Opheim, Montana

The tiny town of Opheim, Montana is one of the many towns that serve as border towns between Montana and Canada. Located south of the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan, this tiny town was once a bustling community, but now serves as the gateway to some of the most pristine and wild prairie in the United States.

The town was originally a busy agricultural community. Named after Alfred S. Opheim who was the second postmaster of the town, Opheim serves wheat farmers in the northwest part of Montana.

The town enjoyed a good amount of prosperity thanks to the Great Northern Railway which built a connector line from Opheim to Scobey, and when the U.S. Air Force opened the Opheim Air Force Station.

A Guide to Opheim, Montana

In 1979 when the Air Force abandoned the Station at Opheim and in 1990 when the connector line with Scobey was removed the population of Opheim suffered. Today the community has only 111 residents, and they support the area’s still thriving grain industry.

granrud’s lefse

Main Attractions in Opheim, Montana

Granrud’s Lefse

Granrud’s Lefse is a unique point along the highway between Scobey and Opheim. This tiny little building is home to the most authentic, Norwegian-style lefse that you can find.

People come from all around to try their authentic Lefse. Granrud’s Lefse has been in operation since 1977. It has changed hands a few times since opening, but they have always used the same recipe for their lefse.

Lefse can be purchased at the factory or can be shipped anywhere in the United States

Lake Fort Peck 

lake fort peck
Image: USFWS Mountain-Prairie

Lake Fort Peck is located 51 miles south of Opheim near the town of Glasgow. This 134-mile-long lake on the Missouri river was created in the late 1930s following the construction of the Fort Peck Dam.

Lake Fort Peck is a popular location for recreational activities including fishing, boating, and hiking.

Recreation Activities in Opheim, Montana



Opheim is located in a prime location for upland game bird hunting. Many people travel to Opheim and the northeast corner of Montana to try their luck at harvesting game species like pheasant, grouse, turkey, and quail.

Much of the area around Opheim is private land, but there are plenty of outfitters in the area that provide upland game hunting tours, providing access to private rangelands to visitors.

Hunting is allowed throughout Montana to any individual that is in possession of a valid Montana hunting license and game tag.

Information on tags and licenses as well as all Montana hunting regulations can be found on the website for the Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks.


Hiking opportunities abound at Lake Fort Peck south of Opheim. With a number of state parks and recreation areas, there are plenty of hiking trails to experience around Lake Fort Peck.


Lake Fort Peck is one of the largest bodies of water in Montana so it is naturally a great place to hit the water. Both motorized and non-motorized boats are allowed on Lake Fort Peck. Boating access is located on the west side of the dam.



Lake Fort Peck offers great game fishing opportunities for visitors to northeast Montana. The lake is home to many of the most popular game fish in Montana including bass, pike, walleye, trout, sturgeon, and catfish.

A valid Montana fishing license is required for all individuals fishing within the state. Licenses can be purchased online through the Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks.

Accommodations in Opheim, Montana

Opheim does not have any local lodging options. Visitors to the area can find places to stay in Glasgow or Scobey, MT.

Special Events

Opheim is a very small town so they don’t have community activities. Residents travel to other towns in the area for community events.

  • JuneLongest Dam Race
  • August – Northeast Montana Fair
  • September – Nashua Fireman’s BBQ
  • September – Glasgow Middle of Nowhere BBQ Cook-Off

Activities Near Opheim, Montana

Recreation Activities

  • Opheim Park

National Parks and Forests

County and State Parks


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