Lodge Grass, Montana

Lodge Grass, Montana is a small town in Montana with a population of about 441 people. The town is in Big Horn County and is located a the confluence of Lodge Grass Creek and the Little Bighorn River.

The town is also the headquarters of the Crow Reservation. It is known for being a grassy area, with many ranchers and farmers living in the area.

Once an area populated by buffalos, the rich grass helped keep animals fat. The Crows called this grass “Greasy Grass” due to this.

The rich grass ended up making the area a place where the Crows would have summer hunting camps at. The town was named after the Lodge Grass Creek nearby.

Lodge Grass is near several attractions, including Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area, Custer Battlefield Museum, Rosebud Battlefield State Park, and Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. The town is also famous for the Crow Fair Celebration in August.

Many people also enjoy the town’s close proximity to various fun and exciting outdoor activities, including fishing and camping.

Although a small town, there is still plenty to do here and nearby as there are various attractions and outdoor activities just a few miles away.

Cultural and Historic Points in Lodge Grass, Montana

cultural and historic points

There are a few cultural and historic points both in Lodge Grass itself and near the town.

For those looking not to leave town but still see a historic landmark, you may want to consider visiting Lodge Grass City Jail.

This historic jail is located in the alley south of Third Avenue. The jail has a square-shaped concrete structure, is quite worn, and was built in 1930.

Another interesting landmark outside the city is Rosebud Battlefield State Park. This site preserves the battle that was the precursor to the Battle of Little Bighorn. It took place in 1876 and was known to the Northern Cheyenne as the battle “Where the Girl Saved Her Brother”.

The battle was fought between U.S. Army Brigadier General George Crook and his Crow and Shoshone scouts against the Northern Cheyenne. It was a long battle lasting over eight hours, and the Northern Cheyenne were able to overwhelm Crook and his troops.

Today the battle site is a National Historic Landmark and offers people the chance to learn more about the history of the battle.

The most popular historic point to visit though is probably Little Bighorn Battlefield. The battle was fought between the U.S. Army, led by Lt. Col. George A. Custer, and Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho who were led by war leaders Crazy Horse and Chief Gall.

The fight was a victory for the tribes, who fought to preserve their land. There were many casualties on both sides, including 10 non-combatants on the tribes’ side.

The battle site today can be toured for visitors interested in learning more about the battle. The site includes many educational exhibits and both self-guided and guided tours.

Recreational Activities and Things to Do

recreational activities
Image: Maciej Ciupa

Lodge Grass has plenty for visitors to do including outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and fishing. There are also various attractions nearby that tourists can visit.

Custer Battlefield Museum

If you’re looking to learn more about the Little Big Horn Battle but have already visited the battle site, you might consider visiting Custer Battlefield Museum.

This museum has various exhibits about the battle. It is open year-round and admission is $7.50.

Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area

The Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area is a great place for outdoor activities. The place offers hiking, camping, and boating opportunities.

It is surrounded by beautiful views of the mountains and has over 120,000 acres. There are 17 miles of hiking trails, making it a popular place for hikers.

There is also lake access and visitors can kayak, canoe, sail, and more at the lake. It is a great place to visit for those looking to explore the outdoors and do fun activities in nature.

Bighorn River

The Bighorn River is a great place to fish. You can easily catch large fish here including brown and rainbow trout. Both fly fishing and streamer fishing are popular here. The best time to fish here is generally the summertime.


Special Events

The Crow Fair

the crow fair

The Crow Fair is held in August and is one of the largest events held near Lodge Grass. It is the largest Northern Native American gathering with almost 45,000 spectators and participants. There are over 1,500 teepees in the campground, with many considering it the “teepee capital” of the world. The event is held near the Little Bighorn River, and it allows people to learn more about the region’s culture through art, Dance Celebrations, a parade, and a rodeo.

Activities near Lodge Grass, Montana

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