The 19 Best Steakhouses in Montana

Rebecca Hanlon
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

The Big Sky Country has one of the highest numbers of ranchers in the United States. Most locals have practiced cattle ranching since the 1800s, and this culture has carried on through generations. However, a business aspect has dominated the practice, and ranching is now a huge part of Montana’s economy. It then goes without saying that you will find some of the best steaks in this state.

Montana is also home to a wide variety of other animal species. Elks, mule deer, bison, and bighorn sheep graze and roam through the huge uninhabited terrain and forest-filled landscapes. Therefore, if you’re adventurous enough, you’re not limited to beef steak here. You could try elk, bison, or buffalo steak. But if you want to stick to your good old beef, you still have choices.

From the breeds Angus, Limousin to Wagyu, and many more, your only problem will be to narrow down to the steak of your choice. To help you make this decision, read on for a list of Montana restaurants that make the best steak.

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The 19 Best Steakhouses in Montana

1. Silver Star Steak Company, Helena $$$

silver star steak company
Image: Silver Star Steak Company

Experience some of Montana’s best steak in an elegant and quiet setting. This Helena restaurant serves Certified Angus Beef, grilled to your liking, slightly or generously marbled, served with the entrée of your choice. You can also try out their bison sirloin, beef tenderloin, and everything else on their extensive menu. 

Their list of wines is just as deep as the flavor of their steaks. Your options are limitless, and what’s more? They have in-house crafted cocktails, tons of beer, and hard liquor if that’s your poison. Everything you need to wash it all down and have a memorable evening. 

For an even quieter and more secluded evening, there’s a private dining section made especially for you. If you have a meeting you want to hold, or a private celebration, or an event, and you don’t mind spending some extra bucks, then this is for you. You can make reservations and they have takeout services too.

2. Jake’s Bar and Grill, Billings $$$

jake’s bar and grill
Image: Jake’s Bar and Grill

Their specialty is definitely their grilled steaks. From the richly marbled rib eye, their premium center cut steak, filet mignon (their leanest steak), to their juicy center-cut sirloin. All these served with garlic sautéed mushroom and onion, you’re definitely in for a treat. There’s also a long list of appetizers, salads, and soups to go with these too. You’ll also enjoy their one of many, very organized list of wines. 

This, coupled up with a relaxed ambiance in the dining room, bar, and patio, makes this restaurant the best in Billings. They also have a private dining option which has to be pre-approved for groups on special request. Reservations are also welcome but only limited to the dining room area. The patio and bar areas are purely walk-in.

3. Lindey’s Prime Steak House, Seeley Lake $$

lindey's prime steak house
Image: Lindey’s Prime Steak House

Located at the edge of Seeley Lake, about 50 miles from Missoula, Lindey’s Prime Steak House is where you get the best of both worlds. With its strategic location uphill facing Seeley Lake, you get to enjoy more than just their best sirloin steak. You also take in the scenic view of the lake and the surrounding forests while at it.

This family-owned business prides itself in years of making the best beef steak northeast of Missoula, since 1980. They serve each of their dinners with potatoes, garlic bread, sweet pickled watermelon rind, coffee, or tea. There’s also a list of appetizers and desserts to pick from. Prior calls are highly encouraged for group reservations.

4. Lolo Creek Steakhouse, Lolo $$$

lolo creek steakhouse
Image: Lolo Creek Steakhouse

Just a few minutes south of Missoula, you will find this wooden cottage-like Montana restaurant that specializes in everything steak. Their steaks and seafood are grilled to perfection. Its location under the Rocky Mountains gives you a wonderful view of the Big Sky Country’s picturesque landscape.

You definitely want to try their number one seller, the 20-ounce choice rib-eye steak. Every meal is accompanied by baked potatoes or sweet potatoes, tossed salad, and garlic bread. Some of their entrees include steamed clams, smoked salmon and brie, loaded potato skins, and more.

The wine, beer, liquor, martini, and other cocktail lists are extensive. Meals are served on a first-seated basis. The place is mostly busy and easily fills up, so you might find yourself waiting for an hour or so before getting served.

5. Beef N Bone Steakhouse, Ulm $$

beef n bone steakhouse
Image: Beef N Bone Steakhouse

Find this amazing restaurant in Ulm, just about a 15-minute drive from Great Falls. They offer the tastiest steak in Central Montana. They select only the most well-bred and mature cattle to ensure their steak has superior texture, tenderness, and color.

This steakhouse has the widest variety of beefsteak there is, from Montana-bred and fed beef and those from the Certified Angus Beef program. They also offer lamb steak, buffalo steak, and pork steak. They serve these with baked potatoes, steak fries, sautéed mushrooms, fried portabella, and more. They offer plenty of dessert and entrees too.

The beers they sell are locally brewed from different parts of Montana. Walk-in clients are always welcome; they also encourage reservations especially for groups. Parties of 10 or more will attract an additional 20% gratuity.

6. Open Range, Bozeman $$$$

open range
Image: Open Range

Open Range is classy, warm, and has the most welcoming aura. They serve delicious dinner and are famous for their seafood, steaks, and burgers. Start off your evening with their tempura shrimp, Wagyu bone marrow, or sourdough toast, and more. Also, enjoy their Wagyu steak frites and Wagyu sirloin and other classic steaks.

The sides include macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, whipped Yukon potatoes, roasted carrots, thick-cut bacon, and more. They also offer a variety of hand-crafted cocktails, and an even longer list of wines, beers, and ciders. Take-out services are available, and you can also make reservations to dine in.

7. Jakers Bar and Grill – Missoula $$

jakers bar and grill
Image: Jakers Bar and Grill

Jakers Bar and Grill has been in business since 1975 and has branches in both Missoula and Great Falls in Montana, and four others in Idaho. It has been proudly serving these two states the best meals there are. Their prime rib is their most popular meal, but they also offer the best steaks.

Be sure to try out their signature sirloin, Jakers cap steak, their rib-eye steaks, and many more. There are also plenty of sides and salads to pick from. They also have a sizeable list of martinis, margaritas, wines, cocktails, and hot beverages. They offer take-out, delivery, and dine-in options. Group reservations are highly encouraged.

8. Buffalo Block Prime Steakhouse, Billings $$

buffalo block prime steakhouse
Image: Buffalo Block Prime Steakhouse

Their specialty is the USDA prime wet and dry-aged steak, made over wood-fired grills. They also offer classics such as New York Strips, rib eye chops, and the fillet mignon. They serve these along with appetizers such as calamari, wood-grilled brie, and oysters. They also have a list of salads and soups. They have in-house sauce options too. 

Side dishes include lobster, macaroni and cheese, asparagus, truffle fries, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and more. Their dessert menu is seasonal, and they have a huge menu of spirits from tequila, rye, bourbon, scotch, whiskey, gin, and other drinks. Make your dinner reservations and enjoy the Buffalo Block experience.

9. Bull Mountain Grille, Billings $$

bull mountain grille
Image: Bull Mountain Grille

Here, you will enjoy classic steaks in a beautifully decorated, calm space. Bull Mountain Grille is one of the best Montana restaurants offering delicious beef, seafood, and a lot of other options in their well-selected menu.  

Besides the juicy beef steaks, they also offer grilled pork and chicken steaks laced in barbeque sauce. They serve these with sides of your choice. French fries, coleslaw, onion rings, and potato salad are some of the options available. You can reserve a table or order takeout, they have both options.

10. Victor Steakhouse and Lounge, Victor

Pass by this amazing steakhouse in Victor for a flavor full dining experience. There is no kind of beef steak you will not find here, from the classics to house specials such as Bitterroots Famous Choice & Juicy Slow Aged Super Center-Cut Sirloin and the House Specialty Sirloin.

They serve this with in-house-made sauce, freshly baked bread, and the salad or soup of your choice. Their drinks include hot and cold beverages, coke products, sodas, milkshakes, root beer, ginger ale, and more. This place is popular among locals and fills up quickly. Therefore, make a reservation prior to your visit.

11. Carbon County Steakhouse, Red Lodge $$$

carbon county steakhouse
Image: Carbon County Steakhouse

This steakhouse offers some of the best Angus beef steaks there are, with their signature blend of seasonings. Enjoy their cowboy coffee rib eye, tenderloin, Delmonico (bone-in tomahawk chop, served medium rare), and New York Strip. They serve these with entrees and salads of your choice.

World-class wine, in-house crafted cocktails, and classic cocktails are also a part of their menu. They also host events on prior request. When you dine with Carbon County, you earn redeemable points usable in any of their branches. You can stack these points over time, and 250 points will get you a $25 credit.

12. Bistecca at the Granary, Billings $$

bistecca at the granary
Image: Bistecca at the Granary

Their space features a dining area bar section, private rooms, and a patio. This Italian steakhouse serves a mix of Italian and American cuisines. Their steak is purely Angus beef, which you can enjoy with any of their sides and appetizers. Pair these up with wine from their wine cellar and your evening is complete. 

You can also stop by their Tap Room & Bar to sample their beer collection or their cocktails. Their meal offerings are seasonal and there will always be new things to try out every time you dine with them. 

13. The Land of Magic Steakhouse, Logan, Manhattan $$-$$$

the land of magic steakhouse
Image: The Land of Magic Steakhouse

Enjoy your steak in a homey, rustic, and comfortable environment at Land of Magic. They serve the classics along with delicious and well-dressed salads, baked potatoes, and dessert. The place fills up fast on weekends and public holidays; hence reservations are the way to go. 

14. Summit Mountain Lodge & Steakhouse, East Glacier Park $$-$$$

summit mountain lodge & steakhouse
Image: Summit Mountain Lodge & Steakhouse

It’s located near Glacier National Park where you can enjoy a perfect view of the Rocky Mountains, and watch elks, grizzly bears, and other wild animals. They serve amazing seafood including salmon and prawns with pasta. Their grilled chops are pork tenderloin, beef tenderloin, chicken breast, and more. 

These come with appetizers and salads of your choice. Their desserts are huckleberry cheesecake, Italian chocolate almond torte, and sundae (choice ice cream). They’re closed on Mondays and open every other day from 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

15. The Black Iron Grill & Rotisserie, Miles City $$

the black iron grill & rotisserie
Image: The Black Iron Grill & Rotisserie

They source their products locally and make the best-grilled pork, beef, chicken, and seafood. Their beef steaks list is vast from the prime rib, barbeque brisket to flat iron and other classics. There are lots of sides and appetizer options and beverages to go with these mains.

They offer both lunch and dinner options and are open daily from 11.00 am to 10.00 pm. Make reservations for private room meetings and events.

16. Casagranda’s Steakhouse

casagranda’s steakhouse
Image: Casagranda’s Steakhouse

This steakhouse has everything you need for a memorable night out: scrumptious steaks, fresh sushi, an outstanding bar menu, and more. Casagranda is known for its enchanting environment and alluring vintage charm.

The secret to Casagranda’s Steakhouse’s delicious steaks is their hand-cut beef with their special seasoning. You can taste the difference in the quality of their steaks since they use only locally sourced, Rocky Mountain meat. Situated in a centuries-old warehouse, you get a slice of history with every steak.

17. Montana’s Rib & Chop House

montana’s rib & chop house
Image: Montana’s Rib & Chop House

What better way to wind down than with some wonderful steaks, hearty sides, and authentic Rocky Mountain hospitality? Montana’s Rib & Chop House has it all: the best steaks, chops, and a fun evening. Make sure to get their hand-cut ribeye and request a wine pairing. But only after you’ve had your fill of their famously spicy and crispy shrimp.

There are several Montana’s Rib & Chop House locations around the state, and they’re well-known for their delicious ribs and steaks. They are known as one of the best steakhouses in Montana for their high-quality steak, outstanding service, and crayons on every table.

18. Sir Scott’s Oasis Steakhouse, Lounge, & Bar

Sir Scott’s is one of the most inexpensive of the best steakhouses in Montana state. For under $30, you can get a limited-portion meal with a basket of crackers, soup-of-the-day, green salad, garlic bread, fresh relish, baked potato, chocolate sundae, and coffee.

Patrons describe Sir Scott’s as “cozy,” “quirky,” and “very cool”. It offers outdoor seating and great steaks for a great price – the most expensive being a $55, 16-ounce sirloin with 16-ounces of king crab. Their chefs can prepare anything from delicate fillets to robust New York strips. You’ll be hooked after your first bite!

19. Jake’s Downtown

jake’s downtown
Image: Jake’s Downtown

Jake’s Downtown has been serving customers some of the greatest steaks in the state since it opened its doors in 1979. Their menu has all the classic sides and then some, as well as an excellent wine list to pull everything together.

Jake’s is also known for its welcoming atmosphere and kind staff. With their famous Bourbon Street mussels, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into New Orleans. All that’s left for you to do is pick up your steak knife and dig in!


Expect carnivores to thrive in a state that places meat at the very top of its food pyramid. Montana is brimming with delectable steakhouses. Not only is this state an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true but steak-connoisseurs will also find a good dose of adventure here.

Now is the best time to make that trip to Big Sky Country. With this list of the best steakhouses in Montana in front of you, what are you waiting for? The only thing at stake here is, well, a juicy steak!

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