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Last Updated: February 27th, 2023

Featuring hands-on, interactive activities and exhibits, the Children’s Museum of Montana offer children a first-hand exploration of science, math, and Montana history and culture.

With its innovative programs and exhibits, the Children’s Museum of Montana has grown to become one of the leading educational resources in the state for kids.

What is the Children’s Museum of Montana?

Located in Great Falls, the Children’s Museum of Montana has provided youths in the community a place to explore their creativity and broaden their knowledge for over 25 years.

Forgoing the “no-touch policy” of other museums, the Children’s Museum of Montana encourages its patrons to interact and experience their exhibits first-hand.

Designed for children 0-12 years of age, the museum features a combination of educational exhibits and life-sized play models that encourage the creative and intellectual development of the young mind.

What is there to see and do and the Children’s Museum of Montana?

see and do and the childrens museum of montana
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Welcoming guests of all ages, the Children’s Museum of Montana is specifically designed for children between the ages of 0 and 12.

Between the museum’s real-life play models and the wide selection of educational exhibits and resources, there is plenty of fun and learning to be had at the Children’s Museum of Montana.

Museum Exhibits

Encouraging a hands-on interactive experience, the Children’s Museum of Montana features three historical exhibits aimed to facilitate the education of history and geography.

  • Montana Habitat: The Montana Habitat exhibit invites children to explore the diverse wildlife that can be found living throughout the state. Children will learn about the animals’ natural habitats and what each animal needs to survive in the wild.
  • Safari Habitat: While there are plenty of fun animals to be explored within Montana, the Safari Habitat brings its guests along on an exploration of the exotic creatures found around the world. This exhibit will teach children a new set of animals and analyze the diverse habitats they occupy and how they differ from the geological regions they already know.
  • The Bone Dig: No exploration of Montana’s history would be complete without a dinosaur exhibit. The Children’s Museum of Montana’s Bone Dig exhibit invites kids to become real-life archeologists. Featuring real bones and fun toys, The Bone Dig encourages collaboration, patience, and the ability to discover a real-life mammoth bone.

Interactive ‘Fun’ Zones

Anyone with kids will tell you that it is impossible to get them to sit still long enough for them to listen to instructions. That’s why the Children’s Museum of Montana features a variety of exhibits focused on the aspect of play.

By incorporating themes of history, geography, art, and science, the museum allows children to develop in these fields while doing what they love—having fun.

  • Little Falls Parkour: Featuring balance beams, tumble mats, and mini hanging obstacle courses, this indoor play zone encourages motor skill development for the most active children.
  • Community Play models: The Children’s Museum of Montana’s play center comes alive as a community with an array of model buildings that include a Clinic, Market, Dentist, Sheriff’s Department, Café and coffee shop, Homestead, construction zone, school house, SS Martin model, and an Air Traffic Control Tower.
  • Lego Zone: With thousands of Lego pieces at their disposal, the Children’s Museum of Montana encourages kids to explore their creativity as they create anything from spaceships to medieval castles.
  • Anika’s Closet: Kids love to play make-believe, and it has been proven that it is good for the imagination. Anika’s Closet encourages these outlets by providing a selection of costumes and outfits for the little ones to dress up as even the most imaginative characters.

Educational Exhibits and Resources

While play is great, sometimes learning can be fun in itself. The Children’s Museum of Montana encourages creative and developmental thought through all avenues by offering educational exhibits and resources.

  • Lending Library: The museum’s lending library is designed to guarantee that no kid will go without access to the written word. The museum has material for all reading levels, from beginner board books to classic novels. Bundles are available at the front desk for those who cannot visit the museum but still want to explore the literary world.
  • Music and Technology Zone: Featuring old musical instruments and technology, this exhibition zone brings children through the history of our electric world. This zone is still in development and welcomes donations of items that families are no longer using.
  • Zoo: Inviting the youngest museum guests, the Zoo is a toddler-friendly zone located upstairs. This safari-themed room is the perfect location for your toddler to begin their education and social development.

What are some Services and Programs the Museum Offers?

services and programs the museum offers
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The Children’s Museum of Montana offers a wide array of educational programs and services to help facilitate the development and creativity of Great Falls youths.


The Children’s Museum of Montana hosts a variety of STEAM Camps throughout the year.

Exploring themes of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, or Math, these day camps are designed for children 5-12 and frequently include experiments and activities to help facilitate their knowledge in these fields.

Check out the museum’s STEAM camp schedule before planning your next visit.

Whizzard Academy

To help facilitate advanced learning, the Children’s Museum of Montana has developed their Whizzard Academy an accelerated curriculum model where students can explore their education as far as they want.

Students will have the opportunity to learn and create a project of their choosing while enjoying the museum’s full resources. The museum offers this service for $100 per week or $3,000 for the entire school year.

Annual and Private Events

The museum features several annual events, including a Halloween Party and a Chocolat Noir Party. Be sure to check for these upcoming events before visiting.

Alternatively, guests can book space at the museum for their own private parties. Along with all the exhibits and play models, the museum also offers a banquet hall for rental.

Overall, the museum is excellent for hosting field trips, group events, and even birthdays.

How to Visit the Children’s Museum of Montana

The Children’s Museum of Montana is located at 22 Railroad Square, Great Falls, MT, 59401.

The museum charges $10 for general admission, $7 for seniors, and children under two years of age are all free.

The museum welcomes guests Monday through Saturday, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

For more information regarding your visit to the Children’s Museum of Montana check their site or call (406) 452-6661.


The Children’s Museum of Montana is one of the most unique of its kind and is one of the best educational resources for children in the state.

Featuring several educational exhibits and interactive fun zones, the museum combines the fields of academic learning with the fun and excitement of play in a way that children can positively respond to.

The museum’s STEAM camps are an excellent way for your child to explore the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Check the museum’s event schedule before visiting to ensure you get the best experience throughout your stay.


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