Nashua, Montana

Nashua, Montana is a small community located in Valley County. This small town is a great place to explore while visiting central Montana. The town is situated near the point where Porcupine Creek meets the Milk River, and from here it is a short distance to the Missouri River and Lake Fort Peck.

Today, the town of Nashua is home to around 300 people. But in its heydays, it was a vibrant community of 900 people who supported the construction of the Fort Peck Dam. When the dam was completed in 1940, the population dwindled and today it supports the surrounding agricultural community.

We will take a closer look at the quaint community of Nashua, Montana.

A Guide To Nashua Montana

Originally, Nashua was a station town for St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba Railway. The original station was constructed in 1888. The town slowly grew around the station. The name of the town is believed to be a Native American word meaning, “meeting of two streams.”

history of the milk river

Main Attractions in Nashua, Montana

Lake Fort Peck

lake fort peck
Image: USFWS Mountain-Prairie

Lake Fort Peck was the result of the construction of the Fort Peck Dam on the Missouri River, just south of the Town of Nashua. The lake is approximately 134 miles long and is 220 feet deep at its deepest point.

The dam was constructed to provide greater control of the Missouri River flows after many years of devastating flooding.

Today, the lake is a popular place for recreation with many people coming to boat and fish its waters. The lake is home to some of the more unique game fish species in Montana including sturgeon and walleye.

Fort Peck Interpretive Center

fort peck interpretive center

This interesting museum is operated by the Army Corps of Engineers and is one of the most complete museums detailing the construction of the Fort Peck dam as well as the natural history of the Fort Peck area.

The Fort Peck Interpretive Center is home to two of the largest aquariums in Montana. They feature the native fish species that can be found in Montana, including game and nongame species.

Hell Creek State Park

Located on the Hell Creek Bay of Lake Fort Peck, this small state park offers visitors a quieter way to access Fort Lake Peck. The state park has minimal amenities but there are trails in the area, as well as lake access.

Charles M. Russell Wildlife Refuge

main attractions in charles m. russell national wildlife refuge

Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge is the second largest wildlife refuge in the lower 48 states. This wild area has changed little since the Lewis and Clark Expedition passed through Montana.

This area located near the northern shores of Lake Fort Peck offers hiking trails and limited access to some of the most pristine ecosystems in the Great Plains.

Recreation Activities in Nashua, Montana



The biggest draw to the Nashua area is fishing. Lake Fort Peck offers some of the best game fishing opportunities in all of Montana. This substantial-sized lake is home to some of the most popular game fish in the state including trout, catfish, sunfish, bass, pike, sturgeon, and walleye.

The lake is also home to prehistoric paddlefish. This fish species is found in very few places in the United States and while there is limited harvesting of this fish, it is mostly protected from collecting.

If you are wanting to fish in Lake Fort Peck, you’ll want to read up on Montana fishing regulations and purchase a Montana fishing license.

Fishing licenses and regulations can be found on the website of the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Department.


There are plenty of places to hike around Lake Fort Peck. Along the lake, you’ll find a number of state parks and recreational areas that have miles of hiking trails.

These trails offer glimpses of the lake and some of the prairie ecosystems that are prominent in this part of Montana.


Lake Fort Peck offers amazing opportunities for boating in the Nashua area. The 18 million acre-feet lake has many coves and bays to explore. Access to the lake is easiest from the Fort Peck Marina and RV Park.

This area offers boat ramp access, supplies, and camping. The Marina is located west of the Fort Peck Dam.

Accommodations in Nashua, Montana

As Nashua is a very small community, it does not offer any place to stay. Lodging for visitors to Nashua can be found in Glasgow, MT.

Special Events

Since Nashua is so small most of its residents head to nearby Glasgow for fun events. These are some of the special events that you can enjoy while visiting Nashua.

  • JuneLongest Dam Race
  • September – Nashua Fireman’s BBQ
  • September – Glasgow Middle of Nowhere BBQ Cook-Off

Activities Near Nashua, Montana

Recreation Activities

  • Lions Park
  • Warren Memorial Park

National Parks and Forests

County and State Parks


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