The Best Horseback Riding in Billings, Montana

Kurt Norris
Last Updated: February 24th, 2023

Surrounded by lush landscapes, roaring rivers, and breathtaking mountains, Billings is one of the premier spots in Montana for partaking in numerous outdoor adventures.

From rafting the nearby Yellowstone River to hiking through the beautiful natural environments of Yellowstone County, there is plenty of outdoor fun to be had when visiting the city.

Still, of Billings’ many outdoor adventure opportunities, none is perhaps as exciting and culturally immersive as partaking in the region’s traditional mode of transportation a horseback riding tour through Montana’s rugged landscape.

Whether you are an expert or beginner equestrian, these are the Three best outfitters in Montana offering horseback riding in Billings, MT.

3 Outfitters That Provide Horseback Riding in Billings, MT

  1. Bitter Creek Outfitters
  2. Elk River Outfitters
  3. Paintbrush Adventures

bitter creek outfitters

1. Bitter Creek Outfitters

Located just down the street from Pictograph State Park in the countryside just south of Billings, Bitter Creek Outfitters provides one of the most unique experiences for visitors to Yellowstone County.

The family-operated business occupies a 7,000-acre cattle ranch and features several guided riding trails that weave their way through the pristine landscape while delivering some of the best views and natural scenery in the area.

With five horses at their disposal, Bitter Creek Outfitters specializes in small group rides. It is the perfect outing for an intimate day with family and friends. All horses at Bitter Creek Outfitters are beginner-friendly, and welcome guests of all riding levels.

The guided horseback trails of Bitter Creek Outfitters guide visitors through various topographical and ecological zones, including forests of ponderosa pines, wildflower fields, and the county’s distinct rimrocks formations. Along the way, visitors will enjoy breathtaking views of the city, various mountain ranges, and the nearby Yellowstone River.

Occupying these ecological niches are a variety of native wildlife species which are frequently observable from the riding trail. The most popular of these species include whitetail deer, bald eagles, foxes, cottontail rabbits, and of course, the ranch’s own population of domestic cows.

For the horticulturists out there, the Bitter Creek Outfitter’s property is also home to a great biological diversity of Yellowstone County’s native plant species. These include large towering ponderosa pines, cottonwood trees, sage, and even prickly pear cacti.

With so much to see, it is no wonder why Bitter Creek Outfitters is one of the most popular horseback riding services in Billings. Guests will want to book their guided horseback ride in advance as tour spots fill up fast throughout the season.

2. Elk River Outfitters

elk river outfitters

Elk River Outfitters operates out of a few locations throughout Montana, including its ranch about 14 miles east of downtown Billings. The Outfitters offer guided day trips around Glacier National Park and the nearby Red Lodge. Still, their premier service has always been the Pryor Mountain Adventure.

Beginning from their Billings Stable, the Pryor Mountain Adventure is a four-day guided tour that brings guests deep into the Pryor Mountain Range. Along the way, visitors will engage in hiking and basic horsemanship as they explore the region’s lore, legends, and native wildlife.

Participants of the excursion meet at the Billings at nine o’clock. Once the group is gathered, they are transported to the ranch. There, all guests receive instructions on horseback riding basics, which includes how to saddle the horse and navigate it within the ranch’s onsite corral.

When all guests understand how to work with their horses, the group takes their first ride along the nearby guided trails before returning to the ranch for dinner and a campfire.

With introductions out of the way, the following three days of the Pryor Mountain Adventure are filled with nothing but thrilling feats of exploration.

Via a series of horseback rides and hikes, guests will delve into the hidden corners of the Pryor Mountains, where they will observe the region’s famous wild horses, a beautiful mountain waterfall, and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

While day trips can be booked online, those hoping to take part in the Pryor Mountain Adventures should contact the operator directly to ensure availability and for custom itineraries.

3. Paintbrush Adventures

paintbrush adventures

About 57 miles from downtown Billings, Paintbrush Adventures offers a myriad of outdoor activities for exploring the countryside of Stillwater County around Absarokee.

Among their services is a wide selection of horseback riding trails that range from hour-long to full-day excursions. The tour leads guests comfortably matched to the mount of their specifications to all the region’s top scenic destinations.

Along the way, guests can frequently spot native species of deer, fox, elk, moose, coyote, and many more varieties of flora and fauna.

For a little extra adventure, Paintbrush Adventures offers their Saddle to Paddle package, which combines horseback riding with a white water rafting experience that samples everything that Montana has to offer.

Be sure to book your trip before visiting to receive a horseback itinerary tailor-made to your desired experience.

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