Whitefish Theatre Company – Great Theatre Since 1979

Whitefish Theatre Company has been a non-profit, community-based performing arts organization for more than four decades.

Since the idea was first born in 1978, the company has had the aim of ‘nurturing the creative and artistic passions of the community by bringing the life of the arts to town.

The Whitefish Theatre Company puts on its celebrations of the arts in their various guises from the O’Shaughnessy Cultural Arts Center in downtown Whitefish. The location of the facility is at the north end of Central Avenue in the center of the business district, close to the town’s historic train depot.

Every season sees the production of close to 50 community theatre performances, concerts, and outreach performances from September through June.

The center operates on a year-round basis, taking upon itself the hiatus to bring the best in theatre, music, dance, and film to this spot in the Flathead Valley.

The Whitefish Theatre Company does an outstanding job with all of their productions, whether dramas, musicals, children’s performances, or concert-style productions, they are always professionally directed and produced.

Things have moved along considerably since the first production–don’t drink the water—in 1979. The prices are reasonable, the quality is high, and the theatre is lovely and quaint.

WTC is a major sponsor of performances and workshops for valley-wide schools, which usually sees something like 1000 students participating in performances, theatre classes, and summer camps.

WTC is “Celebrating the Past and Stepping into the Future” with this season’s spectacular line-up of theatre, music, special events, and children’s acting classes.

Various summer theatre camps are offered for grades 1st-12th covering topics such as improvisation, theatre, choreography, and musical theatre.

whitefish theatre
Image: Craig Talbert

Whitefish Theatre Company History and Operation

The operation of the company is done at the hands of a volunteer board of directors.

A small team of both full and part-time operatives works according to the guidelines and directives that were given by the board. Lots of other local community volunteers also give freely of their time with support and hands-on assistance.

The Whitefish Theatre Company has the responsibility for the upkeep of the building where the majority of the activities are hosted in. The O’Shaughnessy Cultural Arts Center was built in 1998 and is on a long-term lease rental for the company.

The facility is also made available to other community groups when schedules permit and are one of the top attractions in the Flathead Valley in terms of art centers.

The theater facility is an established part of the community and is the place where people go when they meet, hear music, watch a film, or gather for some other purpose.  

Whitefish Theatre Company Details

Upcoming Shows & Events

Box Office Hours are between 11 am and 3 pm Monday through Friday, as well as one hour prior to performances.

Sense and Sensibility (April 8-10 and 14-16, 2022)

Welcome to a theatrical and humorous approach to the classic tale featuring the Dashwood sisters.

When they find their lives completely turned upside down by various unfortunate circumstances, the sisters have to start making decisions based on a previously unheard-of combination of sense and sensibility which unveils various lessons and approaches to life that they need to learn.


Derina Harvey Band (April 20, 2022)

Celtic Rock in a traditional and a modern vein, this is a high-energy live show to put lead in your pencil and joy in your heart from an award-winning band.


Arthur Trace (May 6)

There’s magic in the air in this special event where magician Arthur Trace comes to town.  The unique act from the L.A.-based artist contains magic and humor and promises to entertain. Here is an award-winning illusionist bringing magic firmly and astonishingly into the modern world.


J2B2–John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band (May 12)

There’s more music in May with this special all-star ‘Bluegrass Supergroup’ concert, when four musicians renowned within the genre come together to demonstrate their musicianship and harmony with touches of West Coast Rock.


Murder on the Orient Express (May 27-29 and June 4, 2022)

What more could any lover of a good whodunit mystery ask for than another production of this absolute classic.

Our detective Poirot sees a return to the stage at Whitefish along with the other ten passengers on their way to Europe from Istanbul, when foul play runs afoot. This is a Ken Ludwig stage adaptation of the tale that will keep you guessing.


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