Boulder Hot Springs, Montana

Boulder Hot Springs is a 100-year-old facility with a variety of relaxing pools and steam rooms. The springs have a history of being popular with both locals and celebrities alike, with Teddy Roosevelt having been reported to stay there.

Today the facility offers not only four geothermal pools but also two steam rooms and a spa. With several ways to relax and recharge, it is no wonder many people choose Boulder Hot Springs to vacation or take a spa day.

boulder hot springs
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Hot Springs Facilities

Nestled between almost 300 acres of meadows and forests, Boulder Hot Springs is surrounded by nature. The facility offers one geothermal outdoor pool, where bathing suits and a shower before entering are required. Inside there are women’s and men’s plunge pools with a continuous flow that changes the water every four hours.

The women’s pool also includes a cool pool with lower temperatures. Both indoor facilities also offer access to resting places and steam rooms. Guests are still required to shower before entering, but bathing suits are optional for the indoor pools.

In addition to gaining access to pristine hot pools, guests can also opt for spa services at the inn. Visitors can schedule a massage or request home-cooked meals that are catered specifically to their nutritional needs.

The inn also offers to coordinate a trip with local Health Mines, where you can not only visit the caves there but also come back and relax with a massage and dip in the springs.

Because the springs require reservations, overcrowding is not as much of an issue. However, it’s best to book well in advance, and peak times are usually around the summer. Usually, late spring is the best time to go, as it’s warm enough to spend time outside drying off but without the crowds of summer.

Hot Springs Facts

  • The facility is about 274 acres and is near the Deerlodge National Forest, so you can expect to be surrounded by nature.
  • The pools are generally smaller, typically 5 ft wide and 3 ft deep
  • The outdoor pool has an average temperature of about 96-100°F
  • Indoor pools are about 103-106°F, and the women’s cool pool is below 70 °F.
  • The facility is open all seasons, with hours varying between the winter and summer
  • Access to the pools is about $8 dollars per adult, 6$ for seniors, and $4 for children
  • The nearest town is Helena
  • The spring’s website can be found here

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Getting There

Although there are a variety of wonderful hiking and biking trails nearby, Boulder Hot Spring itself is not easily accessible by foot or bike. The easiest and most efficient way to get to Boulder Hot Springs is by car. The good news is that the drive isn’t too long of a journey.

The closest areas are Helena and Butte, and most visitors typically fly into either of the two location’s airports. Butte is slightly larger than Helena, but both places offer a variety of restaurants and hotels, so you can rest up before your trip to the springs if you so wish.

Boulder Hot Springs is about 30 miles from Helena and 40 miles from Butte, making it around a 40 to 50-minute drive, depending on the traffic and road conditions. You’ll want to take I-15 south from Helena or I-15 north from Butte. Take the Boulder exit on I-15. Travel three miles south on Highway 69, and you should spot the sign and building for Boulder Hot Springs.

You’ll know you’re in the right place when you spot a building resembling a Spanish Mission with arches. Parking at Boulder Hot Springs is easy to find and free of charge.