Scobey, Montana

Located in the northeastern corner of Montana, Scobey is a small town with big grit.

Game and bird hunters may come from all over the world to enjoy the area’s hunting scene, but community-oriented Scobey residents take pride in their wide-open skies, rolling prairies, and the beautiful Roseland Park and pool.

Scobey was incorporated in 1913, but its first written record came by way of Captain Clark of the Lewis & Clark Expedition in May of 1805.

Similar to Scobey’s current gaming scene, Clark observed bear, elk, and bighorn sheep in the area, making it a prime spot for fur traders.

Named by Mansfield A. Daniels for his close friend Major Charles Scobey, this town thrived due to agriculture-invested homesteaders – a testament to the ethos of the Old West.

Whether you’re in town for Pioneer Days or just passing through to see the Daniels County Museum, read on to learn more about everything this big-hearted town has to offer.

Main Attractions

main attractions in scobey
Image: Jimmy Emerson, DVM

Daniels County Museum & Pioneer Town

Want to get a solid understanding of Scobey’s early history and the resilience of its first pioneering settlers?

The Daniels County Museum & Pioneer Town just west of Scobey features 35 buildings that have been restored to depict homes and businesses from the turn of the century.

This living museum and Pioneer Town has antique cars, tractors, and machinery to emphasize early residents’ agricultural leanings, but it also acts as a community center for Pioneer Days (below), transforming into a haunted house during Halloween, and lighting up during the Christmas season.

Some of the restored buildings include a one-room county school, blacksmith shop, general store, and more. This is definitely a Scobey highlight!

Pioneer Days & The Dirty Shame

Held at the Daniels County Museum & Pioneer Town at the end of June, Pioneer Days attracts locals and travelers aiming to celebrate that pioneering spirit of early settlers.

Pioneer Days host its own internationally renowned variety show at the Rex Theatre called The Dirty Shame, featuring The Dirty Shame Belles. This event is brimming with hospitality and hometown spirit, and who knows? You may even strike up a conversation with a local descendent of one of these early settlers.

Once you’re down with the festivities, head over to Banjo’s Club 109 for a beer and their famous Banjo Burger.

Daniels County Fair

Much like The Dirty Shame, Scobey residents wait all year for the Daniels County Fair! As the seat of Daniels County, the community is proud to host a carnival, live music, petting zoo, 4-H activities, and fun for the whole family.

If you’re around in July, this is the spot to be – but otherwise, you should have a great time chatting up locals at Old West’s favorite R-Tur’s Saloon.

Recreation Activities

recreation activities in scobey

Scobey Golf Course

A highlight of any golfer’s trip, this 9-hole golf course has over 3,000 yards of beautifully manicured landscape – right in the middle of Big Sky County.

Opened in 1926, the Scobey Golf Course has been open almost as long as the town has been incorporated! It doubles as a bar and lunch spot, making this country club golf spot one of the most refreshing locations in town to breathe in the fresh Plains air.

Call 406-487-5322 for rates and rentals.

Daniels County Hunting

Whether you’re on the prowl for whitetail deer or antelope, Daniels County is home to hundreds of miles of state land for a hunting day out with your buddies.

Because so much of the area is agricultural, it’s an ideal spot for whitetail deer. Moving west into the Four Buttes area along Butte Creek, you’ll also find several opportunities to get that fishing pole out and relax.

Be sure to ask permission first if you find yourself on private land, as it merges often with state land.

Scobey Swimming Pool & Roseland Park

Scobey residents pride themselves on their refreshing town-wide swimming pool, perfect for a summertime dip.

If you’re looking for a place to picnic before moving on to your next adventure, Roseland Park is the best location in the area.

If you’re more interested in some local cooking, Ponderosa Pizza is well-loved for their bacon cheeseburger pizza and beer-battered fries. You honestly can’t go wrong with anything on their menu!


One thing’s for sure: you won’t find any national chains in community-oriented Scobey! Instead, treat yourself to the Smoke Creek Inn, the Wheatland Lodge, or hit the hay at traveler-approved Lions Campground.

  • Smoke Creek Inn – Why spend a night at the Smoke Creek Inn? This inn is newly remodeled, with owners who take care to curate your resting experience. A popular spot for hunters coming in from a long day, Smoke Creek offers a continental breakfast, exceedingly clean rooms, and – maybe most important for hunters and non-hunters alike – it’s very pet-friendly. Visit next door Farver Farms for local snacks to bring home to your own kitchen.
  • Wheatland Lodge – Located just off of Main Street, the Wheatland Lodge is ideal for those looking to explore Pioneer Days and is within walking distance of Roseland Park. The lodge features 10 two-bedroom units that guests describe as quaint, clean, and affordable with a streamlined check-in process. Ah, the simple life!
  • Lions Campground – Scobey is the perfect place for adventure – but everyone needs to rest in between their adventures. This campground is also seamlessly located off of Main Street and offers 10 RV sites to fall asleep soundly before the next leg of your adventure.

Special Events

Pioneer Days is certainly a great reason to check out this northeastern town, but you’ll also love Scobey for its county fair, homestyle cooking, and historic landscape.

  • June – Pioneer Day (Don’t miss The Dirty Shame!)
  • July – Daniels County Fair

Activities Near Scobey


  • Four Buttes, MT (8 miles)
  • Whitetail, MT (18 miles)
  • Peerless, MT (21 miles)
  • Coronach, Canada (26 miles)
  • Plentywood, MT (41 miles)
  • Lustre, MT (53 miles)
  • Assiniboia, Canada (74 miles)

Recreation Activities

  • Scobey Gun Club (Great for walk-ins!)
  • Daniels County Lanes
  • Poplar River
  • LaPierre Barn (Four Buttes, MT)
  • Glasgow OHV Area (Glasgow, MT)
  • Turtle Mountain Buffalo Ranch View (Fort Peck Indian Reservation)
  • Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge (Medicine Lake, MT)

City Parks & Pools

  • Roseland Park
  • Scobey Swimming Pool
  • Poplar River Community Park (Coronach, Canada)
  • Rockin’ Beach Regional Park (Saskatchewan, Canada)

National and State Parks

Local & Nearby Favorites

  • Somethin’s Cookin’
  • Ponderosa Pizza
  • R-Tur’s Saloon
  • Banjo’s Club 109
  • Dead Horse Bar
  • The Coffee Shop
  • Cromwell’s Convenience

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