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Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Dubbed “the Smithsonian of the West” by many, the Miracle of America Museum is an eclectic showcase of memorabilia, artifacts, vehicles, and so much more depicting American history as seen through western American eyes.

You might spot an old moonshine still, UFO memorabilia, Victorian hair art, an old tugboat, phonographs, and even an A-7D Corsair jet plane when you visit, among many, many other unique and intriguing artifacts.

What’s the History of the Miracle of America Museum itself?

history of the miracle of america museum
Image: miracleofamericamuseum

Founded in 1981 by Gil and Joanne Mangels, the Miracle of America Museum is still going strong with more than 18,000 visitors annually coming from all 50 states, all 10 Canadian provinces, and up to 51 countries around the world.

The museum is a nonprofit that is dedicated to preserving one of the largest and most unique collections of American history.

The museum is housed in dozens of buildings, containing thousands of artifacts ranging from vehicles and ships to artwork, bumper stickers, and antique buildings.

What is there to do and see at the Miracle of America Museum?

see at the miracle of america museum
Image: miracleofamericamuseum

At the museum, you’ll find a wide range of artifacts that will intrigue the whole family. Many of the vehicles on site may be climbed into and steered – and much of the museum is hands-on for kids and grown-ups alike.


Image: miracleofamericamuseum

There’s a large collection of American military equipment, vehicles, and gear, primarily focused on the World Wars and post-Civil war eras.


Image: miracleofamericamuseum

The museum contains a large collection of Americana memorabilia and artifacts ranging from Teddy Roosevelt’s saddle to Old West gear, and general stores of the frontier to national park history.

Transport (Antique Cars)

antique cars
Image: miracleofamericamuseum

Within the many collections, you’ll also find a wide array of antique cars, including some like the 1920 Model TT Ford Delivery wagon, the 1958 BMW Isetta Limo, a 1941 PACKARD, a Model-T, a Polson Lakester w Gil, and a ’63 Rambler w/ teardrop trailer Camp’otel, among others.

Transport (Horse-Drawn)

horse drawn
Image: miracleofamericamuseum

If you’re more into the older vehicles, they have a variety of horse-drawn vehicles as well, including sleighs, covered wagons, buggies, buckboards, farming equipment, and even an old hearse.


The museum is home to historical agricultural equipment and vehicles, as well, making for an interesting review of the heart of America and our agricultural past from horse-drawn wagons to modern threshers and ploughs.


American history is rife with petroleum empires and the people who worked the fields. Among the collection at the Miracle of America Museum, you’ll find many artifacts and memorabilia pertaining to this distinctive part of the nation’s history.


Image: miracleofamericamuseum

At the museum, you’ll see a unique array of sculptures that use everyday materials and unique bases (such as a boat, a truck, etc.). The sculptures are placed throughout the museum, including outdoor spaces, where you can enjoy them as you visit.


Image: miracleofamericamuseum

If you love the old two-wheeled transport, you’ll enjoy the collection of antique and unusual bicycles at the Miracle of America Museum. You’ll see a penny-farthing bike (the old one with the giant front wheel), classic tandem bikes, children’s bikes, and even military bicycles.

Vintage Firearms

For the weapons included, you’ll find the collection of antique and vintage firearms of interest.

The museum features an “evolution of firearms” display, along with Civil war weapons, pistols, revolutionary war weapons, small bore guns, outlaw guns, and more.

Village Business (Old West Village Buildings)

And if the Old West and real pioneer living fascinate you, the Village Business collection of antique and vintage buildings will surely keep you asking questions as you wander through.

The buildings are set up with interiors filled with artifacts that would have been (or were) found in such buildings and used regularly by settlers, farmers, and others over the years.

What’s going on at the Miracle of America Museum?

miracle of america museum ploson
Image: miracleofamericamuseum

The museum is open daily, year-round for visitors. Check their website or contact them directly to learn more about events and special opportunities while you’re in town.

Is there a Gift Shop at the Miracle of America Museum?

The Miracle of America Museum does have a small gift shop where you can purchase mementos to remind you of your visit or to help you further explore the history of the West and Americana.

You’ll find postcards, books, patches and souvenir coins, t-shirts, and more.

Miracle of America Museum–Conclusion

For a hands-on experience that’s great for all ages, the Miracle of America Museum is definitely a top choice.

The museum has hundreds of vehicles (including helicopters, motorcycles, antique trucks, and horse-drawn wagons), memorabilia collections, antique buildings, and artifacts from many fascinating periods throughout American history.

Be sure to review the museum map before venturing out, especially if you have limited time and want to see specific collections, and take your time meandering through the dozens of buildings holding thousands of artifacts, sculptures, and vehicles.


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