Horseback Riding in Butte, Montana

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Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of central Montana, Butte occupies one of the most unique landscapes in the state and combines lush viridescent greenery with the rugged allure of the surrounding mountains.

Along with the nearby accessible Yellowstone National Park, Butte is one of the best destinations in Montana for adventure travelers looking for thrills as they reconnect with their natural environment. From white water rafting to hiking and other adventure sports, Butte offers many ways for visitors to investigate its intrepid surroundings.

Still, for a trip that combines exploration of Montana’s landscape with that of the local culture, there is no better way to traverse this corner of Silver Bow County than with a traditional horseback ride.

From locally owned ranches to adventure travel outfitters, these are the five best providers of horseback riding in Butte, MT.

The 5 Best Places for Horseback Riding in Butte, MT

  1. Iron Wheel Guest Ranch
  2. Rockin’ HK Outfitters
  3. Jake’s Horses Inc.
  4. Cache Creek Outfitters
  5. Sunrise Pack Station LLC

iron wheel guest ranch

1. Iron Wheel Guest Ranch

Located in the mountains 18 miles south of Butte, Iron Wheel Guest Ranch occupies its own little corner of Silver Bow County. It offers visitors a wide selection of outdoor activities, along with a homey bed and breakfast for those looking to spend the night.

Among their array of services are two different horseback guided trail rides. The first package features a two-hour ride and is perfect for guests with limited or no riding experience. Starting at the barn, the trail follows the surrounding terrain to Highland Mountain and passes by several wildlife hotspots and beautiful mountain overlooks.

Alternatively, riders can sign up for the extended four-hour trail ride, which takes visitors directly into the Highland Mountain Range. The tour includes a packed lunch that riders will enjoy beside a crackling creek before continuing to some of the most beautiful vantage points in the entire mountain range.

Be sure to contact the guest ranch before visiting to schedule your trail ride.

2. Rockin’ HK Outfitters

rockin' hk outfitters

Positioned on the outskirts of the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness in the Gallatin National Forest, the Rockin’ HK Outfitters is one of the best horseback riding services in Butte for exploring the many wonders of southern Montana.

Specializing in guided trail rides into the beautiful Yellowstone National Park, Rockin’ HK Outfitters offers a selection of full-day and multi-day pack trips for riders of all experience levels. Of these services, the outfitter’s Thorofare Trip is the most extensive and explores over 100 miles of the park’s pristine back-country.

Along the way, riders will explore some of the park’s native species while stopping at some of the park’s hidden gem destinations for a variety of hiking, fishing, and hunting opportunities.

Throughout the park, visitors will be able to spot local wildlife, including wolves, elks, and the largest population of grizzly bears in the world.

3. Jake’s Horses Inc.

jake's horses inc

Also located near Montana’s southern state border, Jake’s Horses offers year-round horseback riding services near the Lee Metcalf Wilderness just south of Butte. Along with its guided riding trails, Jake’s Horses provides plenty of outdoor activities, including fishing trips and big game hunting.

Still, the outfitter’s trail rides continue to serve as its premier service and offer a selection of trail and pack rides that range from one hour to over a week. These riding services are available year-round, but pack trips into Yellowstone National Park are limited to the summers from July 1st until the first snowfall of the winter.

Visitors should plan their trip to coordinate with one of Jake’s Horses’ multi-day camping trips into Yellowstone for the ultimate adventure. These excursion packages include the costs of horses, tents, guides, a cook, and three delicious daily meals.

4. Cache Creek Outfitters

cache creek outfitters

Cache Creek Outfitters is a premier outdoor adventure provider in nearby Gallatin County. Offering an array of services from fishing trips to horseback excursions and even sleigh rides, Cache Creek Outfitters provides seamless access to outdoor exploration regardless of the season.

And when it comes to their horseback excursions, the outfitter offers a massive variety of experiences to match any visitors riding expertise and interests. For a leisurely ride along the region’s guided trail, Cache Creek Outfitters provides guests the option of a two-hour, half-day, or full-day ride.

For a little more interaction with the surrounding landscape, the outfitter also offers a horseback fly fishing service, which sees riders dismounting at pristine mountain lakes and streams to cast a line.

For the pinnacle of Cache Creek Outfitters’ engaging riding services, visitors should book a spot on one of the provider’s multi-day pack trips into Yellowstone National Park. This excursion brings visitors to the best-preserved corners of the park while exploring all the native flora and fauna species.

5. Sunrise Pack Station LLC

sunrise pack station llc
Image: Sunrise Pack Station LLC

Another local outfitter specializing in horseback rides into the beautiful landscapes of Yellowstone National Park, the Sunrise Pack Station offers four multi-day pack trips along with a series of half-day and full-day rides.

The Sunrise Pack Station’s multi-day trips range from three days to a week. Unfortunately, they are only available while Yellowstone National Park permits horse riding in its backcountry, from July 1st to the first significant snowfall of the year.

However, while these tours are unavailable through the winter, the Sunrise Pack Station remains open and continues to provide unique services, including hayrides and snow carriage tours.

If you’re only visiting Butte for a short time or don’t want to commit to an extended trip into Yellowstone, the Sunrise Pack Station also offers short excursions. These can range from half a day to a full day and include trips that stop off at popular watering holes where riders can take a break to cast their lines for local fish species.

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