What Part Of Montana Gets The Most Snow?

The winter season in Montana lasts from November to February, which isn’t a long period. Despite that, Montana is still one of the coldest places in the United States. The reason it gets so cold in this region is that it’s home to vast valleys and huge mountains. This unique combination, along with Montana’s proximity to Canada contributes to cold winters and lots of snow.

What Part Of Montana Gets The Most Snow?

Montana can have harsh winter conditions, but that doesn’t stop tourists from visiting during this time. In fact, tourists come because of the cold and snow.  Montana prepares itself annually for an army of tourists during winter since many skiers visit this state to hit the world-famous slopes.

It snows hard in Montana, and we are here to tell you where it snows the most!

Great Falls

great falls

Great Falls is situated towards the center of Montana and gives a scenic view of the Rocky Mountain Front. This city gets freezing cold in winters and has an average snowfall of 58 inches! It gives the perfect opportunity to go skiing. Great Falls has a variety of skiing resorts in the area including Great Divide Skiing Area and Big Sky Skiing Resort.

You can also visit Great Falls to get a good view of snow-capped mountains. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Pack plenty of warm clothes and layer up!



Livingston is located in southwestern Montana and is one of the snowiest places in the region. It is situated between two famous Mountain Ranges, the Crazy, and Absaroka Ranges, and is a popular tourist spot, thanks to the many recreational activities it offers.

Skiing, hunting, and snowmobiling are the most common winter recreational activities around Livingston. There are various snowmobile trails just outside of Livingston.



The beautiful city of Kalispell gets an annual snowfall of around 56 inches. Kalispell is situated in northwestern Montana and is a famous tourist attraction. It is a short drive away from the renowned Glacier National Park.

The winters in this city are extremely cold, but the magnificent views that Kalispell offers during the winter make up for it! And that is why during winters, many non-residents head to this city.



To the northeast side of Kalispell is the town of Evergreen, with a population of over 8000. This small town gets 55 inches of snowfall on average. Because Evergreen is so closely situated to Kalispell, many tourists stop by to admire the gorgeous views even though it is bitterly cold here.



Whitefish attracts tourists year-round because of the breathtaking views and plenty of recreational activities in this town. Luckily, you can enjoy an adventurous trip to Whitefish even in winters. This town witnesses an average of about 70 inches of snow every year.

To enjoy this heavy snowfall, many tourists visit Whitefish during the winters. You must visit the Whitefish Ski Resort if you are in the area during winters. It provides an exceptional skiing experience while offering excellent lodging facilities to the guests. You can also enjoy night skiing at this resort!



Bozeman gets an average snowfall of approximately 63 inches per year. It is located near the Bridger Bowl and Big Sky Resort, and it is a great city to visit with your family if you wish to take part in a family-friendly skiing experience.

Bozeman has many ice rinks and offers numerous ice skating opportunities. So put on your skating shoes and get ready for an exciting ice skating experience at Bozeman.

Cooke City

cooke city

Cooke City is a small town in Montana with a population of around 140 residents. It is known as the snowiest town in Montana and has an average snowfall of about 80 inches. It is a popular tourist attraction among skiers and snowboarders.

This town is located a few minutes away from the Yellowstone National Park and has many recreational activities for tourists. You can try skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and many other activities while staying at Cooke City. But remember to keep yourself warm while you are here.

Final Thoughts

Montana winters are cold and full of snow, drawing out of state tourists and Montana residents alike to spectacular winter wonderlands. So, if you are someone who loves snow, book a cozy lodge in Montana today!

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