The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Lockwood, Montana

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

More than any other community in Montana, Lockwood is experiencing exponential growth and buzz.

Just don’t call it an eastern suburb of Billings: Lockwood is its own nexus for outdoor recreation and exploration, with the nearby Pictograph Cave State Park and Four Dances Recreation Area.

Originally home to a Crow Reservation, indigenous people fought to ensure their rightful place in the area – but their luck struck out thanks to 1880s land surveyor Captain Lockwood.

As white Americans took ownership of the land, cows replaced buffalo and infrastructure slowly replaced wild plains – and the area continues to transform.

Although it hasn’t yet been incorporated as a town or city, Lockwood residents are in the process of making that a reality.

Doing their part to share the unique landscape and history of their home, locals and travelers can be found hiking Four Dances Trail, meeting at local mainstays for a drink, or heading to the nearest coffee shops for a buzz.

Pour a fresh cup of java, and read on to learn more about the best coffee shops in Lockwood, Montana and the surrounding area.

The Top 5 Coffee Shops in Lockwood, Montana

  1. Yellowstone Coffee and Canvas
  2. Classy N’ Sassy Coffee
  3. Mountain Mudd Espresso
  4. City Brew Coffee
  5. Rail Line Coffee

1. Yellowstone Coffee and Canvas • 2860 Old Hardin Rd


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More than any other java launching pad on this fair list, Yellowstone Coffee and Canvas is our number one pick for a family-friendly hangout.

Picture it: you get to recharge with a Caramel and Toasted Marshmallow Latte – their delicious house special! – and the kids can channel their zany energy into painting a new masterpiece. Let your Picassos tire themselves out while you recharge with your favorite drink or two – we won’t judge. And then let them celebrate with a kid-friendly and parent-approved Cotton Candy Frappe.

Not stopping by with children? This spot is the perfect memory maker for a solo or group activity – painting or just chilling with your friends.

Tea more your vibe? Yellowstone Coffee and Canvas serves one of our favorite drinks – an Iced Citrus Green – and we wholeheartedly recommend their whole tea menu, as well as their smaller snacks menu.

Bottom line: this place is just fun, and who couldn’t use more of that?

Open 6:30 am ‘till 9:00 pm every day but Sunday.

You’ll Love It Here If: you enjoy colorful, mind-blasting drinks (Rainbow Red Bull, anyone!?); the kids are driving you crazy; it’s Girls Night and you’d rather sip on coffee or tea than wine.

2. Classy N’ Sassy Coffee • 2816 Old Hardin Rd


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Locally owned and operated, veteran-owned, flavorful coffee, the cutest little kiosk you ever did see – there are plenty of reasons to adore Classy N’ Sassy beyond their amazing name.

With four locations in the Billings area, this Lockwood drive-thru is on the smaller side but it’s just as welcoming as its older siblings.

We’re huge fans of picking up a Mexican Mocha on the way to Four Dance Recreation Area for a day hike. Listen: the cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla blend just gets us, okay?

But their specials speak to us in our dreams; right now, we wake up thinking about their Montana Morning special. White chocolate and caramel pecan? Come on! Their Bippity Boppity Boo drink and Italian sodas for kids? The cutest. Apple cider? Freshly pressed and crisp as fall. They even have Pup Cups for your doggo!

Just don’t forget to pick up a fresh pastry or sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich. They taste especially good after a classy and sassy night on the slots, something we know nothing about.

Here’s the thing: you actually can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. Trust us – we’ve tried. It’s just not possible.

Open every day but Sunday – so plan your Sundays accordingly! Hallelujah!

You’ll Love It Here If: you keep it classy, obviously; you could just head to the Starbucks drive-thru, but you’re specifically looking to support veterans.

3. Mountain Mudd Espresso • 606 Bench Blvd


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Yep, another cute coffee hut! This local franchise has happy customers all year round, but that could have something to do with the fact that they offer pumpkin lattes all year long (Don’t hate the game!).

Serving the community for over 25 years, Mountain Mudd Espresso customer-focused baristas have been known to memorize faces and orders, dish out the Pup Cups, and create some gorgeous specialty drinks (helloooo, Glacier Macchiato!).

And as a really cool bonus, if you join the Mudd Club, every purchase will put a small percentage of your total back onto your card. Next thing you know, you’ll be getting another Glacier Macchiato! As if we need another reason, jeez…

Open 6 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday, and 7 am ‘til 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays (There’s your Sunday plan!).

You’ll Love It Here If: convenience is king; you can’t resist coffee huts; you want to support a local, thriving chain.

4. City Brew Coffee


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Just a short drive away, you can find a number of City Brew Coffees, Montana’s powerhouse chain. And because we’ll always choose City Brew over Starbucks (see: Huckleberry White Mocha), it’s still holding some heavy presence on our list.

City Brew has been providing Montana’s AM caffeine infusion since 1998, and they’re truly community- and heart-centered, donating their products to hundreds of non-profits in need through the years.

But let’s get to the drinks, shall we? We’ll be honest: they have a disappointingly small tea selection, but their Refreshers are perfect for a summertime drink before Pictograph Cave State Park. Their coffee options are nothing short of prolific: lip smacking Frappes, their specialty Mountain Morning Latte, frothy lattes, and you already know how we feel about that Huckleberry White Mocha…

While we’d recommend Classy N’ Sassy for an even more local option, City Brew Coffee definitely gets the job done – and they do that job well.

You’ll Love It Here If: bright smiles, all day eats, and huckleberry options fill you up.

Location: 710 Main St

5. Rail Line Coffee • 104 S 29th St


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Got ten minutes to drive west? Well, we weren’t planning to put a Billings coffee shop on this Lockwood-dedicated list, but this soul-led coffee operation is so important we decided to make an exception.

Opened in 2015, Rail Line Coffee puts community support and good coffee above all else.

Hosting an apprentice program as well as a space to empower leaders in the low-income bracket, Rail Line mentors youth, and adults to make significant life changes and improvements.

Does that sound like a bunch of gibberish to you? Just trust that this holistic space has a social impact and a killer Cappuccino. You can feel good while you’re sipping up a storm.

They genuinely care about the community and their employees, and it shows. Alright, go get yourself a life-changing latte from one of their amazing apprentices!

Bonus: they’ve got a drive-thru and an even more cozy indoor space.

You’ll Love It Here If: social activism and mission-oriented spaces are your jam, but your given form of action typically involves a cup of liquid lightning.

Coffee Shops in Lockwood – Final Thoughts

Lockwood may be its own entity, but it sits within a Big Sky Country ecosystem that clearly cares about its community.

Whether you’re holding a paintbrush in between iced latte sips or grabbing a colorful Red Bull Charger before heading to Lake Elmo State Park, Lockwood has the drink magic to keep you thriving.

One thing is clear: this well-connected and well-caffeinated community is passionate about getting you the best cup of coffee for your day of fishing, hiking, or kayaking.

Cheers to caring for your fellow citizens and always being ready for the next big adventure.

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