The 5 Best Places to Eat in Lockwood, Montana

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

If you’re staying in or near Lockwood, Montana, you may be wondering where the best places to eat are.

If you’re planning long day trips to places like Pictograph State Park or Pompey’s Pillar, you’ll want to make sure you’re able to easily find a place to eat afterward. With the help of this guide, you won’t go hungry well staying in Lockwood.

Lockwood itself is limited in restraints due to being a smaller area, but there are still several options nearby. Thanks to being near Billings, there are still a plethora of restaurant options available for guests, as long as you don’t mind taking a short drive.

We’d definitely recommend venturing out to Billings for food, as the options in Lockwood itself are rather limited. You’ll have a lot more choices there if you’re willing to drive there.

If you’re willing to drive to Billings, there are some great food options available. Whether you enjoy burgers, pizza, or sandwiches, there is something for everyone here. There are both great lunch and dinner options available.

There are also some great coffee shops, so you can also enjoy a great breakfast.

Though Billing has more options for dining, there are still certainly options if you are in Lockwood. These are the best places to eat in Lockwood and the surrounding area!

The Best Places to Eat in Lockwood

  1. Yellowstone Coffee And Canvas
  2. Sandee’s
  3. The Burger Dive
  4. Stella’s Kitchen and Bakery
  5. Okinawa Sushi & Asian Bistro

1. Yellowstone Coffee And Canvas

yellowstone coffee and canvas

Yellowstone Coffee and Canvas is a great place to go for coffee or a light breakfast in Lockwood.

This coffee shop is one of the few local restaurants in Lockwood proper, and it offers a great ambiance and a unique experience. A small but cozy shop, there are beautiful paintings decorating the shop.

Guests who feel inspired by the art in the shop can also create their own paintings. The shop allows anyone to come in and paint well getting a drink or meal.

There are four different canvases sizes to choose from, with prices starting at $30 and going up to $40. The cost includes not only the canvas but also all the supplies you will need to create a great painting.

If you want to make your painting stand out, even more, you can also add lights to the painting for $8. You can also create ceramics here!

Aside from painting, the food and drinks offered here are also great. You can enjoy more simple drinks like cappuccinos and mochas as well as frappucinos and Italian sodas that come in a wide range of flavors including coconut, Irish cream, toffee, and more.

This is a great place to stop for coffee before or after a day trip!

2. Sandee’s


Sandee’s is an old-school burger place with local charm and affordable prices.

This is one of the few restaurants in Lockwood itself, so definitely make note of it if you don’t wish to travel to Billings for food. The restaurant is simple and casual with a very laid-back feel.

With a fast food style system, you order your food at the counter and you can pick it up in usually a short amount of time. But unlike most national fast food chains, the food at Sandee’s is very good and of high quality.

At this fast-casual restaurant, you can order some delicious grilled foods. Customers can choose from delicious burgers and fries, burritos, several sandwich options, hot dogs, and several tasty slides including onion rings.

Those looking to eat something more healthy also can order from the salad menu.

The restaurant also serves not only fountain drinks, but also slushies and shakes. Those with a sweet tooth can also order Raspberry Cheesecake Chimis or a Flavor Burst Cone.

With cheap prices, this is a great place for large groups or those looking to save money. It’s also a good place to go after a long day exploring state parks or hiking.

3. The Burger Dive

the burger dive

For those willing to venture to Billings, The Burger Dive is a great place for those who are burger snobs or are craving really good grilled food.

This casual restaurant is so popular it was featured on “Man V. Food” on the Travel Channel in 2016. Their burgers have also won several awards throughout the years. These high-quality burgers are made fresh daily and often loaded with delicious toppings.

There is a wide range of burgers to choose from, and each can be ordered with a set of fresh fries. The I’m Your Huckleberry burger is one of the most popular burgers and won Burger Champion at the World Food Championship.

This burger is served on a Grains of Montana bun and topped with Brad’s new Huckleberry Hatch chili barbecue sauce, bacon, goat cheese, roasted red pepper mayo, and arugula.

Other great options include the Jerk Burger, and Best of the Batch Burger.

The Burger Dive also has several great drink options. You can order coke or lemonade, or if you’re feeling sweeter, a milkshake. The milkshakes come in a wide variety of flavors, including Flaming S’mores, Twinkies, and Salted Caramel.

This is a great place for those looking to have an amazing burger or visit a world-famous restaurant.

4. Stella’s Kitchen and Bakery

stella’s kitchen and bakery

Stella’s Kitchen and Bakery is a restaurant in Billing and a short drive from Lockwood offering excellent breakfast and lunch food.

This bakery offers great pastries and breakfast options for travelers. It’s a great place for brunch or lunch and is not too pricey.

In addition, The bakery offers a laid-back, casual atmosphere and has great local cuisine with a wide range of breakfast and sweet options.

For breakfast, there are plenty of choices that guests can choose from. Whether you prefer sweet or savory food in the morning, there is something for everyone.

You can order breakfast classics like french toast, pancakes, and waffles or go for something more unique like crepes. The restaurant also has excellent omelets to choose from and offers breakfast sandwiches and burritos.

You can also enjoy a great coffee or hot chocolate to go with your breakfast here!

The bakery options are also definitely worth taking a look at. You can choose from cinnamon rolls, strudel slices, scones, turnovers, and biscottis.

Guests can also buy homemade bread here. You can choose from options such as honey whole wheat, sourdough, cheddar herb, and white. Overall, this is a great place to get some food before you go out on a long day trip.

5. Okinawa Sushi & Asian Bistro

okinawa sushi and asian bistro

Think there is no good sushi in Montana? Think again! Okinawa Sushi & Asian Bistro offers great sushi in Billings.

Just a short drive from Lockwood, this sushi restaurant has plenty of options to choose from. Casual and not too fancy, this is a great place for dinner and lunch.

There are quite a few sushi options available. Some popular options include the Double Crunch Roll, the Billings Roll, and the Yellowstone Deep Fried Roll.

The restaurant also offers chicken and beef. The sushi is also somewhat affordable in comparison to other sushi restaurants.

The drinks here are a bit more limited. The restaurant only serves tea and water. However, they allow guests to bring their own alcohol. This restaurant is simple but affordable and offers some great sushi rolls to try.

Overall, it’s a great place to visit if you’re looking to try something different well you stay in Montana.

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