Exploring Bozeman’s Vibrant Brewery Scene

Mark Barnett
Last Updated: February 23rd, 2024

If you’re planning a trip to Bozeman, Montana, you might have heard about their vibrant brewery scene. 

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to work out what places are worth checking out!

Bozeman is a city in southwest Montana with a population of around 50,000. It’s known for its stunning mountain views and recreational activities, as well as the buzzing brewery scene. There are plenty of breweries in and out of the city to choose from. 

In this guide, I’ll explore some of the best breweries in Bozeman. from old favorites to newer institutions – and even some unconventional ones! 

I’ll take you through the highlights, the beer selections, the locations, and what makes each spot stand out. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there’s something for everyone on this list.

So, grab a pint, and let’s get into it!

Bridger Brewing Co. 

Bridger Brewing
Source: Bridger Brewing
  • Location: 1609 S 11th Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715-5466 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Website:
  • Price Range: midrange
  • Highlights: cool vibes, tasty beer, delicious menu
  • Perfect for: a relaxing lunchtime beer and pizza in the sun.
  • Tip: try their award-winning pizza – many locals say it’s the best in Bozeman!

If you’re looking for a brewery with a genuinely cool vibe, look no further than Bridger Brewing Co.! 

This place has been one of my favorites for years. It’s located near Montana State University on Bozeman’s south side, making it a fun hangout spot for a midday brew on their outdoor dining patio.

Their flagship brews include the ‘Premo Pilsner’, a traditional German-style pilsner with a dry finish; the ‘Vigilante IPA’ – a rich and delicious IPA; and the ‘Ghost Town Coffee Stout’ which is velvety-smooth and a favorite for all stout enthusiasts! 

They also offer plenty of seasonal brews for you to enjoy.

However, what I recommend is their award-winning pizza. While the food is on the pricier side, you pay for what you get because this pizza is truly phenomenal

All of their ingredients are locally sourced, so you know you’re getting the best quality. There are also plenty of gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options to choose from!

Bozeman Brewing Company

Bozeman Brewing Company
Source: Bozeman Brewing Company
  • Location: 504 N Broadway Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715-3006 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Website:
  • Price Range: cheaper side
  • Highlights: small but mighty taproom, rotating seasonal selection
  • Perfect for: a cozy beer on a warm afternoon
  • Tip: go here outside of peak hours, as there’s limited seating

Located around a 20-minute walk from downtown Bozeman, the ‘Bozone’ is not one you want to miss! 

This spot was established in 2001 and serves as one of Bozeman’s oldest craft beer companies. If you’re looking to enjoy the atmosphere of a well-crafted spot, this should be at the top of your list!

Enjoy a pint on their dog-friendly patio, or dip inside their small and cozy taproom. They have plenty of brew options on hand, including a selection of small bath seasonal ales, lagers, and sours. 

There are more than 20 options that are always being switched out and swapped around, so you’ll never know what’s in store.

MAP Brewing Co. 

MAP Brewing Co
Source: MAP Brewing Co
  • Location: 510 Manley Rd, Bozeman, MT 59715-8784 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Website:
  • Price Range: midrange
  • Highlights: seasonal beer options, pub-style menu
  • Perfect for: views of the Bridger Mountains
  • Tip: sit outside for a small lake view.

On the north side of Bozeman, you’ll find MAP Brewing Co. at the base of the Bridger Mountains. 

This place offers the most stunning views of the mountains in all of town, which is one good reason why you should add it to your list!

The vibes here are very laid-back, which makes it perfect for an afternoon brew. 

The building is spacious and has plenty of seating for your group, including an outdoor area that offers lakeside views. They offer plenty of pub-style food options, from burgers to nachos and other tasty treats.

MAP currently only has three beers available on tap year-round. The rest of what they offer are seasonal experiments, so you’ve always got new options to look forward to! 

Out of the year-round options – the ‘Midas Crush’ – is one of their best-known IPAs and one you just have to try.

Outlaw Brewing 

Outlaw Brewing 
Source: Outlaw Brewing
  • Location: 2876 N 27th Ave, Bozeman, MT 59718-7168 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Website:
  • Price Range: midrange
  • Highlights: give their IPAs a try!
  • Perfect for: a quick dip out of downtown into the ‘burbs
  • Tip: get a tasty treat on your way out from the taco truck outside

If you want to get out of downtown Bozeman, why not take a trip up north to Outlaw Brewing? Located in the north end of Bozeman, this hidden gem is worth the trek!

On their website, they claim to rotate around 40-45 beers annually. That’s around 1 new beer every 10 days! 

There’s always something new to try here – and with the lively atmosphere that always surrounds this place, you won’t want to leave.

Another cool aspect of Outlaw Brewing is that they have seasonal food trucks outside. 

This makes it a great spot for grabbing a quick bite after your drink! However, if you get peckish inside, you’ll also appreciate the free popcorn they provide from their popcorn maker. 

406 Brewing Company 

406 Brewing Company 
Source: 406 Brewing Company 
  • Location: 308 E Main Street, Suite 406, Manhattan, MT, United States, Montana (Open in Google Maps)
  • Website:
  • Price Range: midrange
  • Highlights: you need to try their IPAs
  • Perfect for: a comfortable vibe during your evening
  • Tip: this place has just reopened just outside of Bozeman.

If you want to take a trip out of town to the neighboring Manhattan, you should check out 406 Brewing Company while you’re there! 

Recently opened, this brewery was a staple in Bozeman back in the day. They’re a craft beer brewery loved by the community for the past ten years.

Back in the day, 406 was known for its hipster vibe. These days, you’ll still find the same energy! 

Their newly reopened bar is sure to be the next hottest spot in town, and it also ha sa beer and wine license rather than a brewery license. This means they can sell alcohol until 10 pm and don’t need to cut you off after three pints!

Bunkhouse Brewery

Bunkhouse Brewery
Source: Bunkhouse Brewery
  • Location: 1216 West Lincoln Street, Bozeman, MT 59715 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Website:
  • Price Range: midrange
  • Highlights: try their Sabino Red Ale – and don’t forget to answer the question of the week!
  • Perfect for: a quick stop in on your way to Yellowstone
  • Tip: stick around for Thursday trivia nights, they’re always a good time!

This veteran-owned brewery is located in Four Corners, just outside of Bozeman. 

They used to have a brewery opposite Montana State University, but it unfortunately closed late last year. 

However, the establishment in Four Corners is still a bustling place to be! The new building makes for the perfect cozy taste. Bunkhouse does trivia nights on Thursdays, which are always a hit with the locals. 

Both of the founders have lived in Germany, so you’ll find plenty of traditional-style brews here. At the Four Corners location, they offer plenty of fun brews for you to try from IPAs and ale and lager. 

Mountains Walking Brewery 

Mountains Walking Brewery 
Source: Mountains Walking Brewery
  • Location: 422 N Plum Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715-3038 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Website:
  • Price Range: more expensive
  • Highlights: they always have something new and interesting that’ll hit the spot, definitely give the pale ales a try
  • Perfect for: the beer snob’s craft beer dream
  • Tip: this place is always packed, so your best bet is to go for a late-afternoon lunch

If you’re looking for another staple Montana brewery, look no further than Mountains Walking! 

Located in the heart of the Bozeman Brewery Historic District, this brewery is known for being the beer snob’s delight. 

Their menu offers something for pretty much anyone, so if you have a free afternoon I highly recommend checking it out. The only downside is that it’s super popular, so be prepared to wait!

Mountains Walking always has a unique selection on hand. Like other breweries on this list, they offer plenty of seasonal styles as well as a few classics. 

You’ll find lots of unique flavor combinations, from cannabis-inspired brews to more fruity delights. 

They also have a very delicious menu on hand as they offer wood-fired pizzas for you to enjoy. I recommend trying the BBQ pizza alongside a flight of beers to get the ultimate tasting experience.

Madison River Brewing Co. 

Madison River Brewing Co
Source: Madison River Brewing Co
  • Location: 20900 Frontage Rd Building B, Belgrade, MT 59714 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Website:
  • Price Range: midrange
  • Highlights: try their iconic Salmon Fly Honey Rye if you love sweet and spicy brews
  • Perfect for: an introduction to the Bozeman brewery scene or a final sendoff
  • Tip: although this place is just out of Bozeman, it’s pretty close to the airport – why not grab a flight of beers while waiting for your actual flight?

One of the oldest breweries in the area, Madison River Brewing is a bit of a local’s well-kept secret. 

This brewery is located 15 minutes out of Bozeman’s downtown in Belgrade, which is also conveniently where the airport is. 

So if your flight’s been delayed or want a true Bozeman welcome into town – why not stop here first?

The lowkey location makes for the perfect relaxed tasting. While it does get pretty busy here, this is the place to go if you want to drink with the locals! 

They have plenty of delicious brews for you to choose from, although I recommend trying their iconic ‘Salmon Fly Honey Rye’ for the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. 

Unfortunately, they don’t offer food, but Madison River Brewing is a great spot for a relaxed drink.

Last Best Place Brewing 

Last Best Place Brewing 
Source: Last Best Place Brewing
  • Location: 605 N 7th Ave Bozeman, MT 59715 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Website:
  • Price range: midrange
  • Highlights: everyone raves about the ‘Dad Bod Blonde’
  • Perfect for: an early afternoon drink or a late-night brew
  • Tip: if you love Mexican food, definitely give one of the food trucks next door a try!

Last Best Place Brewing is one of Bozeman’s more recent brewery institutions. They were established in 2021,  but are already making big waves in Bozeman’s vibrant brewery scene! 

Their midtown location makes them the perfect pitstop from anywhere in the city. 

You’ll find the industrial building tucked into a corner of the road that’s quite easy to miss. However, once you locate the industrial brick building, you’ll be good to go. 

The location is also not too far from the ELM Concert Venue, making this the perfect spot for a pre-gig drink. 

There are also plenty of food trucks and restaurants in the surrounding area, which makes it a great lunch or dinner spot if you’re feeling peckish!

Lockhorn Hard Cider 

Lockhorn Hard Cider 
Source: Lockhorn Hard Cider
  • Location: 21 S Wallace Avenue, Bozeman, MT 59715-4727 (Open in Google Maps)
  • Website:
  • Price Range: A bit on the pricier side but still affordable
  • Highlights: give their ‘Bone Dry’ cider a go – it’s a favorite for a reason!
  • Perfect for: a relaxing pint of cider on a hot summer’s day
  • Tip: go for brunch – their gluten-free crepe menu is delicious

Finally, the last brewery on this list is a bit different from the rest. 

As the name suggests, Lockhorn Hard Cider specializes in cider rather than beer. However, if you’re a fan of both, I’d recommend checking this place out!

Lockhorn is a small family-owned cidery in the heart of Bozeman’s downtown. 

Their specialty is dry and semi-dry cider, and their ‘Bone Dry’ cider is iconic for a reason! 

Another unique aspect of this cider is that everything they offer is gluten-free, from the ciders themselves to the food menu.

I recommend hitting up this spot for a late brunch. One of the staples of their menu is their crepes, which come in both sweet and savory options. You need to try the cider and crepe combo at least once in your life!

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