Mud Creek Falls, Lake County

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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Mud Creeks Falls is a way, way backcountry waterfall that has almost no access available to it. That being said, if you have proper permits and can bushwhack your way into Flathead Reservation with GPS location, using the coordinates, you are likely to be able to find the unique waterfall located within the Reservation.

A Guide to Mud Creek Falls, Lake County

Mud Creek Falls is located along Mud Creek, a stream running through Flathead Reservation in Lake County, Montana. There is no general public access to the waterfall.

Mud Creek Falls Stats

mud creek falls stats

  • Location: Flathead Reservation, Lolo National Forest, Lake County, Montana
  • Latitude: 47.61462
  • Longitude: -113.98464
  • Stream: Mud Creek
  • Elevation: 6282 feet
  • Season: Spring to autumn
  • Campgrounds and RV parks nearby: 20+ campgrounds located within the park or nearby, with hundreds of sites available outside of the Flathead Reservation

Recreational Activities Near Mud Creek Falls

Mud Creek Falls is conveniently located within Lake County, where you’ll find a huge number of splendid outdoor activities, attractions, and recreation opportunities. From fishing to hiking, swimming to horseback riding, you’ll never get bored playing here!


Can you swim in Mud Creek Falls? The answer is no – don’t swim at the falls! Waterfalls are tempting locations to swim – so many films put the idea in our heads – but doing so can be extremely dangerous.

The rushing water creates undercurrents that may pull you under and trap you beneath the rushing waters.

Instead, choose swimming holes, rivers, lakes, pools, and ponds in nearby locations such as Lake McDonald or Lake Josephine in Glacier National Park.

Just know that many of the lakes and streams in the area are going to be ice cold; they are often created or supplied by glacier melt and mountain peak runoff from snow melting and running down the mountainside.


boating at mud creek falls

Boating is a popular recreational activity near Mud Creek Falls. The many National Parks and National Forests nearby (Glacier NP, Lewis and Clark NF, Flathead NF) all have many bodies of water that are perfectly suited to a variety of boating activities, including paddle boarding, paddle boating, kayaking, canoeing, and motor boating.

Be sure to check regulations in the bodies of water you plan to visit, though, as some have strong restrictions.

If you have your own boat, bring it with you into the forest. If you don’t own one, there are plenty of outfitters nearby that can help you out with a rental or two.

White Water Rafting

Another popular activity in the area is white water rafting. And whether you’re experienced or not, there are trips designed for your skill level.

Be sure to check into the amenities and add-ons offered, too, though, not just the trip length. Some packages include wine tasting, some include snacks or meals, some include overnight camping, and others may include different types of lodging for longer trips.

Birdwatching and Wildlife Viewing


Montana has some of the most incredible and unique wildlife and birds in the United States. That means while you’re out hiking in search of Mud Creek Falls, you’re sure to spot some animals you’ll be wild about.

Do take note that you’ll be in the wild and these animals are not domesticated. Never approach wildlife, never attempt to feed them, and only take photos from a distance.

Some of the exciting animals and birds you might spot could include:

  • Bighorn sheep
  • Ospreys
  • Beavers
  • Elk
  • Wolverines
  • Marmots
  • Pikas
  • Mountain lions
  • Harlequin ducks
  • Common loons
  • Mountain goats
  • Clark’s nutcrackers
  • Moose
  • Bald eagles
  • American dippers
  • Swifts
  • Grizzly bears
  • Northern hawk owls
  • Black bears
  • Ptarmigans
  • Bats
  • Coyotes
  • Lynx


If you are able to bushwhack your way out to Mud Creek Falls, you’ll find you’ve no shortage of stunning photography moments to capture all along the way.

The magnificent wildlife, incredible views, and beautiful wildflowers throughout the year offer plenty of subjects for your lens.


Near Flathead Reservation, you’ll find many bodies of water where fishing is permitted. If you’re familiar with the area, you’re likely to do well fishing on your own accord in any of the following bodies of water:

If you’re looking for a guided fishing experience, you can find great options via Glacier Guides or Get Your Guide.



Throughout Lolo, Flathead, Glacier, Kootenai, and other parks and forests in the area, you will find many incredible mountain bike trails to take on.

For details on gradient, elevation, and more, check the many sites making projects of finding the best biking trails in the region.

Trail Running

Trails worthy of your running shoes are also in abundance in the area surrounding Flathead Reservation. Great Runs, All Trails, and others have done a fantastic job putting together their bests lists of options for you, so that you may determine which trails meet your training needs.

Horseback Riding

If you prefer to hit the leather riding saddle instead of the cycling saddle, you’ll find many outfitters and guides with beautiful trail riding options available.

Be sure to check their trail ride choices as some offer one-hour, several-hour, overnight, and several-day pack trips.


If you are able to trek out into Flathead Reservation in search of Mud Creek Falls, you are likely going to do some backcountry camping. That is, packing everything on your back and pitching tents or building natural material lean-tos as you go.

If you’re not able to obtain the proper permits, there’s still plenty of camping in the area. RV parks are everywhere, along with many tent camping sites and other backcountry campsites.

Check ahead to see if any of the locations you’re interested in are reservable, as campsites tend to fill up fast around here.

Hotels and Cabin Rentals

Near Flathead Reservation, you’ll also find many non-camping options if you prefer to lodge with a solid roof over your head. Rent a cabin, lodge room, cabin, vacation house, or book into a hotel or motel.

Some of the favorite lodging options in the area include

Or try looking for a cabin through

Museums and Educational Programs

Montana is rich with incredible First Nations history, pioneer exploration tales, and Old West stories and lore that help to make this naturally beautiful region even more intriguing. Visit museums, art galleries, and educational centers in the area to explore the incredible history of the region.

Trail Routes

mud creek falls trail routes

Because of the location of Mud Creek Falls, there are no established hiking trails accessible to the public. When viewing a topographical map, you can see that following along the Mud Creek will guide you there, but it appears that most, if not all, of the journey there would be made through bushwhacking it out there.

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