The Best Places To Stay In Whitefish, Montana

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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Whitefish, Montana is probably most well-known for its location: near Glacier National Park. The small town has that beautiful, rustic country hamlet feel mixed with a ski resort town and outdoor paradise.

It’s the epitome of all things Montana, from the hiking trails, park access, country lodges, and smoky BBQ joints to the classy hotels and local theater companies.

Whitefish is one of the best places to stay on the cheap near Glacier National Park and offers you plenty to do while you’re there.

Best Places To Stay in Whitefish, MT – Tips and Advice

Whitefish – a town name that draws the outdoorsy and adventurous, in a state that lives up to its nickname of Big Sky Country. Finding the right place to hang out and stay while you’re in town could be tricky, though – and that’s what we’re here for.

  • What are the top attractions in and near Whitefish? The most well-known attraction around is Glacier National Park. Nearby, you’ll also find some great dining and shopping – as you’d find in most resort towns – as well as the Whitefish Mountain Resort, Whitefish City Beach, the Whitefish Trail, Flathead Lake, Whitefish Theater Company, and the Hungry Horse Dam and Reservoir.
  • How do you get around Whitefish? While you’re in the city itself, walking is easy and convenient. There are Ubers and Lyfts in town (longer wait times than big cities, though!), rental cars, and the Eagle Transit/Whitefish City Bus line.
  • Staying in Whitefish on a budget: Hotels, AirnbB, Verbo, and camping are all available in Whitefish, many for a bargain stay. Avoid the big brand hotels to save the most and skip resort-style hotels to keep it cheap.

Whitefish Neighborhood Guide

There are many great neighborhoods in Whitefish and the area, many of which have the best places to stay overnight or wander through during the daytime as you explore the area.

Each neighborhood has its own personality and traits, both in town and right outside. Let’s take a look at the best places to stay In Whitefish!

Bay Point On the Lake, Gorgeous Views on the Lake

bay point on the lake
Image: baypointwhitefish

Bay Point on the Lake is one of the most popular places to stay in Whitefish, thanks to the gorgeous views of the lake, easy access to the rest of town via transit, car, or on foot, and the incredible cabins and rentals you’ll find available to stay in.

The neighborhood gives you walking access to some of the most popular dining spots in town, from Jalisco Cantina and Montana Tap House to Crema Specialty Coffee and Bonsai Brewing Project. The Stumptown Ice Den, a year-round ice activities locale, is right in the middle of it, and the City Beach is just minutes away.

The Alpine Theater Project is just a mile away, with the Whitefish Theater Company close by. You’ll find the Dick Idol Signature Gallery, a Frank Lloyd Wright building, Whitefish Golf Club, Riverside Park, and the Whitefish Trail all within a two-mile radius of the rentals.

The rest of the neighborhood is made up of condos and rentals, so you’ll find mostly peaceful nights and relaxed spaces around for the perfect vacation spot in town.

Top places to stay in Bay Point on the Lake include the following accommodations:

Whitefish Lake State Park, Cozy, high-end stays on the Lake

whitefish lake state park
Image: Schmiebel

Both inside the Whitefish Lake State Park and right nearby, you’ll find plenty of high-end vacation homes, cabins, and other places to stay with amazing views and easy access to the park and lake.

The park is mature woodland with a beach, a hiking and biking trail system, boating, swimming, camping, water sports, and fishing options throughout and nearby. Rent paddleboards, paddleboats, and kayaks, or bring your own.

The park is 10 acres with an elevation of 3,012 feet – perfect for your hiking, mountain biking, and exploring needs. Staying in this area is the best choice for folks looking for loads out outdoors time and adventure. The area is only 2 miles from downtown Whitefish, too, so dining out, nightlife, and city-based activities are right nearby.

The best places to spend the nights in comfort and class in the Whitefish Lake State Park area are the following options, based on budget.

Downtown Whitefish, Where the Action is

downtown whitefish mt

If you’re looking for the “busiest”, most active part of the city, downtown Whitefish is your place to go.

It’s central to the city’s activities but because of the size of the town, it’s still within walking distance of all the natural joys that attract visitors to the area.

You can park your car at the hotel and walk around downtown to find dining, shopping, quaint boutiques, local attractions, and community parks – or drive the short distance out to the parks, the river, or more distant attractions like ski resorts, forests, and state parks.

Find the best hotels right here, ranging from luxury to budget-friendly stays.

Riverside, Riverside Views and Comfort


A little south of the main part of town, Riverside lives up to its name, parked along the river in Whitefish. There are parks, trails, and a quieter neighborhood for relaxing in while you hang out in the beautiful town of Whitefish.

The park offers boat access to the river, picnic tables, paved bicycle and pedestrian paths, three tennis courts, and a river crossing via a pedestrian and cyclist bridge. Catch wildlife while you walk the park or boat along the river and enjoy the peaceful, relaxing nature of the area while you vacation in Whitefish.

Riverside has some amazing spots to stay:

Outskirts of the City, Resorts and more

outskirts of the city

Just outside the city limits, you’ll find a variety of resorts and club locations where you can stay. You’ll need cars for these locations, but you’ll find more activities, outdoor beauty, and attractions than any other locations in the area.

Ski resorts, hotels, glamping, camping, and so much more is all around for lodging, while the gorgeous mountains, forests, lush hillsides, ski and snow sports, watersports, hiking, mountain biking, running trails, fishing, boating, and so much more is incredible all over the region.

Some of the best places to stay near Whitefish include


Whitefish is the center for some amazing outdoor adventures, great local dining, swimming, fishing, hiking, winter and water sports, and much more. But if you want to enjoy those amazing amenities, you’ve got to have a great place to stay. Overall, the best places are going to be the following locales, based on specific needs and amenities desired.

Best Hotels By Type

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