The 8 Best Restaurants in Big Sky

Will Beck
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Travel and food go hand-in-hand, and since you’ve landed here, I’m guessing you’re looking for somewhere great to eat in Big Sky? In this article, we cover 8 fantastic restaurants and eateries that’ll get fill that void in your stomach.

8 of The Best Restaurants in Big Sky

  1. Gallatin Riverhouse Grill
  2. Olive B’s Big Sky Bistro
  3. Horn & Cantle
  4. Buck’s T-4
  5. The Montana Dinner Yurt
  6. Lotus Pad
  7. Michaelangelo’s Big Sky
  8. Everett’s 8800

1. Gallatin Riverhouse Grill  • $$-$$$

Popular with locals and tourists alike, the Gallatin Riverhouse Grill serves up classic American BBQ in a gorgeous Big Sky setting. Sitting on the bank of the Gallatin River, you’ll be treated to picturesque views of the Spanish Peaks as you dine.

The views are spectacular, and so is the food. The Riverhouse started with two friends – one bringing their love of barbeque from Texas – that had the ambition to make a family-friendly restaurant serving the best barbeque in Montana.

They have perfected their technique over the years since and have now – arguably – achieved their initial goal. The meats, prepared in a Texan style and seasoned with a home blend of spices, are slow-smoked at a low temperature for 12 to 18 hours over hand-cut mesquite wood.

The result is authentic Southern-style meats that melt right off the bone. While the meat is the main event, the barbeque comes with all the usual suspects as sides – onion rings, sweet potato fries, sweetcorn nuggets, and more.

As for the venue itself, the grill is a relaxed space with outdoor and indoor seating options. You can enjoy live music all year round at the Riverhouse – and in the summer, it’s played 7 nights a week.

2. Olive B’s Big Sky Bistro • $$$

Owners Warren “Bibber” and Jennie Bibbins grew up in New England and brought a healthy love of seafood with them when they made the switch to Montana. The menu has Maine lobster, calamari, and a whole host of other shellfish – if you love seafood, there’s nowhere better in Big Sky.

But the bistro doesn’t just offer seafood! The restaurant serves an eclectic mix of cuisines and culinary styles. The dishes have influences from all over the world, from Asia to the Mediterranean, but much of the menu is rooted in the local culture.

Rocky Mountain Elk and Wild Game Bolognese add a Montana flair to the selection – Olive B’s Big Sky Bistro is one of the most varied in Big Sky.

The bistro has a better selection of vegetarian dishes than many other Big Sky restaurants. Its varied menu, excellent bar, and easy-going atmosphere make it a great option for large groups.

3. Horn & Cantle • $$$$


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Experience fine dining in a cozy lodge at Lone Mountain Ranch. The rustic setting belies the delicacy of the food – Horn & Cantle takes traditional Montanan recipes and puts a gourmet spin on them.

There’s an air of simple excellence about the food served here; the roasted duck, wagyu beef, and flathead trout are all of the highest quality. Horn & Cantle places a real emphasis on using local, seasonal ingredients – the menu may change according to what is available at the time of year.

The restaurant is unapologetically Western, with antlers tastefully appearing throughout and rustic furniture giving the impression of a modern saloon, Horn & Cantle blends fine dining with comfort in a way only Montana can.

4. Buck’s T-4 • $$-$$$


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After a long day of skiing and adventure, there’s nothing better than a hearty meal. At Buck’s T-4, you can follow up your activities outdoors with meals made with traditional local ingredients and classic culinary techniques. The menu is small but well crafted.

The Red Deer and Wild Game on the menu are a nod to Montanan culture; you can feel the affection for all things Montana through the prominent inclusion of wild game in the menu. Besides the wild game, most of the menu is a little more familiar. Beefsteak, burgers, fish and chips, salads; despite the small selection, there’s something to cater to most appetites at Buck’s T-4.

The lodge is a very relaxed, rustic dining experience. The friendly setting is ideal for all types of people but is particularly well-suited to families.

The wine list at Buck’s T-4 has been the recipient of Wine Spectator’s prestigious “Award of Excellence” since 1995. The restaurant has over 175 selections of wine, all of the varying tastes, region,s, and budgets.

5. The Montana Dinner Yurt • $$$$


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At the Montana Dinner Yurt, the meal is only part of the experience. From riding a snowcat to sledding to being serenaded by talented musicians in a yurt: this candlelit meal is one you are unlikely to ever forget.

The evening begins at the Snowcrest Building in Mountain Village, the meeting point for check-in. From here, you ride a snowcat for 15 minutes until you reach a secret location – the yurt is hidden among woodland in a private backcountry section of the mountain. The views are spectacular – the yurt sits high in the mountain – about 7500 feet up Lone Peak – and the panoramas of the surrounding mountain range are breathtaking.

Upon arrival, you are greeted with the welcome sight of a warming campfire and a path lined with torches leading inside.

The strings of acoustic guitar trickle outside as musicians await the guests – the mood is well-matched by the crackle of the woodstove and soft glow of candlelight. It’s an atmospheric setting for a meal, and perfect for the snow-capped mountains of Blue Sky.

The three-course meal typically consists of French onion soup, filet mignon with peppercorn sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, and sauteed vegetables; the dessert is chocolate fondue, fresh fruit, and pound cake. There are fish and vegetarian options available, but these must be requested in advance.

6. Lotus Pad • $$-$$$


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In the swathe of traditional American-style restaurants, Lotus Pad stands out from the crowd.

Big Sky’s first Asian restaurant – specializing in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine – is a refreshing change from the usual Montanan fare (delicious as it may be).

While the ingredients used at Lotus Pad are local – and organic, where possible – the recipes are from the other side of the world. You can enjoy thai green curry, pad thai, wagyu beef, and a number of other perfectly crafted Asian recipes here.

The restaurant is worth visiting for the bar alone! Japanese whiskey, sake, and fun Asian-influenced cocktails like Lotus Tea and Red Panda – which contains Thai chili-infused vodka – are only a few of the unique drinks on offer at Lotus Pad.

The menu might be inspired by Asian cuisine, but the hospitality is all-American. With warm table service, a welcoming atmosphere, and simple but chic decor, Lotus Pad is a fantastic place to visit – particularly for families and big groups.

7. Michaelangelo’s Big Sky • $$$-$$$$

Bringing the taste of Italy to Big Sky is award-winning executive chef Michael Annandono, who opened his second Italian restaurant here in 2016.

Michaelangelo’s is about as close to authentic Italian cuisine as you can get outside of the country; Annandono trained under a Masterchef in Northern Italy, and his recipes are inspired by the Piedmont region. The food is exceptional, with the typical Italian emphasis on fresh ingredients and delicate seasoning.

Artisan pasta and risotto, along with rich meat and fish dishes largely comprise the menu. If you associate Italian food solely with pizza, you’re probably in the wrong restaurant!

And of course, no Italian restaurant could be complete without a vast collection of wines. The selection is extensive, and if you ask a waiter, they can recommend which wine pairs best with your meal.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is refined but welcoming; an evening in Michaelangelo’s is a sophisticated affair, and a chance to try some delicious authentic Italian food.

8. Everett’s 8800  • $$$$


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Whether you Ride the Ramcharger 8 lift or hike to the top of Andesite Mountain, you will eventually reach the dizzying heights of mountain-top restaurant Everett’s 8800.

If you’re looking for a meal with a view, you’d be hard-pressed to surpass this one. You can admire the beautiful surroundings from either inside or outside the restaurant. The elegant dining room of Everett’s 8800 offers incredible vistas of Lone Peak; the entire wall-length window is dominated by the mountain. Book far enough in advance and you might be lucky enough to catch the view at sunset.

The dishes are alpine-inspired, and the wine list is extensive. The food is high-quality and local, but mostly the usual American fare.

Everett’s is an elegant dining experience in a cozy setting – the roaring fireplace and modern log cabin make a great backdrop for what really sets this restaurant apart; the view.

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