12 Hot Springs Near Missoula, MT

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Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

Montana is iconic for its outstanding and diverse natural landscape. Here, you’ll find soaring alpine mountains, grassy valleys, dramatic Badlands, and even hot springs.

There are several hot springs to visit across the state, many of them within driving distance of Missoula. For those interested in a lavish resort-style getaway, there is an array of luxurious hot springs where you can kick back and indulge.

And for those interested in a more rustic and natural experience, there are also plenty of outdoor springs nestled in forests and wetlands, which are free of charge.

No matter which hot springs experience you choose, all guests will reap the benefits of soaking in the thermal waters, which include trace mineral absorption, a boost in blood circulation, and stress and pain relief, per Finding Hot Springs.

In this article, we will take a look at the 12 hot springs near Missoula that you can take some time to relax at on your next visit.

12 Hot Springs Near Missoula, Montana

  1. Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort
  2. Jerry Johnson Hot Springs
  3. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort
  4. Big Medicine Hot Springs
  5. Lolo Hot Springs Resort
  6. Symes Hot Springs Hotel and Mineral Baths
  7. Bob Weir Hot Springs
  8. Broadwater Hot Springs and Fitness
  9. Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat
  10. Nimrod Warm Springs
  11. Lost Trail Hot Springs Resort
  12. Boulder Hot Springs Inn

1. Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort

quinn’s hot springs resort
Image: Quinn’s Hot Springs

Located in Paradise, Montana, 69 miles from Missoula, Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort is a lavish destination where guests can unwind in the steamy waters of five thermal pools.

In addition to the hot pools at the resort, which are heated to anywhere between 100 and 106 degrees Fahrenheit, there is also a cold plunge pool.

The resort is home to two lodges and 25 cabins that boast views of the river and canyons surrounding the hot springs. The cabins straddle dense pine forests, which gives the resort a feeling of total isolation.

Guests at the resort can also dine at the Harwood House Restaurant or the more casual Quinn’s Tavern, and are free to enjoy on-site billiards and gaming machines for the ultimate entertaining escape.

2. Jerry Johnson Hot Springs

jerry johnson hot springs
Image: Ed Wrzesien

Only an hour and 22 minutes from Missoula, the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs boast three pools. They are located in the Clearwater National Forest in Idaho. A great family destination, the hot springs are incredibly busy in spring and summer. While the pools are only for day use, there is a campground one mile away.

The hot springs vary in size and temperature. While pets aren’t permitted in the springs themselves, the area is pet-friendly, provided that dogs are kept on a leash. The hot springs are also open all year, but it’s a good idea to check the surrounding road conditions in winter.

Unfortunately, there are no bathroom facilities at these rustic hot springs. But entry is completely free!

3. Jerry Johnson Hot Springs

fairmont hot springs resort
Image: Janusz Sliwinski

Fairmont is one of the most popular hot springs resorts in Montana. Just 108 miles from Missoula, the resort features fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Along with the Olympic-sized outdoor pool, two soaking pools, and a spa, you’ll find a three-story waterslide, 18-hole golf course, sports courts, a playground, and an event space. There’s even a petting zoo!

There are also three eateries on the grounds, including The Springwater Cafe, Waters Edge Dining Room, and Whiskey Joe’s Lounge. Guests also have access to a range of snack bars and complete kitchens in some of the rooms at the lodge.

4. Big Medicine Hot Springs

big medicine hot springs

Big Medicine Hot Springs offers an authentic and rustic outdoor adventure. Situated in the aptly named city of Hot Springs, Montana, on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Sanders County, Big Medicine Hot Springs is under 80 miles from Missoula.

The hot springs consist of a cement pool that operates on an honor system of payment. It’s day-use only, though camping options nearby are available, making this a popular destination with locals. There are also cabins available that are situated around an outdoor fire pit.

The pool itself is partially covered and is usually anywhere from 101 to 105 degrees, depending on the time of year.

5. Lolo Hot Springs Resort

lolo hot springs
Image: Lolo Hot Springs

Another adored hot springs resort less than 40 miles from Missoula, Lolo is rich in history. The area was used by Native Americans prior to the arrival of Lewis and Clark and soon became a hotspot for explorers and trappers.

Surrounded by mountains, the resort boasts indoor and outdoor hot springs and pools set against sweeping views. There’s an on-site restaurant and bar, which hosts live seasonal entertainment on Saturdays, along with gaming machines and pool tables.

Guests also have access to deluxe and economy cabins, plus campsites and RV hookups. The Lolo Hot Springs Resort is pet-friendly, and also offers 500 miles of trails for hiking or riding.

6. Symes Hot Springs Hotel and Mineral Baths

symes hot springs hotel and mineral baths
Image: Symes Hot Springs

The Symes Hot Springs Hotel and Mineral Baths are home to two outdoor thermal pools, heated to around 101 to 106 degrees. There is also a third natural water lap pool which is connected to the other two pools via a small waterfall.

The water in the thermal spaces contains silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium carbonate, and bicarbonate, so guests will receive a range of health benefits.

Additionally, the hotel offers a bath wing that features four clawfoot tubs and a two-person jetted tub and jacuzzi steam space, which is reservable. Massages are available from the spa, and guests have the choice to stay in the main building or in self-contained cabins and apartments. There is also a campsite with RV hookups on the grounds.

If all that wasn’t enough reason to visit, there’s also an on-site art gallery and antique shop, plus dining options and event spaces for live music. The resort is just 77 miles from Missoula.

7. Weir Creek Hot Springs

Tucked away in Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest, the Weir Creek Hot Springs can be found just an hour and 35 minutes from Missoula. Guests can reach their destination by hiking less than a mile from the named trailhead parking lot.

The hot springs feature primitive, rocky pools set against a stunning landscape dotted with cedar trees. Clothing is optional at the hot springs, which are free to enter! Depending on the season, the water is between 100 to 105 degrees. Up to 10 guests can use the main soaking area at once.

Guests can choose to camp overnight at the hot springs, which are open year-round (but prepare for heavy snowfall in winter). The hot springs tend to be the busiest in the summer months, and often attract a youthful crowd of college students.

8. Broadwater Hot Springs and Fitness

broadwater hot springs and fitness
Image: Broadwater MT

If you’re after a more developed hot springs location, Broadwater may be the destination for you, just 109 miles from Missoula.

The day spot features a gym facility with group classes, three outdoor pools, and two hot tubs. Both hot tubs are kept at between 101 and 104 degrees, and there are also cold plunge pools available for those interested in hot-cold circuits. Additionally, there’s a sauna and steam rooms where guests can relax and recharge.

There’s something for everyone here, as there is pool space set aside for soaking in hot mineral water, swimming, and toys and games. Guests are welcome to dine at the Springs Taproom & Grille, which serves pub-style fare.

9. Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat

alameda hot springs

Considered one of “Montana’s best-kept secrets”, Alameda is located in the city of Hot Springs.

This retreat is a little different from the other hot springs on the list as it doesn’t actually have a communal pool. However, guests can reap the rewards of the thermal waters in the area with their own private hot mineral baths located right in their suites!

Additionally, there are several other hot springs located nearby that guests can walk to and use for a small fee.

With unique rooms that feature sun porches, living rooms, and 1930s-style features, Alameda makes for the ultimate relaxing getaway.

10. Nimrod Warm Springs

nimrod hot springs

Nestled between Mt. Baldy and Sliderock Mountain in Byrne, Nimrod Warm Springs is one of the closest hot springs to Missoula. Only 35 miles away from town, the hot springs are ideal for those looking for a natural and quiet place to soak.

What Nimrod lacks in creature comforts, it makes up for in peace and the beauty of the natural environment. This is also a great option if you’re looking for a hot spring with no admission charges! The pool itself is large enough for lap swimming and features a trickling waterfall.

Nimrod tends to be a little colder than other hot springs, and normally boasts a temperature of between 70 and 82 degrees. The area is open all year round but does get colder in the winter.

11. Lost Trail Hot Springs Resort

lost trail hot springs resort
Image: Lost Trail Hot Springs

Located 88 miles from Missoula in the Bitterroot Mountains, the Lost Trail Hot Springs Resort is named after the nearby Lost Trail Pass.

Here, you’ll find a sizable outdoor thermal swimming pool with a surrounding elevated deck and terrace, which is nine feet at its deepest level and usually stands at around 95 degrees. At the shallow end, the pool is only a few inches deep, making it ideal for supervised babies and toddlers.

Indoors, the resort features an eight-person hot tub and dry sauna, and there are also two cabins on the property which also have access to private hot tubs. There are 10 cabins in total, along with an RV park.

12. Boulder Hot Springs Inn

boulder hot springs inn
Image: Boulder Hot Springs

While some hot springs on this list are located in lavish resorts, the Boulder Hot Springs Inn is more like a home away from home. It’s worth the 2.5-hour drive from Missoula just to absorb the stunning sunsets that glow over the waters.

The inn is nestled beside the Deerlodge National Forest, so this is a great location if you’re interested in spotting some of the wildlife that Montana is famous for.

There is also a focus on health and healing at the inn, so there is a strict no drugs, alcohol, or smoking policy. Guests are treated to homemade meals featuring fresh and organic locally sourced food.

On the grounds is an outdoor swimming pool for family fun, which features a heated terrace and plenty of deck space. There are also indoor plunges which are separated by gender and cleaned every night. Additionally, guests have access to steam rooms and showers.

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