Best 7 Coffee Shops in Whitefish, Montana

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Whitefish, Montana is a medium-sized ski town nestled in the Northern Rocky Mountain Range, tucked amongst rivers and wilderness. After a long day on the slopes, most opt for a cold beer or warm mocha. Pick your poison.

There’s so much to explore in Whitefish, you’ll be kept moving. From climbing, rafting, hiking, and winter sports, there’s a little something for everyone in this hidden gem of a town.

Sadly, the coffee shop collection isn’t as vast as you’d expect. I carefully selected the top seven coffee shops in Whitefish so you can switch up your tastes, locations, and meals for every day of the week. I know a few of these top picks will have you coming back for more. Do you have a sweet tooth?

In terms of coffee, they serve it hot, sugary, mild, and flavorful. Pick up a local cup, or try an international taste. Either way, you’ll be in aromatic heaven with a caffeinated dose of wild.

What’s in your cup? Adventurous coffee drinkers, your new addiction is calling.

The Top 7 Coffee Shops in Whitefish, Montana

  1. Montana Coffee Traders
  2. Swift Creek Cafe
  3. Cowgirl Coffee
  4. Wild Coffee Company
  5. Fleur Bake Shop
  6. Folklore Coffee
  7. Crema Speciality Coffee

1. Montana Coffee Traders

montana coffee traders
Image: coffeetraders

This coffee shop ranks at the top of all Montana cafes, making it a notable stop when looking at coffee shops in Whitefish. Locals love it, tourists love it, and you’ll love it too.

Try a scone on the go, or a warm brew. The coffee selection changes with the seasons, so you’ll be sipping only freshly roasted beans every visit. If you’re wanting to purchase your fan favorite to have in the freezing months, their wholesale coffee is reasonable, economic, and packaged with perfection.

The menu is vast and hearty. No customer walks out hungry or decaffeinated. Plus most visitors pick up their new favorite coffee mug from their merchandise store on-site. The outdoorsy selection is too precious to pass up.

Best Brewed for: Wild hearts with a hungry stomach and lust for local tastes.

2. Swift Creek Cafe

Right as you approach this cute, home-grown kitchen, you’ll smell a drift of apple pie. If that doesn’t have you bursting through their doors, their coffee will.

This mom-and-pop shop is full of character. The family who owns it has been in the food industry for over 80 years, constantly improving their kitchen’s specialties. Swift Creek Cafe values tradition, conservation, sustainability, and respect for the land. It’s clearly evident in their decor, their sources, and their community support.

This is an ideal stop when searching for the best coffee shops in Whitefish, as Swift Creek has won awards for the “best hole in the wall,” cafe in Montana. It’s a vibe you simply need to check in to see.

Purchase homemade bread and jam for lazy breakfast days, and enjoy one of their delicious coffees.

I guarantee you’ll be taking some serious #foodporn pictures for your blog. Their lunches and breakfasts look crafted by gods, with a secret ingredient of home-cooked passion.

Best Brewed for: A homey feel and aesthetically pleasing comfort food from kitchen experts.

3. Cowgirl Coffee

Yeehaw partner, saddle up for a one-way ride to coffee town!

Noted to be the “best lattes in town,” Cowgirl Coffee is a must-stop. The only downside is there is no indoor seating at this time. This local legend is a drive-up-only barista-style shop but still delivers on all coffee needs. Be careful with the expresso, it hits harder than you’d imagine.

It’s actually a mystery how they get their drinks to taste so dang yummy. Americanos to lattes, they hit every mark, every time. For locals, this is one of the most popular coffee shops in Whitefish with an abundance of daily visitors.

Best Brewed for: A speedy caffeine fix on the fly, chai tea lattes, and heart-racing americanos.

4. Wild Coffee Company

wild coffee company
Image: wildcoffeecompanymt

Coffee with a cause. Wild Coffee Company donates 1% of its income to wilderness-based causes.

Their interior is modern chic with a rustic, artistic, graffiti edge. It is decorated with bold colors, 3D models, and upscale decor.

Grab some pals for a lunch date, business meeting, or to hang out and read a book for an hour or two. Make yourself at home, and stay wild.

Their pour-over bar is one of the best in town. Their cinnamon orange rolls? To die for. You need to see what you’re missing before your tastebuds hate you forever.

Their ingredients are locally sourced and fresh to order. If you bring your wolfpack, there’s a laid-back children’s play area so you can relax and dive into the flavor-packed cappuccino you just ordered, without stress. There’s a reason visitors keep coming back, every single day of the week.

Best Brewed for: Families and business-casual conversations over clean, green meals and locally produced caramel lattes.

5. Fleur Bake Shop

fleur bake shop
Image: fleurbakeshop

Ranked as the best cappuccino in Whitefish, MT, Fleur is every pastry lover’s dream.

You’ll need to arrive early if you plan to sample one of the countless baked goods in Fleur’s arsenal. I recommend you space it out and try them all.

They’re pretty popular around town, with limited seating, so you need to plan to be there bright and early to spend time.

The cappuccino is whispered about around town, and the cakes are sold out day after day. Fleur Bake Shop doesn’t promise good coffee, they require it. The staff knows exactly what coffee choice suits which pastry, so you’ll be in for a tasting experience.

Keep in mind this shop is a bakery more than it is a coffee corner. To leave without trying one of the pastry chefs’ creations would be a huge mistake as you explore the top coffee shops in Whitefish.

Best Brewed for: Pastry-lovers with a sweet tooth and ready to try the best in coffee pairings.

6. Folklore Coffee

folklore coffee
Image: folklorecoffeewhitefish

Every coffee lover lives happily ever after in Folklore Coffee’s story. Will you write your own chapter in their cafe?

Their special is a honey and cinnamon latte, perfect for warm or cool days. Try something new or chat with their staff about secret tourist spots around town.

The environment is welcoming, comfortable, and easy to spend the whole day there. What do you think their “Montana Fog” drink tastes like?

One added bonus of Folklore Coffee is their free coffee days on behalf of ParksidePays. Stop by between 9:30-10:30 on selected weekdays for a free cup of joe.

Best Brewed for: Dreamers feeling lazy and wanting a chilled place to hang out with a delicate treat.

7. Crema Speciality Coffee

The last coffee corner on the list is also a kiosk, drive-thru location. It’s so scrumptious, that I had to include it. I mean, come on, they have a Peeps latte!

This organic coffee stop serves up heaven in a to-go cup. All their coffees are organic, boldly blended, and rich with taste. Choose your favorite out of their three one-sources beans, and mix up the flavors to your liking. No matter what you come up with, it’ll be your new favorite.

Every holiday brings a new niche menu, and locals are still raving about their Valentine’s Day selections. Mexican spiced chocolate mocha? How can you go wrong?

The baristas are well trained to deliver whatever you’re craving, so let them know! Hopefully, they expand their location to a cafe soon, so you can sip on specialty coffees all day long.

Best Brewed for: A quick, special cup of coffee that only your imagination can create. Bring your pup along, Puppacinos are served ready to go!

Coffee Shops in Whitefish – Final Thoughts

while there may not be an abundance of coffee shops in Whitefish, the town offers a unique variety of experiences with an emphasis on care and tradition for the process. So when in Whitefish make sure you set some time aside to enjoy a hot beverage and take in the beautiful surroundings!

Which top coffee pick sounds right for you? Will you check out Wild Coffee for a day on the town? What about a specialty grab-and-go brew, freshly served from Crema Specialty?

Spill the beans!

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