy; you like supporting local businesses that give back to the community.

4. Yak Yak’s • 200 Main St

yak yak’s

We’ve got some good news for you: Yak Yak’s makes the strongest espresso in town – perfect for a breakfast date before a late morning hike at Grant-Kohrs Ranch Loop.

They’ve got lattes, Americanos, cappuccinos, white coffee – even straight black coffee for you heathens out there. And their breakfast menu has an attitude: choose from a Breakfast of Champions, breakfast croissants, and their popular Hodge Podge featuring, well, a hodgepodge of vegetables.

They do also serve (huge!) sandwiches, burgers, salads, and Mexican fare to go along with your afternoon pick-me-up, but we say there’s no bad time for espresso! Praise to the caffeine gods for strong espresso and a home-like atmosphere!

You’ll Love It Here If: you need the strongest morning blend possible; you’re a bonafide member of the Clean Plate Club.

Best Coffee Shops in Deer Lodge – Final Thoughts

So, how about that coffee shop-restaurant-drive-thru combo? We love that Deer Lodge has multiple niche options to get your caffeine groove on. (Sometimes even right next to each other!)

Sure, you can head over to the Deer Lodge McDonald’s for an iced coffee, but where’s the specialty in that? These locally-owned businesses offer authentic and unique customer service that only residents can bring.

Which coffee shop or cafe lights up your taste buds? Ready to get your hands around a warm cup of espresso at Yak Yak’s, or did you get sucked in by the smell of doughnuts and coffee at Boomerang Bakery?

(You can find us at Kaffeination Station for that breakfast burrito with extra salsa and an Iced Mocha!)

See you there!

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