The 6 Most Expensive Homes in Montana

Will Beck
Last Updated: March 4th, 2023

Are you looking to live luxuriously in the state of Montana? True to its name, the “Treasure State,” is home to some stunning properties for affluent residents. If you’re looking to invest, here are some of the most expensive homes in Montana to get you inspired:

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  1. Climbing Arrow Ranch, Bozeman, Montana
  2. Gallatin County, Montana
  3. Great Point Lodge, Big Sky, Montana
  4. Double AA River Ranch, Livingstone, Montana
  5. Swift Eagle Ranch, Whitefish, Montana
  6. Hampton Trail, Hampton Montana

How Much Is An Average Home In Montana?

According to real estate company, Zillow, the value of real estate companies is on the rise. In fact, the value of homes in Montana has risen by 25.2% in the past year alone. An average house in Montana would cost you around $384,309. This means that a property you purchase in Montana will increase in value over time.

This dramatic increase in property value also entails that luxurious homes in the state are expected to be lucrative investments. With the rapid development of the state underway, Montana’s residents will flourish as well.

What Are The Wealthiest Areas In Montana?

If you’re looking to live among the rich and powerful, choosing which city to live in is key. The most expensive city in the state is Bigfork, where an average home would cost you $943,485.

Bigfork is followed closely by Hamilton, where a property would usually cost around $928,173. The third most expensive city in the state is Whitefish, where a home would cost an average of $863,174. These three cities are the most affluent areas to live in Montana.

What Are The Most Expensive Homes In Montana?

1. Climbing Arrow Ranch, Bozeman, Montana

climbing arrow ranch

According to the Wall Street Journal, the most expensive home in the state is the Climbing Arrow Ranch. Located in Bozeman, the 80,000-acre property features a main home, guest houses, and employee accommodations. It also has corrals, barns and sheds, making a hefty investment for those in the bovine trade.

This ranch was once the set of a Robert Redford movie, which marked up its value. It was recently sold for a whopping $136,000,000, making it a recording-breaking sale in the state.

2. Gallatin County, Montana

This contemporary home encompasses more than 23 acres of land and features an extensive stretch of frontage on Bozeman and Limestone creeks and a 3-acre pond. This two-story home boasts six bedrooms and 10 baths. It also has unique features, such as a wine lounge, indoor gym and sports court, home theater, and a luxurious outdoor pool/spa.

Gallatin County is home to less than a thousand residents, granting owners of this property privacy and well-deserved peace. Plus, it’s located in a gated community, giving its owners additional security. Characterized by exceptional craftsmanship and modern design, this particular property is currently listed at $39,500,000.

3. Great Point Lodge, Big Sky, Montana

According to, the most luxurious property in Montana is a 16,000-square-foot home called Great Point Lodge. Located on the highest ridge of a 160-acre property, it is surrounded by trout ponds, meadows, and woods.

The timber and stone house has eight bedrooms, each having its own private outdoor patio. It also features a private sauna, an outdoor hot tub, a custom bar, and gaming area, a pizza room, and a wine cellar. A 20-minute drive away from the exclusive Yellowstone Club, this luxurious property is listed at $25,000,000.

4. Double AA River Ranch, Livingstone, Montana

double aa river ranch

Tranquility meets majestic beauty in the form of the Double AA River Ranch in Livingstone Montana. This property boasts 3,371 sq. ft. of house area, and 1,443.41 in lot size, and has a fabulous view of the Yellowstone review. The main house in this gorgeous ranch has 3 expansive bedrooms and four baths.

What makes this property great for sporting families is its access to world-class trout fishing, scenic views, and robust wildlife habitat. Plus, it also has a working cattle ranch, making it a timely investment. Purchasing Double AA River Ranch would set you back $25,000,000.

5. Swift Eagle Ranch, Whitefish, Montana

Swift Eagle Ranch is a gorgeous ranch located on Whitefish lake. This property boasts 35 acres of luscious land and 500 feet of lake frontage. It also has mountain ponds and streams that grace tree-lined meadows.

The three-bedroom with three-bath Swedish log home in the property has 4,800 living spaces. It is also equipped with separate guest quarters, which gives owners some privacy. Constructed in 1989, this beautiful ranch costs $20,000,000.

6. Hampton Trail, Hampton Montana

Located in the Southwest corner of Montana, the breathtaking Western farmhouse features a 25,000 square foot home, 4-stall horse barn, pond, and a lovely artisan creek. The main house has 10 bedrooms, a grand main living area, and multiple private guest quarters. Its unique features include a grotto-style pool and an underground shooting range.

This 17-acre estate is part of the exclusive Stock Farm Club, granting residents access to the Tom Fazio-designed championship golf course. The epitome of timeless elegance, this opulent home is currently listed at $19,500,000.

What Do These Expensive Homes In Montana Have In Common?

While each of the luxurious properties listed above has its own charms and unique features, what they all have in common is invaluable peace and privacy. These breathtaking properties are located in secluded areas and are often surrounded by the gorgeous sceneries Montana has to offer.

Plus, these properties offer endless outdoor activity possibilities. Whether you’re looking to get into farming or exploring the great outdoors, the most expensive homes in Montana open possibilities for unforgettable adventures.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, you should definitely look into investing in gorgeous properties in Montana. With more beautiful neighborhoods flourishing, it will prove to be a great investment.

If you’re looking to live in the best Montana has to offer, you should definitely consider purchasing some of the most expensive homes in Montana. Not only will you get to enjoy the great outdoors, but you will buy yourself a tranquil oasis from the rest of the world.

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